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UPD: fine 2018 kick-off



I decided to try to go back the hashtag #UPD from time to time. This blog has become solely a travel diary during past year, and I like it that way. But remembering that it started as a more personal thing where I was sharing emotions and events of my life alongside with pieces of traveler’s advice makes me wanna write down sometimes what’s happening around, too.

Writing this, I am on my flight from Moscow back to Vienna. I am now employed (*triple wohoooo from my mom here*) and had an unexpected short trip to Russia this weekend. Besides doing some serious adult stuff, I got to fly home and spend some time with my family again, as well as with my closest friend in hometown. Surprise trips are always great, but I couldn’t remember the last time I was in Russian in March, so the picture of spring in my head has shifted a bit: the forecast showed me sun, stable relatively warm for the region temperatures and no precipitation, so I came as my most classy elegant self, in a white suit. Well, don’t. Not in March. Hardly could I imagine this much of unidentified dark liquids flowing down the streets. One would hardly recognize that the car I was driving was once white as well. Thinking positively, I wanted no more snow this year – I didn’t see much snow since it was covered with mud. But I finally felt the spring!

Besides giving myself champagne showers for starting a job, I have been giving them to the others a lot recently. March is a big month of never-ending Birthdays. My closest ones in Vienna, Daniel and Jamila, have theirs one after another, accompanied by few more celebrations, so I had a good deal of rushing around town with presents, surprises and flowers, testing my baking skills and hiding in hallways watching youtube tutorials of how to pop a bottle once I break in at midnight, and other good stuff. I love Birthdays. I probably enjoy others’ even more than my own, which is coming up in two weeks. I find it super cool to be born in spring: everyone is happy and emotional after long winter; good vibes are in the air and people really enjoy the celebrations.

On top of pleasant weather changes and multiple reasons to celebrate (as all good stuff seems to happen in spring: everyone gets jobs, boyfriends, divorces and first tan), spring is a ball season in Vienna. I am not Austrian enough yet to annually attend classical events like the Opera Ball, which I actually would love to start doing in the next years. But I enjoy going to the great parties like Life Ball or Techno Ball – it was indeed grandiose!

As it turned out to be a very positive blog entry, so let me accompany it with few new and fresh must-visit spots in Vienna!
  • I already shared earlier that Daniel’s unique talent of a bar-chef brought Clandestino to this world. Now the bar has become popular and even more cozy and absolutely awesome with all the Star Wars gifts he receives, my fruit bowl and finest snacks menu by Mercado Nikkei, so let me invite you once again for a fantastic drink on Wed-Sat from 7 p.m. on. If you are in Vienna during this spring break – check out the upcoming event!
  • My favorite bar in Vienna since long before, Roberto’s, proudly introduced its new creation – another bar in the very heart of Vienna. Starting from 10 a.m. now at Jasomirgottstraße, 7.
  • There are some more new-openings that I found really great, including Birdyard and Bar3. Both are also offering delicious dinner opportunity.
  • And, of course, Kleinod. Not new, but always there for us!
May everyone’s spring be as smooth and nice as mine, and let the warm weather finally come to us!

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UPD: back on track

Hey, guys! I am alive and I am back to Europe. tulqqdt4vrcExactly a month has it been. I still have no way to write a complete story about my summer trips that has to also be followed by a lot of thoughts. And there are a lot of thoughts. What I saw and experienced this summer changed me a lot. I started appreciating such things as drinking water, to begin with. Living in a Cuban society interacting with people being stuck in such an unusual for the modern world situation literally blows your mind! I am inspired (I never ever use this stupid phrase!) by Cuba, I will talk about Cuba, I will always remember what Cuba taught me. And I miss Cuba.

I was also lucky to visit Mexico this summer. Was a short trip but I managed to see/eat/drink a lot of amazing things. And this I can’t wait to share as well!

As I returned to Europe, my friends flew to Paris to meet me there and spend some time in the city with less English and white people to overcome my cultural shock a little bit. It was a very useful buffer before coming back to Vienna. And Paris was just so sweet this time!

I am praying now that with my extremely tough upcoming semester I will have time and inspiration to write about my summer experience. Would be such a shame to just let the impressions slip away! I still can’t forgive myself for writing absolutely nothing when used to live in the US. Won’t let it happen again! Posts are arriving soon!

Meanwhile, happy beginning of the school year for everyone! It’s the first day of fall for us, but luckily we caught the last sunbeams and made a trip to the lake yesterday.

Hope you are all safely returning from the vacations that were just amazing and warmed you up enough to meet the autumn.

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hashtag home

 Being home is always good. Even though most of my acquaintances don’t live around anymore, it’s still very cool to come back for several days sometimes. Especially like it happened this time – when some of childhood friends happen to be there for the same period. And my sister came from Moscow for that weekend, too! Ksenia met me right when I arrived, Daria was there with her boyfriend Axel. Was big times of an experience for a Swedish guy to visit our hometown! We were the only people he could speak English with, so for sure us going out drew a lot of attention everywhere! Was fun, a lot of fun, and I love you, guys! And all that special weird Russian thing that we have inside us!
Parents’ house is of course the best place to be again. Any place where they are becomes worth rushing there, but their home is something absolutely amazing! Bright backyard, tasty dinners made together, endless rivers of wine and long intense talks. A lot of decisions taken, as always, when I go home. A lot of amazing emotions, laughs and love. Love love love!

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Once a Russian – always a Russian

qmeaf5pzsxgHey Ho! Long time, huh?

I have so much to tell. As far as I remember, I touched my blog last time when was in Moscow. And now again I found myself here, currently being on my way to Hong Kong. Noooo idea how I am gonna catch up with everything that’s been happening lately.

A lot there is. Trip to Russia; snowboarding tour around such familiar since childhood Gastein valley of Tyrol; introducing Ksenia to skiing and the mountain culture and spending some cool time with her in Vienna as well; discovering a new spot in Italian Alps – marvelous Madonna do Campiglio; healing a broken heart and even falling there again; passing computer programming which seemed more impossible than ever fall in love again. And a lot more.
Let’s start with a trip home. This time I only went to my parents’ place without stopping in Moscow or going to Saint P. And I am already planning to do it exactly the same way in spring again. I started feeling more attached to their place somehow, even though we fortunately get to see each other around Europe quite often, too. And at the same time I totally lost it with Saint P, which used to be my home, my soul. I don’t know how one explains that. I simply don’t feel anymore like mud, rain, unknown over hipster places that are all the same to me. However, I still have most of my Russian friends there. And I wanna hang with you, of course. But as you guys are starting to float to Moscow, it seems like I better invite the loyal Saint P inhabitants to join me and together we hit the capital. In summer, maybe? (I actually was gonna try that in May and already went for booking tickets to remember at the very last second that I have an event coming up exactly at that time. Not today.)
So, only parents’ place for now. I hope I feel like Saint Petersburg again one day, really! But that time I felt perfectly right at home. Family, best friend, endless talks in front of our fireplace drinking New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (which is so hard to get in Vienna, drives me crazy!) and listening to an amazing life concerts collection that my dad possesses. I love it that way. A “winter style” visit home I call that. The “summer” one moves white wine experience to the swimming pool and fireplace light gets replaced with the night underwater illumination. Soon, soon!
If you follow me anywhere, then you for sure must have noticed another major change (alongside with falling out of love *poop emoji*) that happened to me while being in Russia last time. And that was a total change of my hair color. I am platinum blond since then (well, at the moment with pink and purple stripes) and it feels absolutely amazing! I have heard many times that my red hair totally suits me and it’s my special thing. I for sure go back to it once. But for now I am so satisfied! All that stupid cliché shit like “new hair color – new life” absolutely worked out for me. Let’s see, what else it brings 😉
Enjoy your family nests as much as I enjoy mine. Visit your best friend. And the rest is rust and stardust.

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UPD: early autumn vibes

Hey hey hey! I am using the free time I sometimes have now to fill in the blog as much as possible so that I don’t have any postponed stuff left by the time WS’15-16 begins at my Uni. So here we go with an update of what’s been happening with me after the summer vacation,

At the moment I am doing a sommer uni which is an express semester: those who are accepted to it can finish whole course in just 4-5 intensive classes. It is usually 6 hours of theory several times, practice, maybe a tutorium and then final tests, all in September for summer term and in February for the one in winter. I doubt I would apply for an express semester in WS, I need a break at that time of the year. But the summer vacation is somehow too long for me. Might sound extremely weird, but last year I really got bored from 4 months off; all friends were already back to work/studies. If not that amazing totally spontaneous trip to Cyprus, I’d be dying from nothing to do. I need to keep my brain working. And sommer uni is also a great possibility because for me completing the whole course in just couple weeks is much easier than rarely concentrating on it having just 1.5-3hrs a week and then trying to remember/learn all at once before an exam 6 months later. I am thankful to Vienna system for such things as crash courses, too, as they give a chance to absorb all info at short period with no stupid pauses. So, my studies is already on!

But having to attend theory classes, learning some computer programming and solving production&logistics problems don’t kill my mood at all. There is still a lot to do in the city in September; this week is a Design week, for example, and later today I am attending an event at some new place where I was suddenly invited just several hours ago.

Along with some studies, I have been meeting some friends and hanging out with my boyfriend who I missed during summer vacation when sometimes we weren’t seeing each other for weeks. Trip to beloved Saint-Petersburg, seeing my family, traveling all around Italy with friends, visiting Monaco, France and Spain – those were all cool times. But all good things come to an end. To let better things appear, I believe. So at the moment I am happy to be in Vienna (even though I already feel like starting to plan a new trip).

MQ terrasses

Motto am Fluss, again and again

Naschmarkt brunch is always a good way to start a day

Loos bar is good, but choose only the weekdays!

Roberto bar, our usual place to be

Last warm days on the rooftop

time to begin the studies

…but always better with some food!

I missed not only my boyfriend and friends but also Vienna bars, let’s be completely honest. Those are good. Those I like. Sometimes knowing the places and who you are going to meet there feels even better than exploring while traveling, not knowing what the night is going to turn out to be like. Of course, I am not that old and boring yet. But I already tend to look for some comfort while going out. Sad to realize that when I remember our crazy nights in the middle of nowhere in some far away country; dancing like crazy on the liners not caring that we arrive to port at 7 a.m. and have had no sleep in 3 days; wearing hight heels for many days just because the bag is full with camera equipment and normal shoes don’t fit in there; jumping in the swimming pool all dressed up and even with the shoes on. I’d definitely do all that again now! But there is a huge difference between 17 and 22, that I admit. But looking at my older boyfriend who parties crazier than we do, I believe that the best fun is still about to come within next 10-15 years 😉 And now let me just chill in those classy bars in the first district of Vienna, dance only at cool parties and then order prosecco for breakfast. Sometimes not less fun than finding your shoe in the swimming pool at all! Craziness is for special times, native bars are always.My love had a Birthday last week which I was very excited about as well. More party! And a home-made cake, my first performance ever in making one. I love Birthdays. And when my beloved ones have them I am even more happy than when mine is about to come.September is rich with the emotions as many close people celebrate. My dad had his yesterday and calling them to Italy hearing their happy voices while they are getting their seafood and drinks makes me fulfilled. Thank you all for being so much fun and bringing this fun to my life!

Talking about party, T.G.I.F., guys! Have as much fun as I have recently had 😉

RUS: Ребята, привет! Пользуясь наличием свободного времени до начала основного семестра, стараюсь залить в блог как можно больше и ничего не откладывать, так как учеба меня ждет напряженная. На самом деле я сейчас уже делаю летний экспресс-семестр. И спасибо большое универу за такую возможность, как и спасибо всяким краш-курсам: выучить весь материал всего предмета, просидев по 6 часов несколько дней, мне намного легче, чем едва-едва концентрируясь на нем 1-2 пары в неделю и потом судорожно пытаясь вспомнить/заново выучить весь материал перед экзаменом полгода спустя. Так что несколько теоретических дней, практика и пара курсов по программированию ничуть не портят мой сентябрь. Это даже лучше, чем в прошлом году, когда я уже устала от отдыха на четвертом месяце, и мне было некуда себя деть. Звучит странно, но мне нужно что-то делать, иначе я с ума схожу. Так что все поездки (ссылки на рассказы о них есть в английской версии поста) – это прекрасно, но я рада быть дома (хотя уже планирую заняться новой поездкой).

К счастью в Вене сейчас не скучно. Идет неделя дизайна, например, и я через пару часов собираюсь на мероприятие, куда меня спонтанно пригласили только сегодня утром.

Я скучала по Штефану. И по венским барам тоже скучала. Проведя там за последние недели немало вечеров, я понимаю, что иногда мне приятнее знать места и публику, чем даже исследовать новую местность в поисках веселья. Не подумайте, что я совсем состарилась и стала скучной. Конечно, спонтанные ночи в других городах, пляски до прибытия в порт на теплоходах и прыжки в бассейн при полном параде – это круто, и я и сейчас бы все это повторила! Но между 17 и 22 есть разница, не могу ее не замечать. Хотя, глядя на Штефана, который меня старше, но тусит веселее нас всех, я еще верю, что самые огненные ночи впереди 😉 Но для бешеных поступков есть особое время, а для родных баров подойдет любой вечер.

К слову о веселье. Всех с пятницей!

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oh, Vienna, hallo!

Hi from Vienna! After a summer full of traveling and new locations I am finally back. My city is still trying its best to attract some nice weather, so the last weeks I mainly spent outside either studying for my sommer uni subjects on some nice sunny terrace or just catching up for a drink with all the acquaintances I didn’t see for the whole break.

I have already talked here a lot about the places in Vienna that I recommend as the ones worth visiting. But speaking of nice open terraces, if you want to try to enjoy last warm days then you better rush to MQ (where I am sitting cuddling a pug in the pic above), Motto am Fluss or Heuer – those three are my favorites.

MQ chilling out area

Motto am Fluss afternoon view

Heuer summer season closing party, but practically you can still sit outside there on a nice day

I must be a bit late with announcing the main city events as most of the season closing parties have already taken place, the coolest Volksgarten GANG Peng as well so now we have to wait until the next party from those guys which I hope will be organized at Heuer Pavilion again as it happened in March. Vienna MQ Fashion Week’15 is finished too. But I will still try to find something to tell about.

Yesterday I was at the Parallel opening party. Not being an expert in contemporary art I can only say one thing so far: a cool location! The party was quite successful even though yesterday was something like Tuesday. My congratulations to the guys. I am looking forward to the closing party later this week the most, but those who understand more than I do in modern art will for sure enjoy the whole event a lot.


Something else is about to happen in the world of art this week. And that is Edvard Munch exhibition starting from Friday. I have been to his museum in Oslo and have seen most of the collection that is available for public. But in this one a lot of paintings from private collections are to be present. So I am sure I will be interested in visiting Albertina in the nearest weeks.

Sooner I will post an update from my personal life events since I have come back to Vienna. But for now this is it, enjoy little Friday Wednesday as much as I am planning to 😉

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Еееее! Я пишу-таки наконец пост! Кто молодец? Я молодец!

Сложно, конечно, рассказывать о паре недель в России, когда я уже две недели в Италии, и мои мысли заняты только итальянским языком, морем и сырной фокаччей с песто.

Я решила объединить пару слов о Тольятти и о Вене, так как своего рода дом у меня и там, и там, и нет, конечно же не потому, что мне просто лень писать.

К родителям я поехала специально к Дню рождения мамы, который я встречаю с ними каждый год. Это также лучший способ увидеть всех друзей семьи и родственников разом, никого не пропустив. Своих друзей, хоть в самом Тольятти у меня их один, я тоже была рада видеть: из Самары приехали Ксюша и Ира, из Питера – Оля, с которой мы там не успели словиться, а из Москвы залетала моя любимая сестра, которую я однозначно считаю и своим лучшим другом. Дома всегда одинаково приятно. Камин, вино, разговоры и Челентано по вечерам; поездки в город на завтрак с кем-то знакомым; ленивый день в бассейне посреди тихого свежего леса; ужины у родителей с кучей гостей – и все снова по кругу. Хоть у меня все меньше знакомых и занятий, которые остались в Тольятти, но я все равно его не забываю, и стабильно хотя бы два раза в год туда приезжаю. Спасибо этой атмосфере маленького города, которая так напоминает мне о детстве. И спасибо жизни за городом за возможность иногда побыть в полной тишине и поговорить с близкими обо всем на свете.

Моя традиционная поездка в Италию была давно спланирована, но в последний момент я успела организовать рейсы так, что смогла заехать в Вену на пару дней. И это было здорово. Я никогда не оставалась там летом, но в этом году успела полюбить жаркие ночи в гамаке на крыше под звездным небом и поездки на мотоцикле, во время которых город кажется куда обворожительнее, чем когда сменяешь пешие прогулки на общественный транспорт. И те выходные в Вене я была совершенно счастлива.

Но пришло время снова собрать так до конца и не разобранный чемодан и помчать в аэропорт, из которого я, казалось, только что приехала. 

последние минуты с чемоданом, который я еще долго не видела

Мне стало очень уж не везти с перелетами. Из тринадцати за этот год шесть были очень неудачными: задержки по много часов, нестыковки, ночевки в других городах, вынужденные поиски отеля в пять утра… В этот раз три перелета подряд трясло так, что люди вокруг орали, а раз ударило волной от встречного борта настолько сильно, что от запрокинувшегося крыла и я не осталась равнодушна. Я не боюсь летать совершенно, люблю проводить время в аэропортах и наслаждаюсь всем, что связано с путешествиями. Но тут уже и я начала задумываться, не настало ли время чаще перемещаться по суше. Как и следовало ожидать с пересадкой в злосчастном Риме, мой багаж потерялся на много дней, все рейсы задержали, на пересадку я бежала, но и она не прошла без казусов. Не важно, в общем. Просто не летайте вуелингом. По моему опыту пять из пяти раз были просто ужасными, и ни разу компания не смогла решить ни одну проблему.

Это все уже не важно. Сейчас мне уже даже сложно было придумать, как описать недели до приезда в Лигурию. Потому что когда ты живешь у Чинкве-Терре, какой-то там чемодан тебе уже не нужен.