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Roadtrip: Girona

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Another roadtrip! This summer I am finally practicing driving on long distances around Europe and after having made road trips acriss Austria and Italy we decided to try Spanish roads, too.

The difference was that this time it was a rented car. I got the coolest ever big version of Mini Cooper and really enjoyed driving it. Renting a car going about 350km cost us around 200 euros with all expenses like gas and insurance. But if you take it for longer time and share costs going as a group, it will obviously be much cheaper. Make sure to ask everything about the parking rules in Spain and to set your navigator correctly as it is quite impossible to just use iPhone or signs as we could in Austria and Italy. Catalan roads are complex. But they are very pleasant for traveling! Even when we skipped the right exit and had to drive through the center of Barcelona in an extremely tight car flow of 6 lanes during peak hours, I must say it wasn’t stressful. Just pay attention to what your navigator tells you, switch some good music on and enjoy very beautiful views around.
I don’t have any views pics as I was driving the whole way (my parents prefer beer) but they are forever in my memory for sure!

We first went to Girona which took us about 2 hours from Sitges in a relaxed mistaking exits way. Girona turned out to be something completely different from what I imagined. I had heard about it from some friends who worked there in TV industry and somehow had a vision of it being modern or a big city like Barcelona. It’s not at all. A very old romantic empty city of ancient castles, paved roads, loud trams and quiet narrow streets with doors and windows newly improvised inside old stone walls. No food during siesta other than small local bars with pizza and Catalan speaking people only. Very authentic.

If you ever find yourself in Girona, make sure to find the way to climb the castle wall for the view! And definitely visit the Cathedral. I am not a fan, but the one of Girona is a masterpiece with rich history of changing from Roman forum into a Catholic Dome within 2000 years.
On our way back we stopped at Calella to refresh ourselves in the sea. There is no bay as in Sitges there so the water was chilly and the waves were high. The sea there reminded me of Nice at some point. But the town is more of a students’ party destination. What I loved is that you can drive right to the beach! 0mG5JJScgxEOn our way back I had to drive through whole Barcelona. But how much did we enjoy the views! I’d still say better go there with a train because it’s impossible to park not being a resident. But passing by and keeping along the sea coast guarantees the most spectacular views! Catalunya is just so gorgeous ❤
Should I make a separate hashtag for road trips? Hmm

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