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Punsch Fests’16

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Hey Folks!

We are dying here buried under book piles as the midterm exams are approaching but I still took a moment to organize Christmas dinner for my family and buy a ticket to the mountains to join them there soooo so soon! Meanwhile got an idea to share some events in Vienna now which those who are (going to be) here might enjoy!

Save a date for Punsch im Garten @Heuer organized by my amazing friends from the Whiskey Union; Motto’s annual punsch event and Rooftop Punsch @Bloom. I personally am a total Grinch and never even drink punsch or go to Christmas markets, but those events are really something more than that! We already attended another one by Motto – Charity Punschfest, and really enjoyed it especially having eaten all their endless free sweets. 

So, check the parties out! 😉

And wish us good luck at the exams and to make it through the hardest month of the year and start our winter holidays drinking marathon!

FROHOHO 15241227_573159099541869_4899097766848569657_n

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