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Milano: kultyapka weekend

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gqn7uasmyuwAnother weekend in Italy! Time flies so unbelievably fast here ahhh! This time I had the girls over: Alix from Switzerland; my Russian Lisa-love, and even Sonia made it here from Vienna after having skipped all the possible means of transportation.

Milan can be fun! It is a place to party, eat and shop. Even though I keep saying it is not real Italy for me, it is not the only necessary criteria to enjoy the weekend with friends.

We even did some sight seeing this time! I don’t get modern arts, but Novecento museum is an interesting place itself and also has a lot from the 20th century.

I am not planning on giving 1001 recommendations of where to go in Milan for food. It is so diverse, and anyone can explore it much deeper than I have (because I mostly eat at Bocconi). But there are several must-dos, I believe:

  • Get on the rooftop of La Rinascente and sit at the bar there during dusk time;
  • Walk along the Navigli, fight for a place at the bar there, eat some snacks during aperitivo time;
  • In general, do the aperitivo as often as possible! Anywhere, everywhere!
  • Try some typical restaurants. Let them be touristic, whatever. If searching for something not fat from the centre, I’d go for Signorvino or Pane e vino;
  • Reserve a table in advance, better via phone. Learn some phrases in Italian – it’s easy but will gradually change the quality of any experience you get in Italy;
  • Drink local drinks. Negroni, Sbagliato, Aperol- and Campari-based cocktails. It a cultural thing to do;
  • Remember about siesta! Even in Milan, the most operative city of Italy, still forget about getting proper restaurant food before 7 p.m. So, do aperitivi and the buffet, you don’t have much choice; better avoid the places that promise to serve full meals during siesta – it will most likely be bad quality. If you are in a real urge to eat properly – chose only international places. Local chefs won’t cook anything decent before dinner time, just get it;
  • Brera district. Make sure to walk around, look up on the architecture and stop for food and drinks there;
  • Search for rooftop terraces. Duomo 21, Campari, Armani, Aperol, whatever you can find;
  • Don’t be afraid of fancy places. Prices on drinks don’t differ that much. The only thing is, if you go to clubs like Old Fashion – you are likely to pay 20 euros for entrance;
  • Visit the cathedrals. They are not all the same here like in mosth of the Catholic world. Italy is very rich with history. Watch documental movies, read about local famous influential families (like Medici in Florence or Sforza in Milan), search for some of their heritage in the city;
  • Walk a lot. Just walk anywhere. San Lorenzo, Brera, Center, Corso Como at night, the channel – wherever.
  • For good Asian – Corso di Porta Ticinese. For the best Asian – Finger’s Garden;

I could come up with several more pieces of advice, but I really wish all who ever visits Milan to explore the city themselves! Like we did with the girls.


After the weekend in a hot city me and Lisa decided to leave Milan for some lakeside. We chose the town of Lecco on the Como lake. A very quiet and cute place with yachts, Aperol Spritz on every table and Sunday markets. There is also a campsite nearby where one can swim in the lake – just drive or take a train to the next station – Lecco Maggianoco.

Thank you for the visit, girls! See you soon in Vienna 😉

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