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“È Primavera, Sarà Perché Ti Amo”

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img_0660Happy Spring!

I actually do see the beginning of this season as a national holiday at least. All the sorrows are over whenever there is sun and one can relax on the terrace awaiting an Old Cuban rather than having to crowd inside bars having their nose tickled by countless fur coats of the other guests.
I waved hello to spring still being surrounded by snow; currently we are closing the skiing season at Cortina d’Ampezzo, an old famous resort in Italy about which I will write on my way back to Vienna. From my hotel room glass door to the backyard, I am viewing the mountains covered in snow while writing this, but there is significant difference between going on skiing vacation in December and in March. It’s so warm now, sometimes +10 even up on the peaks; the surface is much softer and even though it is more of a free-ride than sufficient distinct slopes – this is even greater for a snowboarder like me; and, my favorite part, – the sun goes down so much later. Still having it above your head even when you go down to the valley having had enough extreme adventures for the day makes one wanna stay outside, go for a walk, sit in the sun for lunch and just stay active rather than locking themselves in a warm hotel being scared to look outside and see severe winter there. I love spring for that feeling of constantly craving for more activities. It unites people somehow, too. I am feeling more than united with my travel companions now and am very satisfied with how this skiing season went. About to join the union for some seafood dinner, so I better wrap it up.
The winter wasn’t that tough I’d say, usually there are more negative events happening. For me personally all the sad stuff always happens during the cold season, this coincidence makes me even more alert whenever the dull months approach. So this winter was an okay one I guess, but nevertheless something unpleasant had to be happening, of course. February is usually the toughest. Somehow it’s always a break-ups month for me, whatever can be meant under the definition of a break-up. It’s all fine now, though. The great healing moment in spring other than nice weather is making plans for the upcoming summer. I have been doing this for the past couple of weeks and seem to more or less have an idea of what I will be doing this year. Excited juhuuuu! All the good things are already waiting just round the corner, right? Welcome, spring!


pics taken at Neusiedler See, end of February

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