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I found it a bit bizarre that I visit Moscow quite regularly, but there hasn’t been a single note named like this yet.

As always, I don’t find a way for my posts to follow my location changes. I just came back from my kinda hop-on hop-off trip around Caucasus and now am enjoying “babye leto” (Russian term for Indian summer) riding a bike and playing tennis in my hometown. But there is so much more to tell about!

A big must-eat-and-drink list from Barcelona will happen one day for sure (so will the ones from Hong Kong and Havana…)

After leaving Spain I had a spontaneous 10-days stop in Vienna. It wasn’t in my vacation schedule but turned out to be awesome with all the barbecues and family/friends get-togethers one following another. I liked being around Vienna (we were sometimes going to Klosterneuburg, called “close to Neuburg” by out Spanish friend) in August and will definitely plan to stay for some summer months next year.

Then, I left for my traditional annual trip to Moscow. I fly there every August and usually weather treats me with some tornados and flying cows passing by as soon as I land. But this year I have been so extremely lucky with the weather wherever I go that even in Moscow it was bit less freezing than I feared. Allowed to walk a lot, spend quality time with my sister and her fiancé, meet with my childhood friends and even catch up with the Viennese fellows who were also enjoying rare but pleasant warmth of the capital.


Here are some places I tried this time that are worth attention, in my opinion. I don’t go for the most luxury places which Moscow is famous for and which most of the foreigners visiting the city would prefer to try (totally understandable, Moscow knows luxury!). Those are more of what I see as better taste, something not very often observed in Russia. For the locals, they will probably be the most well-known and hyped spots which won’t interest them anymore either. But as a guest, I enjoyed stopping by:

  • Glenuill: a small place with tables placed extremely close to each other, quite intimate atmosphere in general and always smiling handsome waiters that treated us with a cake after our meal. I am not sure what made me like the place: that honey cake or crab pasta I had eaten before it. I am a big fan of crab meat but, unfortunately, it’s not served anywhere you go in the area where I live. Will be more commonly seen in menus in Russia. Anyways, I liked the little restaurant where I went straight from the airport. A nice place for dates. I had a date with my Jane there, and it was absolutely romantic!
  • Рыбы Нет (Ryby Net – “there is no fish”): a meat restaurant which I had already tried a year ago. It’s a typical trying-to-be-one-of-a-kind place of the big city centre, but I like it. Indeed good meat, and high patency ensures always fresh products. I ate a beef tartar there even though I usually don’t risk eating raw meat in those countries where I am not 100% sure about the quality standards. And the location is perfect for tourists, of course.
  • Итальянец (“the Italian”): an Italian restaurant, what a surprise! Famous for its Italian chef it has very well-organized menu and an option to vary any kind of pasta with any kind of sauce, etc. from the whole menu. On the side, there is another place from the same owner(s), a bit less posh but offering no less delicious range of Italian specialties. And you can chose from both menus in whatever the restaurant you picked a table!
  • Молоко (Moloko – “milk”): again, in the very center of the melting pot. But being on the street full of gastronomical wonders, it was the only one where nice staff found a table for us on a Friday evening with no reservation. Be ready that if you ask “Sorry, is there a free table” in Moscow, you may get an answer “How the hell do I know, go inside and have a look” from a waiter. It’s tough mother-Russia, baby! So, Moloko was the only one that agreed to have us, and tven though we were only drinking there, I could see that it’s a place that I call “good one”. The concept was for sure prepared by the professionals so was the cocktails menu. Very close to classic American bars’ standards but with some innovative approach. I ordered a rum-based cocktail with creamy caramel texture and lemongrass in it (since la Petite of Florence lemongrass in drinks is like crab meat in food for me) and was extremely satisfied. Watching the barkeepers was also a pleasure, and you know, I am a big fan of their craft!
  • Upside down cake is a place around the corner, where we tried to sit down for some sweets first. Their range of desserts seemed very attractive, and I had seen the place on Instagram a few times before. But they offer no alcohol at all. To me a cocktail is a perfect dessert, so I don’t really understand how one can position themselves as a desserts place not offering the main after-meal/instead of meal experience.
  • Americano: this is where desserts looked amazing! Can’t judge much as I was too full to eat there, but I loved their location and the atmosphere inside. Perfect for a quiet chat that shouldn’t be overheard or for loosing oneself to some reading or browsing.
  • I like W (W stands for Wine <3): if I had understood it correctly, it’s a chain for those who not only like wine but also like beer, etc. We like wine and food! And both were very good there! I ordered roastbeef salad, bruschettas and creamy sauce pasta with duck and was very satisfied. The place is a bit louder and might require a reservation on busy evenings, but it will be a cool location for a big company pregame or celebrating some event, too! The only thing that I didn’t like was that when we finished our meal and didn’t want more wine at that moment when we were just talking, the waiter kept coming up asking when we will order more drinks and ended up asking if he can bring us the bill when we repeated that we were good for the moment. But, again, that kicking out to seat new customers is common, so don’t get pissed at one particular place, but blame the service culture in general.

I must say I really enjoyed this time in Moscow. Maybe it’s the weather, as I am very climate-dependent. Maybe it’s the fact that all worked out so well with no plan and I got to see so many people. And I admit, I see the progress in the city, even in comparison with last year’s visit. You can pay with credit cards everywhere now; the city sites became brighter and cleaner. Let’s see what happens in the next years.

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I got the coolest present ever from my girls – a trip to Croatia all together! It’s not even about traveling anywhere anytime being my biggest passion in life; it was also about all four of us doing something together again, which we so rarely get time for! Thank you ❤

We went at the end of May, and the weather was already simply perfect. Just to mention, I am a big fan of heat, and the hotter – the better for me. We got lucky, that weekend was very hot.

Driving down there was quite easy. No traffic on highways, and Slovenia and Croatia have roads of surprisingly good quality. We found them not very cheap, but, nevertheless, a comfortable journey is worth it, especially once we remembered horrors of Czech roads!

We couldn’t go on a single roadtrip with no adventures, though. I don’t know how many times we had already ran out of gas and made it to the tank station stopping right in front it. Well, this time our magic of having a car running with no gas faded. We stopped on a highway with an empty tank. Just stopped. Now I know exactly how it feels, when the engine not just sucks the last drops, but when there is nothing left, and the car slowly shuts itself down, dropping the speed gradually, to keep you safe. I wouldn’t wish to feel that again, though. Well, that was a moment when one hell of hysterics could have bursted out. Getting evacuated in Austria is very expensive, not to even mention how much it would cost if the car doesn’t start because of the air in the engine. As we found out later, our walk on the highway to the nearest gas station wasn’t legal either, not was leaving a car standing in the middle of the highway. God damn these regulations, what else we were supposed to do (tanking in advance is not an option)?! We are 4 girls, two out of which were already drunk on the back seat by that time, and we actually walked ourselves to get a can of gas, brought it back and managed to start a dead car. Problem solved, right? With no help from the outside, just by our cold thinking minds. I am really glad in such situations I get myself together and don’t freak out. So I was super pissed, when someone called ÖAMTC anonymously on us. Mind your own business, man! The service car arrived right at the moment when we started a car and removed it from the still position on the highway, so no fine could officially be put on us anymore. Got super lucky, again! Well, the fact that the car started saved the whole journey in general. Audis for life! Our adventures could already be the best marketing campaign of extreme situations.

Anyways, back to the trip! We arrived to Zagreb, checked in and went to the city center for late dinner and drinks. I had already been there before but remembered nothing, so we all relied on the knowledge of Isabella, who knew her way around quite well.

After having had several meals in Zagreb, I would suggest 3 places:

Boban – a Michelin guide restaurant, absolutely beautiful, especially its inner yard terrace that was just perfect temperature even on a super hot day. The food was outstanding, and the choice is very creative. Definitely worth a visit!

Agava – a cute place on the party street, perfect for a good filling snack in between drinks. The seafood was just incredible, and I tried from all plates, of course! Go for octopus, tuna steak salad, and get some garlic focaccia to it – you will

for sure order another portion 😉 We asked for some dry local wine everywhere, not being familiar with Croatian grapes. The selection was very satisfying, and the staff seemed professional, which is a good asset for places where people get seasonal jobs in catering very often.

Kava Tava – the fanciest breakfast ever! No kidding, and I have seen breakfasts! Very cheesy rich juicy sandwiches, good selection of breakfast sets, and their pancakes! Heaven! Super glad the girls found the place, please stop by at Zagreb just for a brunch there if you ever get a chance!

Next morning we had some good bakery (omg everything in Croatia is so delicious!), jumped on the car again and headed to the seaside. The driving was very smooth again, even through the mountains area. Amazing constructions of roads and spectacular views from every hairpin turn were indeed a pleasure. Kraljevica was our first stop. Me and Jamila rested there a bit and took some pics, our alcoholics from the back seat replenished the reserves in their blood vessels (this we never forget! unlike replenishing reserves of gas in the tank…), we had very chilled time in port there, and further crossed the bridge to go to the island where a place with a funny name Krk is. That is a small and absolutely adorable town with narrow streets, stone pavements, authentic shops and a lot of ice cream. Initially, our plan was to find the most famous restaurant there, but we ended up staying literally at the first place we saw when left the parking lot and walked down to the marina – and the seafood there was indescribable! I would just eat 24/ in Croatia!

After the day on the seaside, chilling in the sun and having food drinks and again loads of food in the evening, we spent the next day in Zagreb again. Just 3 days, but that felt like such a getaway! Thanks, Croatia! And to the girls, of course! Here started the real summer!

IMG_9995IMG_0021IMG_0032IMG_0036IMG_0060IMG_0132IMG_0142IMG_0190IMG_0236IMG_0252IMG_0267IMG_0285IMG_0293IMG_0301IMG_0333IMG_0346IMG_0365IMG_0370IMG_0386IMG_0402IMG_0416On our drive back, we stopped in Graz for dinner. Promenade – the place to visit there, definitely! It was Sunday, and they had a dancing club having the 40s party there. So cool! Would love to fins something like that in Vienna! I remember that Leopold in MQ was having similar events on Tuesdays, but now I don’t even know. If someone has an idea – let me know!

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1Hey folks!

My exams week is finally over and I can find some time in between love, food, running around for my new volunteering (info to be updated veeeery soon as it’s gonna be amazing) and attempts to write my thesis, or at least get properly started and write a bit about our last trip, to amazing Lisbon.

First of all, I was astonished by the city. Never even expected it to be so marvelous. Admit it, most of us have that stereotype in our heads that Portugal is a poor place with shabby facades and dusty streets with abandoned dogs on them. Hell, no! I mean, we have only seen the capital and the ocean coast a bit, so I might be totally wrong with my impression of the country being a very bright shiny friendly place. Yes, there might be animals on the streets and very old buildings in some parts, but it’s so charming! Those cracked tile-works got my heart immediately as we walked to our place the first night we arrived.

Now switching to some more concrete vital things, otherwise I will be sharing my impressions here for hours. We stayed at São Bento, to the west from Bairro Alto: it might not always be the location closest to all the main attractions, but it is for sure the prettiest district we have seen. All those facades you would see on the postcards of Lisbon will surround you wherever you turn. See my recent photopost to get a clue.

The must-see list in Lisboa was mostly restaurants and small shops for us, as for all the beautiful views aver the ocean we went on a roadtrip. For beautiful pics my advice would be just to walk around the city as much as you can, there will be a lot of random view decks on your way.

But I can tell you about a very cool place with outstanding view, cold cocktails and very good music! It is TOPO rooftop terrace on top of Martim Moniz mall. When I discovered it in the bowels of travel blogs, I was sure it would be some posh place, like any kind of rooftop in Vienna is, for instance. Don’t get confused, it;s absolutely not! The place is very chilled, the waiters are friendly and relaxed (aka serve yourself), anyone can come in and dance there and you don’t need to look fancy. Very good ambient, we went there during daytime and then came back at night – loved it!

Now coming to my favorite topic – tips about food. Portuguese cuisine is quite diverse and very appealing to me personally, because it is based on seafood and also offers a lot of sweets. The national one is pastel de nata – a must-try! You will see it everywhere, literally on every corner. The original recipe is said to be invented at the legendary bakery named Pasteis de Belem. It’s quite far away from the city center, so we went there on that day when we rented a car. But Lisbon seemed quite developed transportation-wise, so I’m sure it’s not a problem to get there. We honestly went for pastel de nata only and imagine our surprise when we saw a gorgeous monastery right next to the place – Jerónimos. Sitting on the loan in front of it’s tremendous walls enjoying a 6-pieces pack of pastel de nata was one of the most enjoyable moments of our trip.

But if you are short on time when visiting Lisbon and want to quickly grab a traditional desert anywhere – I would say all of those that we tasted there were very good! So, just go for it, wherever! I bought some packs home from Fabrica de Nata.

There is even such cool thing as a cocktail with the taste of pastel de nata 🙂 Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI tried it at Dom Afonso o Gordo – a restaurant in a very vivacious neighborhood near the main Cathedral – another place to visit. From there take a bicitaxi to wherever you wanna go – it starts from 15 euros, but your trip will include several circles around the district and quite an interesting excursion. Our driver was super nice, charged us nothing extra for driving further than his route would normally be, and he told us really cool things about the history, stopped at the Roman Empire ruins so that we could have a sneak peek. I usually don’t go for such typical for tourists leisure, but it was so much fun! Watch out though – the town is very hilly, sometimes roads feel like real roller-coasters, so it’s easier than it seems to simply fall out of bicitaxi 😀

Away from sightseeing, back to food: the best seafood, according to bloggers, is at the restaurant called SeaMe. I tried to reserve a table there almost a week in advance and it was fully booked. Maybe too popular. I still managed to try their food though! Scroll down to find out where 😉

Not having got a booking at SeaMe, we went to another place that everyone was crazy about – Eatfish. Amazing! All just the way I love it: stone tables, no tablecloth, dimmed lights, pretty bar setting. And extremely fresh seafood! But not only the fish quality wins there, also all of the sauces in each dish were so perfectly correlating to the base taste, it was a pure enjoyment! A fun barkeeper who would satisfy any wish we possibly had made our evening as well. The place is a bit overpriced for Lisbon, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Right next to Eatfish there is another spot that I would recommend visiting – and that would be Mez Cais, a small cafe with tacos and different tapas. Aaaaand right next to that one there is Taberna Tosca, where I ate one of the most interesting dishes ever – prawns pancakes. That area around Praça de São Paulo is also full of little boutiques and galleries, where you can find a lot of handmade jewelry, interior design and fashion. I am pretty sure there are another nice cafes there, and that bar in front of Eatfish looked like a lot of fun at night, too.

A district where we lived, away from the loudest streets, was full of very appealing places as well. I didn’t write down all of the names, unfortunately, but for breakfast everyone highly recommends Heim Cafe, that was just round the corner from us. Round another corner there was that place we accidentally found on our first night and fell in love with – Petiscaria Ideal. It is very loud, cozy, with long shared tables and very delicious plates to share. Right away gives the feeling of a truly traditional for Lisbon meal. The wines were very good, too! And don’t hesitate to ask a waiter for some local ones, I wasn’t unsatisfied a single time. Watch out during public holidays, though – a lot of places I wanted to try were closed due to Easter.

We wanted to get even further away from tourists’ popular places and try eating somewhere where only locals go. For that I would recommend Marisqueira Uma and O arco. It is amazing how they are just 20m away from that weird street where there are a lot of restaurants with menus in 20 languages containing pictures of the dishes. And you know this hateful thing, when some guy is standing outside attempting to drag you in there? Please, never get involved in that kind of eating experience! Just turn round the smallest darkest corner – and you will find that small street with the best food in your life.

One of the most famous Portuguese national dishes is Cataplana. It is basically anything cooked in a big metal bowl – the way I understand it. Most of variations are seafood-based, with rice or thin noodles. At O arco we took one octopus and prawns cataplana for the two of us. Guys, there was a WHOLE octopus in there! I am a very good eater, I can take a lot, like a 50cm pizza for just myself is no challenge for me. That was like the second time in my life I couldn’t breathe from how full I was. And I couldn’t stop neither could my friend – that’s how delicious it is! Incredible, you would get maybe 10% of that amount of seafood in one dish in a typical fish restaurant, and do I even need to say that the whole cataplana was cheaper than one tentacle of an octopus usually is?

Last but definitely not least in my food-story will be probably the only place where everyone MUST go no matter what you like to eat: Time Out Market. It is a shared between many rivals pavilion, like one of those you would expect to be at when visiting some food festival. The difference is – the festival is always here. The most well-known restaurants and food (alongside with souvenirs and flowers) shops of Lisbon are represented here in a form of small tent-like cooking spaces. You order whatever you like from as many places as you can manage to try, sit at one of long shared tables, not forgetting to grab a glass of wine or a cocktail from the bar in the middle, – and simply enjoy it rolling your eyes up.

That is where I managed to try SeaMe food – the best crab meat, I admit! But it is really hard to chose what to go for if you can’t eat until you explode (like we can), as all of the places look extremely attractive. If I lived in Lisbon – I would not ever have traditional weekly brunch with friends anywhere else. Check out for the opening hours before checking it out – they are quite short, unfortunately.

There is more and more I could find out to share with you, but I am so sure I will be back to Portugal soon, that I want to leave something for the next times – hopefully I will have multiple visits to this magic country in my life!

I can conclude with a big thank-you to the locals, I think. Not only are they maintaining some real magical spirit in the air of their beloved country, but also they are simply very nice people. Very good English as well! Everyone would greet us, talk so friendly to us; a lady in the shop gave us advice about boys; the guy at the car rental dropped down the deposit to just couple hundreds for us; our elderly neighbor always smoking on the balcony facing ours is just the sweetest thing on earth; every team member of any place we visited was very helpful. It seems like people are just happy there. And they want to make every visitor happy.


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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThis is not a regular I-visited-a-place-and-gonna-advise-you-what-to-eat-there post. Was my first time in Belgium, but I still no absolutely nothing about it. I was still celebrating my birthday in the way and there, forgive me. Nevertheless, I have a lot of impressions and can share the spirit that I felt with you, if not the places to go to.

When getting tickets to Portugal, I decided to use a long connection somewhere else I had not been to opportunity to see Brussels. I have heard people prefer other cities of the country more, but to be honest, I never expressed any particular interest in Belgium as a traveling destination, not to offend anybody! I am simply always too cold anywhere, so the northern countries don’t attract me that much, even though I traveled and even sailed around Scandinavia multiple times and even liked it a lot. I am glad I did it being 17-21 years old, though! Back in the days the temperature regulation of my younger body could bear the cold a bit easier than now. On top of that, I am a foodie, and Belgium-Holland-Denmark region is not really a provider of that kind of food culture I travel for. But anyways, I would love to see the whole world, and in the EU it’s just couple countries left for me to scratch off my map. There we go, hello Brussels!

The airport is horribly far away from the city, and getting there and back was a nightmare, as they just closed the road, moved the station and changed routes, and literally nobody knew how to get there. We ended up being late for our flight back even though we departed 2 hours in advance. Very intense security check (totally understandable in that city!) and inhuman staff that wouldn’t check on you with no line even if your gate is already announcing last call played their role, as well as very old-school luggage lockers that just wouldn’t cooperate. So, unlike my expectations of Brussels to be a very modern and efficient city, a lot of things don’t function properly, be careful there!

But all that and even the shittiest weather you can imagine anywhere in April didn’t ruin it, actually! The suburbs of the city are not extremely picturesque… but once you get to the little historical center! It doors and windows are breathtaking! I mean the shop windows in particular, they are so creatively and simply beautifully decorated! Had never seen anything like that even in fanciest malls in the States! I guess there gotta be some intense inner competition between chocolate shops and waffle stands, that’s what drives the owners’ of all kinds of places creativity. Window shopping is indeed a pleasure there, wherever you turn.

Can’t tell you much more honestly as we just walked around and enjoyed the facades, tried waffles and of course the famous beer. Even my friend who is not a beer drinker appreciated it there a lot! Same goes for waffles. We tried them at different places, but they honestly al seemed the same to me, so I wouldn’t say the tent at the very tourist place is any worse than a cozy cafe away from the center. The food I honestly didn’t like that much, too plain for me. But there were a couple of fast food places that at least smelled very good!

That was my first unplanned trip in a lifetime, to be honest. I always have an exact idea of where I have to go and 50+ pins on my offline map with descriptions to every single one of them and further tips in my notes haha. This time I didn’t even know how to get from the airport. Ok, it hit us back, but me having organized anything wouldn’t have changed a thing, as it was just a mess in the system. I must admit at the end, a totally unplanned tour was fine as well! I probably wouldn’t risk like that if I was staying longer, but for one day, especially if you are drunk, it was just a perfect spontaneous wandering around old town running into uneven corners and laughing like crazy together with another table doing beer tasting in the morning.

Wishing you all to travel as much as life allows you! Spontaneously as well 😉

Have a great Monday and the following week, guys! Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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IMG_0826I turned 24 last week. And this is a little big thank you to everyone who was involved in my spontaneous Birthday celebration.

First of all, thanks to my amazing coolest ever parents! For everything. For those twenty four sometimes really tough for them years, for all of my birthday celebrations my whole life and for this one as well, which traditionally ended up with a trip!

My day actually started two days in advance, when the girls got us all “for dinner” which turned out to be the only chance they had to give me my present when we are together.

The restaurant Mama Liu and Sons was chosen for that, I had already been there but years ago, on a date. It is, like any place with soups and noodles, not a first-date-place haha, but it is worth trying; take the coconut-seafood-hotpot!

And…I received a trip to Croatia all together with my girls! The best things you can give me are food and trips, everyone had already figured that out I am sure. So excited, can’t describe! Thank you!

Another two days were just a never ending marathon of randomly switching between our favorite places, and everywhere I got cakes and champagne. If you follow me on Instagram and watch the stories, you know how absolutely happy I was that days/nights ❤ Really, guys, it’s probably just a bottle from your bar fro you, but means a lot to me!

Already saw my burgers cake, right? This is just as good as the hot chocolate churros lollipop I later got from chuchu. The story how the girls were gonna break into my house with their own keys and the cake and how I left home and they would have to chase me around town with it will always be my favorite! Alongside with how at 4 in the morning we realized that our gate was closing in 2 hrs and we hadn’t even packed. Oh well!

We DID make it to the airport, thanks to the cumulative effort of several people. But I would really just love to see us that morning and the following day that we spent in Brussels!

What surprised me the most other than our productive day of sightseeing and beertasting after 40hrs of no sleep is that when we made it to Lisbon that night (having been late for the flight, lost our luggage and running faster than ever), we still had energy to go out again! That was really one hell of a Birthday and keeping receiving presents and glasses, I feel like it’s still lasting 😉 Thanks again and again to everyone so much!

Travel stories about tough times jet-setting while being tipsy follow!


Brunch in Vienna

vha5w24bxpcGood morning, dudes! I hope everyone had a very nourishing breakfast! I personally consider first meal of the day to be the most important, not only out of some kind of healthcare creeds but also because it simply rhythms the whole following day.

Breakfast, in my case mostly brunch as I try to avoid eating too early when my body is still asleep, is also the only meal for me that contains some sequences, they can even be called traditions. I can eat absolutely whatever from baked cheese with ice cream to pizza followed by a hummus plate for dinner, but my first meal of the day always has to include eggs and bakery. It can be a classic omelette with spinach/mushrooms/chili oil or banana pancakes with English cream and maple syrup – as long as there are 2-3 eggs and something bread-like, I’ll take it! I am not a fan of muesli or fresh fruits that many people love to have in the morning, though. Being lactose intolerant, cornflakes or yoghurts are not my thing either. Preferring something more substantial, my breakfasts usually include avocado (important: with wasabi salt on top! but that I unfortunately only get when I cook myself as no one in Europe has it), jamon or prosciutto, different kinds of cheeses (lucky me, I tolerate a lot of those), very often oriental vibes like fried eggplants, tahina or hummus; something crunchy and sweet, too. I don’t eat fresh vegetables, but really spinach or tomatoes with my scrambled eggs or in my morning quiche – whatever makes the meal more diverse and bright, as the serving is important as well.

I enjoy making quick breakfasts myself. What can make your mood better than waking up, taking a hot shower and preparing some french toasts or eggs with avocado on baguette from the oven while watching new episode of favorite series or having some energizing music on the background! Serving someone breakfast in bed is also a pleasure of a high extent, huh? 😉 But now it has become extremely mainstreaming all over the world to go out for brunch, too. It even seems to me of more of a social event than even getting together with friends/colleagues for dinners used to be. “Wanna go for brunch?”, “Let’s brunch next week!”, “What should we reserve for out weekly girls’ brunch this time?” – it’s everywhere, right? And look at instagram bloggers! Avocado has become more popular than eyebrows recently!

I have absolutely nothing agains that phenomena of looking fancy and socializing in the daylight rather than how it used to be earlier. And eating tons of food when starting a day seems to definitely be a better idea than stuffing yourself until you can’t breathe before going to bed, doesn’t it?

So, stopping my avocado-worshippong and getting to the main part: this is a very banal post about TOP20 brunch-places according to my insatiate point of view in the city where I brunch, Vienna.

The places are not put strictly in a satisfaction scale order, as some of them are simply too different to be compared. However, the top ones are my beloved breakfast spots, yes.

  1. Der Fuchs und die Trauben. They are the winners, solid! One of the new locations the emergence of which is natural following the recent brunch-trend. But they really ARE something. The way you can combine a lot of very small dishes to create your own set of tastes is even better than any of those breakfast-plates I’d day. And you can fins anything there, from amazing juicy burgers to little oriental things. BUT it’s only the weekend, and be sure to book a table 3-4 days in advance! Couple times I called on Thursday and there was already no seating possibility for any time available. Enjoy!
  2. Café Le Marcé/Café Français. I thought I can put those two together (but if you click on the names – it will take you to different links) as they are right next to each other, serve similar stuff and, in my opinion, have the same potential to become your new favorite breakfast spot. Cafe Français is in general a nice French restaurant that is beloved by Viennese people, so it’s worth visiting at any time. It is usually hard to get seated, though, which surprisingly is not the case during breakfast time (that is only 11.30, careful!). The neighbor, Café Le Marché is more concentrated on breakfasts which they serve until 16.00. It is more quiet there, the place is very small, so just sitting there with a coffee and laptop is something you will often see me doing there. They don’t take reservations, but once I texted them on Facebook to make sure I can bring my girls crew and have a table, and they kept one foe us with no problem. Order the breakfast tacos!!!
  3. Figar. There is a new one in 1040 now, but I have only had my loads of avocado and eggs in the one in 1070 so far. What they offer is classics, nothing that much experimental, but the quality is outstanding. Breads from Joseph Brot got my heart from the very first time I stopped there. Thy different combinations of their omelet in which you can put anything, I think even the dragon skin, and go for the simple but good avocado bread. During the week I find it easy to just come in and sit for as long as I want, even alone is very comfortable there. But if it’s a weekend brunch and you are a bunch of people – definitely requires a reservation couple days in advance, as they also have a lot going on there on Saturdays and Sundays, party-wise. Their summer branch, Figar macht Urlaub, is opening again at Danube Channel on the 15th of April, looking forward!
  4. Caffè latte. Be attentive, it seems like there are two places named like that in Vienna. I am talking about the one at Neubaugasse. They only offer brunches on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 10.30 to 15.00, but it’s a buffet-brunch. And buffet doesn’t look like the one you think of when stay in the hotel with breakfast included, oh no! You can make your own little burgers, try several kinds of fish, meat and vegetarian main dishes with several choices of side dish; soups or pancakes – up to you; their croissants just never finish neither do endless bowls with salads, hummuses, raw salmon or beef and literally anything you can think of as food to eat not only in the morning, but throughout whole day. Make sure to reserve and come very hungry!
  5. Superfood Deli. Another trendy place that opened recently. Fresh juices and smoothies, couple healthy bagels and an interesting vivid choice of bowls. It’s a light breakfast opportunity, not exactly where you go with friends to take pics of different dishes together, socialize and get tipsy. But grabbing a bowl to-go or stopping by for a protein smoothie will brighten up your day. They are very tasty! I asked once to prepare a bowl for me a bit differently than was on the menu, and that was no problem. Limited seats and no reservation as it’s more of a to-go/to-deliver version, but that doesn’t matter, and I actually always manage to get a seat there. No credit cards, though.

    Those are my beloved places to go to now that I just discovered recently. The list is longer and some of the spots I might have mentioned already on my earlier posts under hashtags #Vienna and #food.

  6. Ulrich. Pancakes!
  7. Kussmaul. Rösti!
  8. Motto am Fluss. All Day Breakfast Sandwich; desserts are a must-try; drinking prosecco on their terrace is beyond enjoyable.
  9. Joseph Brot. All kinds of bakery is the best in Vienna. But the catering itself is at a decent level.
  10. Ströck Feierabend. Breakfasts sets are good; everything is very fresh; the bakery is also on point.
  11. Corns’n’Pops. A place for muesli lovers actually, but I found their bagels and pancakes ricotta with peanut butter to be a gift from heaven.
  12. Cafe 7stern. My usual place to study, a very cosy and chilled one. But it’s actually famous for brunch sets. A new menu there now, check it out!
  13. Naschmarkt: Neni/deli. I out those two on one position as well because they are interchangeable, which really helps when there are no tables available in one. Naschmarkt is in general a place to be in Vienna, and there are many spots you can pick for breakfast pr a morning glass of champagne. But those two to me are perfect oriental food. Go for breakfast for 2 and shakshuka at Neni and and some tender omelette and bagel at deli. Remember that Naschmarkt is closed on Sundays!
  14. Stadtcafe. Take the breakfast seat that contains little NY cheesecake 😉
  15. Hidden Kitchen. I like the “park” one better, but both are well-known for the freshest healthy food. Their almond croissant may not be as healthy as everything else you will be served there but don’t skip it!
  16. Hotel am Brillantengrund. A completely different kind of brunch: Philippine food. They only make it as buffet on the weekend but you can order same dishes a-la carte anytime. It is delicious! And something rare for Vienna as well. Vegan options are absolutely amazing, too! Say hi to beautiful Olivia who works there 🙂
  17. Bro’s Pizza. A perfect hangover option! One of the best pizzas in town, great location, cold beer and the owners who will understand your sufferings. Delivery is possible, too, if it’s too bad.
  18. Le mercerie. A little place that I favor because it’s next door from my Uni. Good quiche, crunchy baguettes prepared in front of you; nice atmosphere. Quiet and good for a secret talk or reading  book alone.
  19. Vollpension. You will die from tempting bakery smell inside, so sit on the swings outside if on a diet. Breakfast sets are very satisfying and the ambient is great.
  20. Marco Simonis. Last but not least! It’s not exactly a brunch place, people go there anytime to just sit with their laptops and catch some creativity. It’s on my list because of their roast beef baguette – I’d eat that for breakfast every day of my life.

There is also such a thing in Vienna as popup events called Brunch Club Vienna. They are held at different locations, I’ve been to two of them and absolutely loved what they make there. It would be 3-4 dishes only, but make sure you it will be the happiest morning meal of your week! The girls are very hospital, will make sure you get a seat even though it gets very crowded recently, pour you a mimosa and make sure you are having fun there. Food and party combined – what else? Follow them on instagram to be aware of the latest news and upcoming popups!

You might have always noticed that when a place doesn’t have its own website, I use articles from the blog diefruehstueckerinnen. If you are German-speaking, this is a great source of information about the coolest places in Vienna, I use a lot of their tips myself.

A little gallery from the places mentioned above to awaken your appetite!




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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI already started my short narrative about recent trip to lovely Valencia with a photo stream. Coming up with a sequential story would be one hell of a challenge, because if you come to the city during Fallas festival – it’s quite a big loud mess around which makes planning impossible as you can’t even predict if you will ever be able to take a cab. So, I would rather just give some tips of what to do/see/eat.

Time to come: I would say not in summer. It is obvious that it gets extremely hot in that part of Spain during summer holidays, and on top of that Valencia doesn’t have a huge long beach, so I assume being stuck in stone jungles during enormous heat is not for everyone. The locals also complained about the city being so packed in summer that they themselves chose to leave and come back in autumn. Talking about the weather, middle of March was already enjoyable and totally suitable for sipping a drink outside. I guess March to June, before it gets too hot and pupils get out of schools, and then September to November are perfect for visiting. If you find yourself in Spain in summer only, then you might prefer to get an accommodation somewhere on the seaside and come to Valencia by car or by train to visit, as the city is definitely worth seeing!

Area to stay: here it gets a bit tricky. The thing is, historical center of the city and the beaches area are quite separated. Both are picturesque and offer all different kinds of hotels to chose from. But getting back and forth from promenade with seafood restaurants to the chain of old chaotic streets with neoclassical architecture of the historical sites would require a taxi each time, so better chose from the very beginning what’s more important for you – the view over the sea and fresh breeze or you can do with loud nights and crowds of people but would prefer to be close to all the sightseeing. We stayed in the center, but I like the rhythm of big loud cities. During Fallas especially it might be a good idea though to stay away from never ending explosions and book something on the beach.

Sightseeing: anything! I never say it like that usually preferring to have a plan of what I want to visit for sure, but in Valencia I would just advise to put some comfortable sneakers on and walk as much as you can. It’s very beautiful around. Start from the Cathedral (don’t forget to come inside to witness the Holy Grail!), check out all the little places that cell sweets on the main square, then walk around the Cathedral – there is more to come behind it; turn somewhere randomly and make couple circles – the best way to find most interesting shops, as they don’t have any advertisement whatsoever. One of the main attractions is the Central Market of Valencia, where you can buy anything from fresh fruit cocktails to professionally wrapped jamón leg. Try things, ask about things – there is really a lot that is unlikely to be found in the coolest supermarket. Around the marketplace there are some tapas places that cook whatever is being sold fresh. During Fallas it’s not easy to find free tables in cafes, but shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the year, as the catering supply in Spain never stays below the demand. And just make sure to make as many turns around the corner as possible – you never know what’s there!

From the very heart of the city walk up to the former riverbed that is now a big park, Jardí del Túria. Nice views from there and the best spots to watch the Fallas fireworks which have absolutely incredible scale!

From there you can walk (we took a cab, though) to a completely different part of the city, Ciutat de les Arts i les CiènciesIt is a complex of museums and further entertainments that offers a variety of exhibition in modern arts and sciences. But what makes it so special is the architecture. The complex is composed out of huge futuristic constructions that to me personally looked like giant whales. It is very impressive to see it from different angles, and one indeed starts feeling like walking somewhere on Mars.

We also visited the Oceanogràfic of Valencia which is also a famous tourist attraction alongside with the Zoo, which drag not only families with kids but just the flora, fauna and beauty lovers from all over the world. I liked how it’s organized, all species were easy to find, and the path through the Aquarium keeps the visitor entertained throughout the whole way.

There is definitely a lot more that can be put into typical tourist list. Normally I try to search for the alternatives and explore new destinations in a different direction rather than a travel guide would recommend, but I admit that some places aiming to attract mostly tourists are worth seeing, too. That was the case with the Market and Aquarium of Valencia, as well as its beaches and traditional tapas places. One of the popular among visitors due to their location restaurants would be La Murciana, a seafood place with very cosy terrace facing the sea. There are several more places around that area, so that can be your destination if you decide to take a cab to the beach not being sure where to stop the driver.

If you want really good food and don’t mind driving for it a bit, leave the noisy city for one siesta time and visit La Lluna: a restaurant build in an old mill that served us the most perfect variations of foie gras, cheese dishes and traditional Spanish tapas than you can only imagine. Boatella would be another recommendations for the seafood lovers, and Bodega Montaña – for trying more and more tapas.

The sweets are definitely something in Spain in general. Valencia is no exception, and I could eat churros and buñelos whole night walks long. One must-try is also horchata con farton. You can find it pretty much anywhere, but the cult place is Horchatería de Santa Catalina.  Don’t be scared of the line at the entrance – it moves really quick, and what you are getting for waiting will blow your mind!

I always leave some tips of where to climb for the best views over the area. This time it was so bright and flaming everywhere in the city due to the festival, that we didn’t really need more of a view. However, following the tradition and relying on other bloggers’ tips, those are the terraces that looked the most appealing to me: l’Umbracle, 270 grados & Mi Cub on top of Mercado de Colón – another must-see.

What else? Shopping. Spain is very rich with that, anyone who has ever been there knows. Uterqüe and the other Inditex brands are cheaper and presented in a much greater variety here than anywhere else, as well as all the other national Spanish brands which I always find interesting. Walk along Carrer de Don Juan de Austria and the nearby smaller streets to see some small boutiques, and if you want something authentic – I loved Wakanda and Madamme Bugalu shops. But, basically, wherever you go in the city center, I doubt that you will leave with no pleasant shopping items 😉

Take couple days to visit Valencia whenever get a chance. You won’t regret! I am already planning to be back in summer, so you will hear something else from there soon again!