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Brunch in Vienna


vha5w24bxpcGood morning, dudes! I hope everyone had a very nourishing breakfast! I personally consider first meal of the day to be the most important, not only out of some kind of healthcare creeds but also because it simply rhythms the whole following day.

Breakfast, in my case mostly brunch as I try to avoid eating too early when my body is still asleep, is also the only meal for me that contains some sequences, they can even be called traditions. I can eat absolutely whatever from baked cheese with ice cream to pizza followed by a hummus plate for dinner, but my first meal of the day always has to include eggs and bakery. It can be a classic omelette with spinach/mushrooms/chili oil or banana pancakes with English cream and maple syrup – as long as there are 2-3 eggs and something bread-like, I’ll take it! I am not a fan of muesli or fresh fruits that many people love to have in the morning, though. Being lactose intolerant, cornflakes or yoghurts are not my thing either. Preferring something more substantial, my breakfasts usually include avocado (important: with wasabi salt on top! but that I unfortunately only get when I cook myself as no one in Europe has it), jamon or prosciutto, different kinds of cheeses (lucky me, I tolerate a lot of those), very often oriental vibes like fried eggplants, tahina or hummus; something crunchy and sweet, too. I don’t eat fresh vegetables, but really spinach or tomatoes with my scrambled eggs or in my morning quiche – whatever makes the meal more diverse and bright, as the serving is important as well.

I enjoy making quick breakfasts myself. What can make your mood better than waking up, taking a hot shower and preparing some french toasts or eggs with avocado on baguette from the oven while watching new episode of favorite series or having some energizing music on the background! Serving someone breakfast in bed is also a pleasure of a high extent, huh? 😉 But now it has become extremely mainstreaming all over the world to go out for brunch, too. It even seems to me of more of a social event than even getting together with friends/colleagues for dinners used to be. “Wanna go for brunch?”, “Let’s brunch next week!”, “What should we reserve for out weekly girls’ brunch this time?” – it’s everywhere, right? And look at instagram bloggers! Avocado has become more popular than eyebrows recently!

I have absolutely nothing agains that phenomena of looking fancy and socializing in the daylight rather than how it used to be earlier. And eating tons of food when starting a day seems to definitely be a better idea than stuffing yourself until you can’t breathe before going to bed, doesn’t it?

So, stopping my avocado-worshippong and getting to the main part: this is a very banal post about TOP20 brunch-places according to my insatiate point of view in the city where I brunch, Vienna.

The places are not put strictly in a satisfaction scale order, as some of them are simply too different to be compared. However, the top ones are my beloved breakfast spots, yes.

  1. Der Fuchs und die Trauben. They are the winners, solid! One of the new locations the emergence of which is natural following the recent brunch-trend. But they really ARE something. The way you can combine a lot of very small dishes to create your own set of tastes is even better than any of those breakfast-plates I’d day. And you can fins anything there, from amazing juicy burgers to little oriental things. BUT it’s only the weekend, and be sure to book a table 3-4 days in advance! Couple times I called on Thursday and there was already no seating possibility for any time available. Enjoy!
  2. Café Le Marcé/Café Français. I thought I can put those two together (but if you click on the names – it will take you to different links) as they are right next to each other, serve similar stuff and, in my opinion, have the same potential to become your new favorite breakfast spot. Cafe Français is in general a nice French restaurant that is beloved by Viennese people, so it’s worth visiting at any time. It is usually hard to get seated, though, which surprisingly is not the case during breakfast time (that is only 11.30, careful!). The neighbor, Café Le Marché is more concentrated on breakfasts which they serve until 16.00. It is more quiet there, the place is very small, so just sitting there with a coffee and laptop is something you will often see me doing there. They don’t take reservations, but once I texted them on Facebook to make sure I can bring my girls crew and have a table, and they kept one foe us with no problem. Order the breakfast tacos!!!
  3. Figar. There is a new one in 1040 now, but I have only had my loads of avocado and eggs in the one in 1070 so far. What they offer is classics, nothing that much experimental, but the quality is outstanding. Breads from Joseph Brot got my heart from the very first time I stopped there. Thy different combinations of their omelet in which you can put anything, I think even the dragon skin, and go for the simple but good avocado bread. During the week I find it easy to just come in and sit for as long as I want, even alone is very comfortable there. But if it’s a weekend brunch and you are a bunch of people – definitely requires a reservation couple days in advance, as they also have a lot going on there on Saturdays and Sundays, party-wise. Their summer branch, Figar macht Urlaub, is opening again at Danube Channel on the 15th of April, looking forward!
  4. Caffè latte. Be attentive, it seems like there are two places named like that in Vienna. I am talking about the one at Neubaugasse. They only offer brunches on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 10.30 to 15.00, but it’s a buffet-brunch. And buffet doesn’t look like the one you think of when stay in the hotel with breakfast included, oh no! You can make your own little burgers, try several kinds of fish, meat and vegetarian main dishes with several choices of side dish; soups or pancakes – up to you; their croissants just never finish neither do endless bowls with salads, hummuses, raw salmon or beef and literally anything you can think of as food to eat not only in the morning, but throughout whole day. Make sure to reserve and come very hungry!
  5. Superfood Deli. Another trendy place that opened recently. Fresh juices and smoothies, couple healthy bagels and an interesting vivid choice of bowls. It’s a light breakfast opportunity, not exactly where you go with friends to take pics of different dishes together, socialize and get tipsy. But grabbing a bowl to-go or stopping by for a protein smoothie will brighten up your day. They are very tasty! I asked once to prepare a bowl for me a bit differently than was on the menu, and that was no problem. Limited seats and no reservation as it’s more of a to-go/to-deliver version, but that doesn’t matter, and I actually always manage to get a seat there. No credit cards, though.

    Those are my beloved places to go to now that I just discovered recently. The list is longer and some of the spots I might have mentioned already on my earlier posts under hashtags #Vienna and #food.

  6. Ulrich. Pancakes!
  7. Kussmaul. Rösti!
  8. Motto am Fluss. All Day Breakfast Sandwich; desserts are a must-try; drinking prosecco on their terrace is beyond enjoyable.
  9. Joseph Brot. All kinds of bakery is the best in Vienna. But the catering itself is at a decent level.
  10. Ströck Feierabend. Breakfasts sets are good; everything is very fresh; the bakery is also on point.
  11. Corns’n’Pops. A place for muesli lovers actually, but I found their bagels and pancakes ricotta with peanut butter to be a gift from heaven.
  12. Cafe 7stern. My usual place to study, a very cosy and chilled one. But it’s actually famous for brunch sets. A new menu there now, check it out!
  13. Naschmarkt: Neni/deli. I out those two on one position as well because they are interchangeable, which really helps when there are no tables available in one. Naschmarkt is in general a place to be in Vienna, and there are many spots you can pick for breakfast pr a morning glass of champagne. But those two to me are perfect oriental food. Go for breakfast for 2 and shakshuka at Neni and and some tender omelette and bagel at deli. Remember that Naschmarkt is closed on Sundays!
  14. Stadtcafe. Take the breakfast set that contains little NY cheesecake 😉
  15. Hidden Kitchen. I like the “park” one better, but both are well-known for the freshest healthy food. Their almond croissant may not be as healthy as everything else you will be served there but don’t skip it!
  16. Hotel am Brillantengrund. A completely different kind of brunch: Philippine food. They only make it as buffet on the weekend but you can order same dishes a-la carte anytime. It is delicious! And something rare for Vienna as well. Vegan options are absolutely amazing, too! Say hi to beautiful Olivia who works there 🙂
  17. Bro’s Pizza. A perfect hangover option! One of the best pizzas in town, great location, cold beer and the owners who will understand your sufferings. Delivery is possible, too, if it’s too bad.
  18. Le mercerie. A little place that I favor because it’s next door from my Uni. Good quiche, crunchy baguettes prepared in front of you; nice atmosphere. Quiet and good for a secret talk or reading  book alone.
  19. Vollpension. You will die from tempting bakery smell inside, so sit on the swings outside if on a diet. Breakfast sets are very satisfying and the ambient is great.
  20. Marco Simonis. Last but not least! It’s not exactly a brunch place, people go there anytime to just sit with their laptops and catch some creativity. It’s on my list because of their roast beef baguette – I’d eat that for breakfast every day of my life.

There is also such a thing in Vienna as popup events called Brunch Club Vienna. They are held at different locations, I’ve been to two of them and absolutely loved what they make there. It would be 3-4 dishes only, but make sure you it will be the happiest morning meal of your week! The girls are very hospital, will make sure you get a seat even though it gets very crowded recently, pour you a mimosa and make sure you are having fun there. Food and party combined – what else? Follow them on instagram to be aware of the latest news and upcoming popups!

You might have always noticed that when a place doesn’t have its own website, I use articles from the blog diefruehstueckerinnen. If you are German-speaking, this is a great source of information about the coolest places in Vienna, I use a lot of their tips myself.

A little gallery from the places mentioned above to awaken your appetite!




2 thoughts on “Brunch in Vienna

  1. These photos are stunning! This food looks healthy and delicious! Yum!

  2. That’s one great collection of brunch places.

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