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Viennese Balls 2019

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetOne of the most beautiful Viennese traditions: the famous balls. I admit that my absence in the past 2 months has been determined partially by getting ready for balls, then attending them, and then recovering from them. What a life!

This year I attended 3 balls and there is one more to go: the best night of the year, Life Ball. But it’s a completely different format of a ball, and this post is about the traditional ones that are held in Hofburg, the palace those born in the 1900s know from the cartoon “Princess Sissi”.

Viennese Balls are strict in dress code and traditions. Floor length dresses only for women and tuxedos for men. Traditional Austrian clothing, dirndl and trachten, are allowed on a certain occasion. To the ball held by the United Nations, one can be dressed in a national costume of another country, too. That was the one we kicked the ball season off with.

IAEA Staff Association Ball

this one was a lot of fun due to the number of acquaintances we met there. Crowd of young and ambitions people, interesting conversations while drinking wine in gallons, cool fun music and the best techno and disco dance floors out of all balls. Yes, you read it right! There are modern DJs at the balls, too, and after midnight the palace turns into a rave.

Ball der Wiener Wirtschaft

this one is much more traditional than IAEA ball. The crowd is significantly older, but nevertheless dances quadrille with even more enthusiasm than the young ones 😉 The classical part of the ball, from the opening ceremony with debutants to the orchestra and singers of the main ballroom, was of the best quality. Pure aesthetic enjoyment! Also, more seating areas than dance floors, if compared to how the other balls were organised. Suitable for those who are more into music and performance rather than crazy nights out.


This one is said to be the coolest in Vienna. We had a lot of fun because we gathered a large group of people. Even Polina flew on from London for the occasion. What can be more exciting than a bunch of friends dressed in amazing gowns pre-drinking all together in one of the most elegant bars of Vienna? We chose Park Hyatt Bank Brasserie&Bar for the occasion. Not something that happens every weekend, huh?

Apparently, the pregame was awesome, because we came to the ball itself very late. I would be regretting this a lot if it would be my first ball, but luckily I already saw the opening ceremony of another ball, so didn’t feel left out as we rolled into the palace just before midnight. Next year, however, I would give it a desperate try to show up a bit earlier. But the later you come – the longer you are likely to stay! We stayed until the very end at all balls, but after this one we even went to a club. Also one hell of an experience in a long light gown! But this is Vienna baby, so in fact half of the club was dressed like that, too. Ah, this time of the year! Elegance and never feeling overdressed. I wish I could just wear gowns all year long. Sometimes I do, though. But such occasions as balls really make one feel special.

Since I started talking about Viennese traditions and clothing, in between the balls we had a night of dressing up un traditional Austrian dirndls and going to a heuriger. Usually this is a kind of entertainment for summer, but our dear Olivia had her farewell leaving Vienna for New York, so we had a proper reason.

I am honestly quite excited to be in Vienna the upcoming summer (I always left before) and experience things like Kirtag and all the crazy wine festivals that I missed before.

For now we are saying goodbye to the Ball Season and are looking forward to wearing our gowns again next year, searching for more down to Earth entertainments meanwhile.


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UPD: Life Ball & PIONEERS Festival

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHappy Summer, guys!

I am super excited for the upcoming season, despite currently struggling through finals and writing my thesis. It’s gonna be amazing, yes! As always, summers are always amazung, aren’t they?

I actually have been receiving a lot of positive surprises recently, and my life twisted around gradually 😉

But now – it’s just a short update to share that all is super cool, and I am just being too busy with uni stuff. Will soon write about our trip to Croatia; I got it as a present from my girls, it happened, and it was greater than great!

Another awesome event that recently took place and got us involved – Life Ball! Anyone who lives in Vienna knows its scale; it’s been getting more and more international attention, as well. More accurate info can be found on their web page, and I just want to share that it was absolutely great! It is so much more than just dressing up to go out and party all night long in one of the most beautiful sceneries ever. Spectacular way to raise aids awareness.

The coolest thing is not only the Ball itself, but the afterparty, which everyone in the city names the biggest party of the year. Yay!

And one more thing I wanna tell you about now – Pioneers Festival.

So, from the beginning, Pioneers is, as we were saying all the time, where tech startups meet investors. They do a lot of cool stuff in different cities, but as Vienna is trying to become a startup hub now, the huge event is held here annually. I feel honored that I got to work there, and my tasks were just a dream: I was part of backstage crew, helping out the main photographer and managing speakers before and after they go on stage to make sure that all media procedures are followed, and we get pictures and interviews with everyone we needed. One hell of stress it is, won’t deny! But the scale of the event was just breathtaking! And all of numerous afterparties that the organizers held were super cool, with a possibility to talk with the most creative and innovative people in a very chilled atmosphere. I even got to meet the president of Slovakia😱

Three days of excitement, responsibility pressure and fun fusion! Thank you, Pioneers, and I honestly hope to get a chance to join it again next year!

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Hey  Ho!ezgk18rie2wI still have to struggle trough finishing my posts from Hong Kong, but as I want to make them really good and neat and at the moment I constantly lack time, I will postpone the most important ones until some flight-airport-flight time. I do it best there.

Now let’s get back to the tradition of mentioning what has been happening in the city where I currently live. I started it back in Saint Petersburg and try to sometimes make some event announcements and places recommendations from Vienna as well.

Starting with the beginning of the summer season. It is the open-airs time currently in Vienna. Even though the weather is not yet that summerish as the club managers wish it was, our main locations are already opening their summer gardens for us to dance until the sun is shining. Tel Aviv Beach was the first one to welcome guests for drinks and music outside. The Grelle Forelle hot season opening is happening at this very moment, I might go check it out later. The most famous viennese club Volksgarten seems to be the last to open up summer dance floor this year, but for sure not the least.

But the major event this year is the re-opening of Pratersauna. It is a 3 days long party which started on Friday and is still happening right now. I am very excited about it because the changed the whole concept and I absolutely love the other places that the new team runs; I shared the drive with some team members and I know very well how much effort they put into it and how amazing it’s gonna be. The place is now something special and at the same time not posh. Now the vie i pee and the pratersauna are finally connected and there is a totally new bar in town between them. The X-club concept, good taste, amazing drinks and cool atmosphere. You need a key to get to make sure you are gonna party there with friends and their friends. Check it out and join our party in a totally new location 😉 1170875_10153854493380380_4816085655135502802_n




Tel Aviv Beach (try their hamschuka!)


Kleinod bar summer terrace (Espresso Martini at its finest)

Roberto’s is going summer, too! (Old Cuban! Ask for one there on a hot afternoon)

Apart from never ending party, what comes next? Of course, food! I love food. We love food. Our tradition of gathering together for a brunch every Thursday and in general constant lust for gastronomic pleasures opened up several new places in Vienna to us. As the brightest ones I would list:


It is an incredible place. We even decided that it can be called one of a kind in town although there are several others claiming they do experimental asian cuisine. Dots and Shiki are good as well, yes. Patara Thai and Li’s cooking (mentioned an earlier posts) remains one of my favorites. But Mochi is really something different. It is hard to get in, especially on those days when reservations are impossible. You have to be ready to wait. But it’s so worth it! Or at least try their delivery service (menu differs from the one at restaurant) – that’s how I had found out earlier how amazing Mochi experience is and decided to try it out again. Absoluter Wahnsinn!

Hidden Kitchen 

A very cute light cafe with a new fresh menu every day, tastiest carrots quiche and bright and healthy looking food. There are certain inconveniences as short opening hours and Sunday closed but the place is nevertheless definitely worth visiting! I’d recommend Hidden Kitchen Park as it has more to chose from and allows you big tables and comfy windows to sit at. Grab some friends, take huge plates full of different stuff, include eintopf and go for it!


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetWe celebrated Jamila’s Birthday there so I happen to have only cheers pics, no food was captured, but I can ensure you it IS a real Georgian restaurant! If you are into that type of cuisine – you are gonna love it! An addition, the authentic place is perfect for big loud companies; nobody will stare in silence at you when you yell constantly, drink with waiters or start dancing on the table there.

7*stern Kulturzentrum Cafe

A breakfast place. If a big company, better reserve, but not compulsory. Try the coconut-kakao smoothie! Very cute, quiet (if we are not sitting there with a bottle of prosecco that morning yelling our stories and laughing as hyenas, of course) and appealing.

Little Britainnljivku8shsIt is that kind of a cheap place in a weird district in the middle of nowhere that appears to be good. The interior might seem cheesy at first, but it’s grandma-style sweet. The food is simple but good. And really cheap!


Nothing new to discover, anyone who has ever walked through Vienna Innere Stadt for sure has passed this terrace. Delia’s is a coffee place, not even a brunch one; they only have light snacks. BUT their hot salty croissant with brie is just the best croissant in this damn crazy world.

And in any “unclear where to go for food” situation I would recommend Naschmarkt. Neni is having their summer seasonal salad with avocado and prawns again now; Deli’s terrace is more comfortable this year; the reconstruction is over and it is finally the noise only from countless voices of people having a never ending siesta and kitchens working hard to produce best smells and tastes.

As for my life, I am learning hard for the exams already now; partying hard to celebrate beginning of summer and new things happening in town. And loving hard. Have some of those, too! Kiss.pcuhogwawqq