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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThis is not a regular I-visited-a-place-and-gonna-advise-you-what-to-eat-there post. Was my first time in Belgium, but I still no absolutely nothing about it. I was still celebrating my birthday in the way and there, forgive me. Nevertheless, I have a lot of impressions and can share the spirit that I felt with you, if not the places to go to.

When getting tickets to Portugal, I decided to use a long connection somewhere else I had not been to opportunity to see Brussels. I have heard people prefer other cities of the country more, but to be honest, I never expressed any particular interest in Belgium as a traveling destination, not to offend anybody! I am simply always too cold anywhere, so the northern countries don’t attract me that much, even though I traveled and even sailed around Scandinavia multiple times and even liked it a lot. I am glad I did it being 17-21 years old, though! Back in the days the temperature regulation of my younger body could bear the cold a bit easier than now. On top of that, I am a foodie, and Belgium-Holland-Denmark region is not really a provider of that kind of food culture I travel for. But anyways, I would love to see the whole world, and in the EU it’s just couple countries left for me to scratch off my map. There we go, hello Brussels!

The airport is horribly far away from the city, and getting there and back was a nightmare, as they just closed the road, moved the station and changed routes, and literally nobody knew how to get there. We ended up being late for our flight back even though we departed 2 hours in advance. Very intense security check (totally understandable in that city!) and inhuman staff that wouldn’t check on you with no line even if your gate is already announcing last call played their role, as well as very old-school luggage lockers that just wouldn’t cooperate. So, unlike my expectations of Brussels to be a very modern and efficient city, a lot of things don’t function properly, be careful there!

But all that and even the shittiest weather you can imagine anywhere in April didn’t ruin it, actually! The suburbs of the city are not extremely picturesque… but once you get to the little historical center! It doors and windows are breathtaking! I mean the shop windows in particular, they are so creatively and simply beautifully decorated! Had never seen anything like that even in fanciest malls in the States! I guess there gotta be some intense inner competition between chocolate shops and waffle stands, that’s what drives the owners’ of all kinds of places creativity. Window shopping is indeed a pleasure there, wherever you turn.

Can’t tell you much more honestly as we just walked around and enjoyed the facades, tried waffles and of course the famous beer. Even my friend who is not a beer drinker appreciated it there a lot! Same goes for waffles. We tried them at different places, but they honestly al seemed the same to me, so I wouldn’t say the tent at the very tourist place is any worse than a cozy cafe away from the center. The food I honestly didn’t like that much, too plain for me. But there were a couple of fast food places that at least smelled very good!

That was my first unplanned trip in a lifetime, to be honest. I always have an exact idea of where I have to go and 50+ pins on my offline map with descriptions to every single one of them and further tips in my notes haha. This time I didn’t even know how to get from the airport. Ok, it hit us back, but me having organized anything wouldn’t have changed a thing, as it was just a mess in the system. I must admit at the end, a totally unplanned tour was fine as well! I probably wouldn’t risk like that if I was staying longer, but for one day, especially if you are drunk, it was just a perfect spontaneous wandering around old town running into uneven corners and laughing like crazy together with another table doing beer tasting in the morning.

Wishing you all to travel as much as life allows you! Spontaneously as well 😉

Have a great Monday and the following week, guys! Processed with VSCO with a6 preset