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Mexico; photopost

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It’s time for Mexico!

The story about my trip there will follow soon, now I’d like to start with a gallery, like I always do with big important posts not to upload way too much content at once. Enjoy the views of Cancun, Chichen-Itza and small Mexican villages where you meet no tourists.


welcome to Yucatán! I was so excited that woke up at 5 a.m. my first morning there to run to the beach and watch the sun rising. It was so much worth a sleepless night!



On my way to the Maya pyramids I stopped at Valladolid village to see some real Mexican routine life, not just the fabulous hotels on the ocean coast



People are so nice there! They all smiled at me when saw a camera and nodded as I was asking if I could take a pic. The kids were just getting shy so were there moms, and older people all waved. I spoke almost no Spanish at that time and I got lost, no one speaks a single word in English, but some ladies so desperately tried to help me! Adorable.



Here we go! I finally made it to the archeological site of Chichen-Itza


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