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Italy to Spain, challenge accepted

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Bocconi course is over; finally time to take a break. But first I had to make it to Spain get my vacation started.

If you know me, you are aware of my travel problems. Most of my flights get either terribly delayed or cancelled. This year statistics show 100%. Even now, writing this being on the flight from Samara (to where the flight was delayed as well, of course) to Saint Petersburg already, we are running late. But we are en route at least, all the other flights from KUF before and after us are cancelled (I am traveling with Ksenia, her karma must have beaten mine this time). Anyways, you got the point. Try not to travel from the same airport as me on the same day.
So, I said goodbye to my lovely Australian friend who I met at Bocconi and hope to see again in Europe this winter; made it to Malpensa… to discover that my flight was cancelled at all. So, no plane. And no seats available on any connecting flights, of course. And none for the next day either. Obviously.
My experience of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no internet and beer costing $25 (Morocco, always in my heart) is so rich that I don’t even freak out anymore. As I was flying with the same airline that had lost my luggage for months, left me in an empty airport with a 19h delay and let me spend New Year’s Eve in the aircraft being stuck (those are all different cases and there are many more; NEVER fly with Vueling), I kind of had the feeling that complaints wouldn’t even reach anyone there. So, I got my shit and went to the nearest hotel somewhere in the woods almost in Switzerland. You can imagine where I found myself if you have an idea where Malpensa is. I put my sneakers on and ran to the nearest civilization. The 50s around one corner and medieval fest around another. Ok then.

One can never imagine how much fun can a cancelled flight bring! Back at the hotel I met some other guys from my flight who were in the same situation, we all united for dinner, Then for drinks. Then for party. Then for breaking into somebody’s house and swimming in their pool… Those 28h of delay (yes, that’s Jenny-traveling-style) turned out to be so much fun that we didn’t want to board for Barcelona when were finally assigned a flight.
Just be positive. Whatever the bullshit is happening around. Especially if you fly with Vueling.

Nevertheless, changing the landscape from Italian mountains and lakes to Spanish coast felt good! After 2 days, all tired, hungover and not believing I would ever get out of that hell, I made it to my parents ❤ Nothing could have felt as good as opening that cold bottle of wine and jumping into that hotel (not random person’s) pool. Welcome to Spain!

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