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UPD: summer rocket launch

Summer! How many good emotions are in that word! Especially for people like me who fiercely hate the cold and are strongly affected by dull days. MondseeMy summer has been going well, can’t believe the first month is already over! Even though the holidays started earlier this year for me since I passed my last exam at the beginning on may. Yes! Shit got real!!! I graduated and am now a Bachelor of Sciences in International Business Administration with my alma mater at the University of Vienna. Moreover, I have already been accepted to Masters which I hope to be able to combine with work, but let’s see where life will turn next! Anyways, it’s over! I drove to Vienna from Lignano together with my parents to make it official together with one more thing – introducing Daniel to my family. What a day.

The period of uncertainty I am having now is quite confusing, but at least I am happy I had taken the decision to stay in Vienna for few more years and don’t have to bother with moving to another city/country, which I had done 4 times in my life already, and which was always one hell of a fuss. Some of my classmates graduated together with me and some are leaving Vienna forever, so June has been a bittersweet month of partying at last, helping around with packing 5 years of life in 2 suitcases… and goodbyes. I think I learnt to say goodbye. There have been a lot of very painful ones for me. But thanks to them, I am capable of appreciating everyone my life introduced me to and letting it go on. A new chapter is about to begin for many of us, isn’t that wonderful and exciting?

Alongside with personal reasons to be emotional now, Vienna always gives out a lot of emotions to its inhabitants and guests in June – namely Life Ball and Pioneers festival. Together with all the terrace openings and streets becoming crazily busy and festive, those 2 events won’t let one be bored in this heat! I again worked with the Pioneers crew this year as a part of social media team, doing backstage support and assisting photographers and interviewers, and it was awesome! Always happy to see familiar faces among festival volunteers, too! So many this year! So if you can make it to Vienna in June and become a volunteer (you don’t have to be from Vienna, we will host you for the time of the festival!) – come join next year and have a blast! Very thankful for Pioneers for making this all happen!

Life Ball is another event that attracts people from all over the globe. The entire city waits for it every year losing breath. The most spectacular event in Austria and one of the brightest nights in the world! This year I was a cinderella who had not got a Life Ball ticket because was awaiting friends to come that day and thought I couldn’t go. But 2 hours before the Ball started, as I was sitting at Dani’s terrace, out of a sudden he says I should run to the Ball and he got me a VIP ticket! What a fairy! So you see, the impossible things become possible sometimes 😉

Yup, Dani has a terrace now! A super cozy beautiful summer oasis in the heart of Vienna, check it out at Graben 26!

Besides balls and festivals and summer starting, June is completely full of Birthdays. Also, before going to Lignano I had Ksusha over in Vienna, so another reason to celebrate!

I love this month, you can tell! We made another roadtrip and took the girls to Hallstatt. I have been there in winter and now finally visited it in summer. It’s breathtaking! The only downside is a lot of tourists, so if you go there for a view, I’d recommend to also drive to other lakes around it. We loved Traunsee: crystal clear water and no tourists at all! Last week we also made another roadtrip and went for a picnic to Mondsee. I never realized lakes can be so awesome! I swim either in seas or in pools because I can’t take cold water, so even oceans are not really my thing if it’s not the Carribean (even though I once went swimming in Portugal in April). But Mondsee was so warm! We drove up to a random Badeplatz («beach»), unwrapped our cheeses, hams and baguettes there, popped tiny retro bottles of Aperol and enjoyed ourselves so much! If you are in Austria and have no time to drive to the sea – Mondsee (and I suppose other lakes in the area) can really make your day! 2.5 hr drive from Vienna and it doesn’t compare to any crowded public swimming place.

This week Vienna is hosting another amazing event – a Liquid Market, which is gonna be grandiose this year with a bar-scene superstar aka my boyfriend making a big surprise, so make sure to follow your favorite Viennese bars 😉 Specifically for that event, I am staying in Vienna until the end of this week, to again take off to my beloved Italy right after.

Stay tanned and tuned!

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LUm2g1MgnI4Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to complete the summer course at Università Bocconi – a private university of Milan, a very respected one in Italy and one of the best ones in Europe.

I completed an «Economics of European Union» course but the university offers several more as Luxury management, Fashion management, Venture capital, Sports management, etc. The intense courses are offered in June and February. However, make sure to attempt to enter during the application period that is much earlier. The results are usually published ca. 1,5 months before the courses start. One can find everything concerning the application procedure on the Bocconi website.

The university itself is amazing. Well, it’s obvious that once you pay for education – you feel that you are a part of the private school now. Prosciutto, cheeses and croissants served for breakfast. Restaurant menu for lunch (yes, I start with the most important part of the experience). Modern campus, extremely friendly stuff that really helps. In my university you have to figure everything out yourself which is sometimes very tricky with all the bureaucracy procedures. At Bocconi they will make sure you know where and when to go, you feel comfortable and welcomed, you ain’t hungry and you are indeed interested in what the university offers.
The professors are jewels. I was doing a course with Stefano Riela and can say that he is really professional in teaching. Not that he is just a smart economist but he also knows very well how to treat his audience that way that the material is going to be absorbed by anyone.
We all had very different background there. Australia, China, Malaysia, EU countries, Great Britain and the States and many more. Naturally that means diverse levels of knowledge about the EU. Stefano managed to give it to everyone, have everyone interested, asking questions and participating.
We had group work as well. The main topics for research were TTIP (that I got), Brexit, Turkey as a EU candidate and Google abusive behavior using dominant position case. Imagine how interesting all four are and how much better do I understand what’s happening within the EU now, how the European Commission functions, what each country weights politically and how tight the ties in the modern society with trade areas and custom unions are. Splendid.
Other than lectures and presentations, we also had company visits. The companies differ from group to group and are related to the material of the course. We went to Mediaset, European Commission and Barkley’s. By the way, the main figures there are Bocconi graduates who enjoy keeping in touch with the university and with pleasure organize conferences with students like us. I am wishing now that I wasn’t on the plane that’s about to land and could share more about the companies now! The schedule was so tight during the course that I had absolutely no time to compose any feedback on what I was doing there. As a throwback let me just claim that I am very thankful to Bocconi for the experience. Their spirit gets you better than one of the American high school sports teams! Well-done!
Apart from studies and meeting very interesting people in companies headquarters, I also met a lot of cool guys from all over the world. Bocconi does cool things as common activities, team-building. cooking classes, aperitivo, staff dinners and all those things that make you feel a part of the big mechanism which functions only because you are a team. Last time I had this proud feeling so strong on FLEX reunions, So. Bocconi is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience for me just like FLEX has been since the very beginning 8 years ago.
And, well, having the whole terrace or cooking club rented out for you, being greeted with resect by people who have accomplished incredible things in their lives and now they treat you as even; showing your Bocconi ID card somewhere and immediately getting smiles and a lot of questions from random people around Italy – those moments make you feel special no matter how modest you are. And that’s the right way to feel once you experience something as Bocconi Summer School!
Grazie mille per tutto, l’Università Bocconi! A presto!

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Milano: take off


A lot happening. I finished this academic year and already moved to Milano where my next step of education is hopefully going to be completed. I started my course at Bocconi University this Monday. But I will talk about this later when realize completely what is going on around. Right now I am just socializing being surrounded by more than 50 nationalities, showing people who had never been to Europe around and trying to follow lectures and get prepared for the upcoming company visits.

Last weeks in Vienna were very intense. Exams, getting my shit together before leaving for 3 months, new places, first summer parties, long nights and busy days. I will definitely soon write my traditional summary about what-and-where-to-eat/drink-in-Vienna-these-months. Long time before the trip it seemed that leaving would be hard as I have become quite attached to my city recently. But when the time has come I didn’t even have a free minute for sadness and realized that I was gone only when was already sitting in the car trying to make the traffic jam drift apart like the sea in front of Moses.

Yes, I drove to Italy this time! It was so much more fun than taking a plane/train would have been! I am so thankful to Jamila who immediately signed up for a road trip with her car when heard that I needed to move to Milano. And to Diana and Isabella who joined us with no hesitation. Such friends are precious! Driving 900km was very interesting, sometimes stressful, but that was a very good experience! And the views on our way were just incredible. So spectacular to drive through the landscapes I had already seen so many times from trains.

We spent a fun weekend together in Milano which I am gonna write about next while I am still under the impression. Girls, I love you! I didn’t laugh this much in a long time! That was a perfect arrival in Italy, release of all the stress from exams and the best buffer between studies at the same time. On top of that, we made another road trip, around the lake of Como. That was even more extreme! The first time on narrow streets of Italian villages and also a debut on hairpin turns for both of us who were driving. Now we can conquer anything! Even an empty fuel tank while going across mountain passes. 

hcpem4sb2uaDestinations around spectacular Como also deserve a separate note! Will do 😉

I would really love to summarize everything I experienced during the past extremely intense weeks! That’s the way to start summertime!

We are having team building with my colleagues at Bocconi now. And it will be cooking together! I am so much in love with Italian ways of doing business.

Anyways, thanks to the girls again for such an amazing weekend and bringing me to Milano. And welcome to Italy for the next month!73vpxrwh7o


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Who’s Got Big Plans


Summer! It is here in 15 minutes in my time zone! Unbelievable; another period that’s for sure gonna be unforgettable (as any summer is for me!) is just about to start. And even though the first June morning begins with an exam for me, I am so excited, you don’t understand!

Just couple weeks ago I was complaining about not having much planned for the summer break that I usually give a lot of attention in advance.I only could boast of having been accepted to Bocconi University – the only thing I planned seriously and applied many months ago for. So, now you can officially congratulate me (so many people actually had done this already that whole week once turned into a constant “congratulate Jenny on getting a place at Bocconi, get champagne!”) – I will be doing a private university of Milan summer school program for economists in July.

Not much more was to come. But I got my shit together, sat down for some hours, gave it a thought, evaluated all the possible things I would be interesting in doing and just within several days, having written tens of emails and having taken some quite brave and radical decisions, I have my summer schedule almost perfectly fixed and even already planned the upcoming autumn trips as well as diploma studies plan. Yaaaay so so so excited! I was sure nothing was gonna beat my best ever summer’10 or the second best summer’14, but looks like this season is gonna bring something totally new and probably even more life-changing!

Not gonna tell everything right away as I myself am not yet 100% aware of the details 😉 However, I hope that everyone shares my excitement for the summer that’s beginning right now and gonna be amazing! Have no fear, build plans – hot months are for crazy decisions!

Let’s get it started! JSvCStqyTt4

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Hey guys! Let me finally welcome a new year here. Today is already the first day of February, unbelievable! Time flies so fast. Seems like just yesterday me and sis were screaming “Buon anno!” to everyone in Courmayeur greeting another new life period. And now already a month of 2016 has passed.

January was hard for me. Personal issues, unexpected trips, ups and downs plus exams. Now WS’15 is over, we all did well and deserved some celebration. Wohooo, god job!

I already smell spring. Which is a bit awkward remembering that tonight I am flying to cold snowy Russia and later travel back to the Alps. Nevertheless, Vienna and its freaky weather changing from snowstorms to +15 and rainbows gave me the feeling today that this spring is close. And it’s gonna be amazing.

During my tonight’s trip I hope to sketch something recalling my Swiss trip emotions. But right now I am just celebrating end of semester with friends and enjoy the sun and this long-awaited feeling of freedom.


a new place to be added to the list of our must-visit-every-evening bars; that is Kleinod. Try it out! And if you stick to the oldies and go to Roberto – ask Jamil to make his new invention, Bitter Sweet Symphony cocktail, for you. It provided us some fun nights 😉 Well, a bucket of it did.


work hard, play hard! Me and the girls studied so desperately that after all we developed a practice of a brunch and a drink every Monday to encourage ourselves. For that we look for new places, too


Stadtcafe. Goof location, good food. Second best tartar in town, amazing salads and various drinks. Because of it being located in between all the banks and financial headquarters, it is totally normal in that area to be sitting with a drink early in the morning


Joseph Brot(left) and Hungry Guy(right). Both are kind of more of a fast-but-still good-food culture. Location of JB suggests that you quickly grab a lunch there and then run back to your office, but I personally went for breakfast and loved it. HG is exactly what I meant when last week I complained: “so many bars in Bermuda triangle and 1st district in general, and literally nowhere to grab food! I drink! Means at some point I want my food! And I want it easy, not forcing a waiter to go conjure food for me out of nowhere!” THAT is it. They heard me. Pitas with just anything you can imagine are exactly what you need when you drink in the very heart of Vienna and you suddenly feel like greasy tasty food. The place just opened last week and has already gained its audience. So hopefully the route “Loos-Kleinid-Hungry Guy-Roberto” is gonna make someone else’s evening, too.


Ansari. I had heard of it many times and we finally made it there. Not the best location, I admit. Ok enough for me as I live in the 2nd district. And it’s damn worth it! The best tartar I have ever tried in Austria; Georgian food almost as good as in SPB’s Mamalyga. And the sweets! Look at the sweets! Definitely a must visit both for breakfast as well as for late dinner.


Another event of January: Foals concert. My friends from Prague whose visits I always enjoy with particular pleasure came over to Vienna again to go see those guys. Loved it! Amazing atmosphere, very cool public, good music with good sound.

That’s pretty much it about the viennese part of January. Hectic and not very harmonious month. But still some good moments, interesting new people and pleasant discoveries around Vienna (and also Italy and Switzerland!). I am just hoping the rest of 2016 will be more relaxed.

Stay cool! February, be good.

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UPD: dec 2k15

Hey hey! This is another “I am still alive” kind of update. I am being extremely busy now with the studies so I had to postpone any actions not related to my University or Christmas.

I have absolutely no winter-fairy-tale-spitit yet but nevertheless had to devote some time to getting presents. Not flying to Russia for New Year’s this time, I automatically have much less fuss connected with winter holidays. Which surprisingly makes me happy. I used to be that person who loves all those struggles with organizing a celebration, but this year I am just not into it at all. Pre-celebrating here in Vienna with boyfriend and maybe a couple of friends and then flying to Switzerland to meet my family and drink punch with them on top of the Alps at Xmas and NY – that’s my plan. And I am happy about it. Will be something very different and completely new to me as I always celebrated New Year surrounded by a huge bunch of friends and acquaintances. Well, let’s see what 2016 brings me after a totally new way of welcoming another year.

I am not sure if I will be for any resolutions this December. I did plan absolutely nothing last year, but this time I might come up with a classical list (as at the moment I am so used to having my life planned perfectly days ahead). Or not.

Anyway. I still owe a short note from wonderful Prague in November, I might as well write about something Xmasish/winterish later. But for now wish me good luck with two final exams which will be Italian and Law. And we wish ya’ll warmth and coziness this cold winter! VNbI5KmpuHg (1)

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UPD: late autumn vibes

Good Saturday evening everyone! Vienna is on fire tonight with a lot of events happening. Meanwhile I am enjoying spending an evening home alone which had not happened in many weeks already. I still have a long 3-day weekend ahead to catch up with this restless city but right now I am happy with having some time by myself.

I like that uni stir. Preparing presentations, doing research, chasing people who have useful scripts, getting ready for midterms… I feel productive. And I am lucky to in general like my studies and the University of Vienna a lot. But adding to all that some social life can tire one easily. Remember that triangle with sleep, good grades, social life and a caption “pick two”? I have definitely given up the angle that contains rest.

With no reason I begun this post with pics which represent my love to COS, Aloha Gaia and midsummer star. Honestly, dressing up during seasons other than summer is pretty hard and quite annoying for me. I hate the cold. I even don’t admire Christmas. And it’s not just because I am Greench. I just can’t fully enjoy anything when it is cold. And this year the weather jumped from late-summer-warmth to nasty here-comes-polar-night so suddenly. A two-day difference:

But me and my boyfriend and friends who are now back in town still got to enjoy the last nice and bright days. What is the biggest happiness other than sun and warmth? Food!

Naschmarkt lunchtime

New place – Joma

A break between classes? Some students’ fastfood and some hard rock at HRC

A good way to start a day with reading The Guardian at Motto am Fluss

a Wednesday is a little Friday

Some fashion here

Helping out friends who are involved into fashion industry and at the same time doing my semester research about Inditex turned out to be thrilling. I finally reached the point where I not only like what I learn but can already apply the knowledge in everyday life. And those who think that economics is only about maths are so mistaken! For example, this week I gave a presentation about ethics in terms of stocks and bonds. And ethical finance brought me to so much philosophy as probably nothing before throughout all my studies. I loved talking to the audience about socially responsible investment by asking rhetorical questions which basically fit in any concept of “good” and “bad”. So, guys, do what you love and love what you do!

That’s about it now. The studies, looking forward to new places and experiences soon; first cold nights (ok, it’s 17 tomorrow, but I would still prefer it to be over 30), lunches with friends, hugging my warm boyfriend in the evenings instead of constantly going out. I also noticed that the nastier it is outside, the more valuable home-made food becomes! So does the cuddling time.

Getting back to new places and experiences topic. My winter trip is fully planned already, and this year I for the first time celebrate New Year with my family which I am already so looking forward to. As you probably know, I also cannot remain in the same spot for longer than a month. So in spite of being very busy and having intense schedule now, me and Stefan decided we both need a break, so next weekend we are planning to leave Vienna for couple days together. I will for sure make photos and take down notes there to later share it 😉

Don’t get cold and bored, bye!