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1Barcelona! My favorite city in Europe together with Florence, both are in my heart forever, since I first visited them.

I try to fly to Barcelona at least once a year, it’s always the best decision whenever you have some days off – no need to even think of other destination. That is a very unusual feeling for me as usually I am that kind of traveler who wants to see as much as possible choosing a completely new place for every trip. But that just doesn’t work with Barcelona, I always want to come back. And all the people I know there/from there are just so amazing! Another thing that brings me back is partying with them, of course! Barcelona is great for parties.

I already wrote somewhere under the hashtag where I had found best parties. This time the locals also took me to Poble Español when Len Faki was in town. Omg, that was something so amazing! You don’t write about nights like that. You just remember them for yourself together with your friends, collect them and feel that you are alive, if you know what I mean.

Staying at me parents’ in Sitges, I’d easily go to Barcelona within half an hour anytime, so pretty much every other evening if not more I was spending there. Luck was on my side again, so not only the local guys took me around but I also got to catch up with my Austrian friends who love Barcelona, too. Well, everyone loves Barcelona!

In addition to my favorite places and things to do I had already mentioned during my previous trip to Spain, I’d name Ocaña at Plaça Reial with very interesting cocktails and simply amazing interior and spirit; Surf House near Barceloneta where you can add vodka/gin to homemade pink lemonade and have as much cheese as you want on your nachos; Pulitzer Hotel well hidden rooftop terrace, EL Maresme area, Born district with cool places like Crepes al Born and several more around. Just make sure you walk as deep as possible in the labyrinth of narrow paths in Gothic Quarter and Born.


It is always so sad to leave Barcelona, even if you spend there the entire week! I started thinking recently that I know so many people who had a «to live in Barcelona for couple years in life is a must-do» period. And they all seem so happy with their experience there. If I ever get the chance to move there for some time – I will definitely go for it! And I wish everyone else the same as this place is a happy one 🙂

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