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Exciting summer holidays at the Caribbean were over, and me and Pandi had to head back to Europe. Flying over Bahamas was extremely beautiful, and that’s the only thing I remember. My last night in Havana was SO much fun that I happily slept for 9 hours on my flight back.

While booking a ticket my best route possibility was Moscow-Paris-Havana-Paris-Moscow, but as I don’t need to go to Russia until next year and would anyways have to book a separate ticket to get back to Vienna, I thought why not spend several days in Paris?  I immediately offered my easygoing friends to join me there and celebrate our reunion after 3 months apart under the Eiffel Tower. Of course, they said yes! I landed in Paris, the morning was extremely sunny, I let the airline staff know I wasn’t going to complete my route to the final destination, grabbed my tons of luggage (yes, I travel with a longboard and with Panda, for example) and headed to the city centre getting more and more excited to meet the girls later.

I hadn’t been to Paris in a long time and seeing it again was very emotional. But even more emotions I got from being back to civilization. It was such a shock. I was walking down the street and no one was trying to hook me up. The streets were clean. There were roadsigns and no bicitaxi hit me while I made it from Lafayette to Louvre. I sat down to grab a coffee and they gave me napkins. They had cheese and – attention – WIFI!!!! It sounds very funny I am sure, but all those little moments were confusing me constantly. It really took some tome to adapt. I wasn’t sure how to talk to people, how public transportation works, how to cross the street and so on. Must have looked extremely stupid. I am not saying anything bad about Cuba, it’s outstanding in its authenticity. But the difference with the first world countries is very recognizable and hits you once you had spent longer time away from civilization.

In the evening the best shock waited for me – WINE. I hadn’t tasted wine for more than a month by that time. And I am a wine lover with all my heart. But what can be better than some Sauvignon Blanc? Sauvignon Blanc with my best drinking Sauvignon Blanc buddies.

Sonia reserved Chez André to celebrate my homecoming. French service was shit as always, but the food! Just imagine my face when I smelled snails, foie gras and tartars with fresh baked baguette approaching our table.

Night out was lovely, too. It was still so warm, last summer nights in Paris – what could be better?

Paris à tout prix!!!

Next two days were just sweet. Girls were making fun of my cultural shock, we were drinking cold wine sitting in the sun and eating the best things ever! Paris, I love you!

Last time in Paris I only got to walk a bit around Montmartre before going to Moulin Rouge, but as it was raining and everyone was wearing high heels, I didn’t see much of it. So, this time it was really cool to have a long walk around it, drink cold refreshing drinks and eat hot crepes with cheese at the same time. What a cute quiet place, I’d totally live there if I had to be in Paris and didn’t have to make it to the city center every day.img_8673img_8666

Paris, how are you just so lovely?!

Talking more about food, I don’t know hidden places in Paris and usually just went for the famous recommendations like Le Fouquet and so on. I also really like the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette, and we also discovered another cute breakfast place, Le Café du Centre. The street where you can find it, Rue Montorgueil, is full of very cozy places with delicious brunch sets.

Once I am older, have my own family or whatsoever (career and dog would go, too), I would really love to have a tradition of going to Paris for a weekend once a year in May or September. And, of course, drink rosé under the Eiffel Tower!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetCheers!

After 3 days in Paris it was the time to get back to Vienna. Felt weird after 3 months away. Very mixed feelings I had. I am really glad that the girls were with me. And France was just perfect as a buffer while coming back to clean and organized Austria from messy passionate Cuba. Paris is something in between somehow. I still did have some more cultural shock when heard German and went out in Vienna for the first time, but I am sure a weekend in Paris made it smoother.

Time to fly back!

On this happy vibe my amazing summer vacation in 6 countries on three continents was over. It changed a lot in my further life, too. Now, writing this after 3 months, I can evaluate even better what that summer meant to me. All the cultures I got to see, everything I got to learn and all the people I got to meet – they will now forever be a part of my experience.

And Paris, thank you again! Nice conclusion! Processed with VSCO with m5 presetimg_8912

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  1. Enjoyable read with FABULOUS photos!

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