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¡Hola Sitges!

A neat town in the Costa Dorada area. Loud, always in movement but extremely elegant. One of the most famous destinations in the world for gays which explains it being so shiny and absolutely cute.

I have been to Spain many times, mostly to Barcelona, but also stayed on the sea coast and Balearic Islands. La Pineda and Lloret de Mar were the towns on this coast where we were based. We also visited Cambrills, Tarragona, Port Aventura, Tossa del Mar and maybe couple more. But all those are something slightly different from Sitges. It’s hard to explain, you just feel it when compare long fabulous promenade of Sitges with narrow streets full of bars and music in the other typical Catalan towns. If you are 16-25 y.o. bunch of friends that are traveling looking for fun only – chose something like Lloret or even better Ibiza and Mallorca. But if you have already done all that and this time want to enjoy some rare wines, best quality sea food, live music and fancy restaurants – Sitges would suit you more.

Good beaches, much better than the ones you would find anywhere along that coast. We drove down to Girona, then stopped at Calella for a swim and took the way back alongside the beaches, so I know what I am talking about. You need to have a car to reach most of nice places for swimming in Spain, but Sitges is an exception; the beaches that the town offers are more than decent. You can choose between regular or nude ones.
There is a lot to do in town, it’s not just bars and night clubs as it can be in some small towns on the seaside that open up only for tourists partying but won’t offer a slice of pizza anywhere during siesta. Sitges has good shopping, music and culture events, restaurants all day long and different sport clubs. It’s popular for golf; we woke up early in the morning to go play tennis before it becomes too hot, and there were a lot of people already at 8 a.m.

Gastronomy is something absolutely special for me, so I will write a separate post about food in Catalunya.

Everyone is so relaxed and friendly on that resort! Anyone who throws you a tennis ball you accidentally smashed to their side will have a small talk with you, no matter if you share one language or not. A very positive vacation experience, 12 days there were just right for me to relax properly after hard semester in Vienna and a very intense program in Milano.
Sitges, gracias!

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