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Always Coming Back

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13939603_10209351616894940_770212466119283992_nRussia! Radical weather changes within 10 minutes can mean only one thing – I am in Saint Petersburg!

A bit more than a year had passed since our last visit to St P all together. A lot has changed, and now Ksenia is already almost a constant resident here. It makes me absolutely happy to realize all my closest friends live(d) in the best city of Russia at some point of their lives. And I love our tradition to meet in Togliatti and then fly to St P to continue the party.

Yes, the tradition hasn’t changed, I already managed to stop by in my home town, too. Still hoping to catch up with jet setting and write about all the places I went to! Maybe on my way to Moscow on Friday 😉

Right now I am more than enjoying my favorite Russian city, already met my friends and today even our parents joined us here for a family event that they decided to have in Saint Petersburg. Hope the tricky weather is going to be good to us though!

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