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A Thousand Days in Tuscany

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Allora! Another weekend is coming and even though I am being extremely busy with finishing all the Uni stuff before my friends come over for it, I am kind of feeling like I have to write something about the last week’s trip before possibly going on another one.

Last weekend I introduced my Australian friend to the most beloved place in Italy for me – Tuscany. That area is everything you can imagine when hear the word “Italy”. Endless fields with mountains on the horizon; old villas surrounded by vineyards; medieval architecture influenced by the prosperous times of Medici; warm crystal sea and all the best food from bloody bistecca alla fiorentina to the freshest scallops and mussels. Tuscany is the real Italy for me. Some may argue that the South is more traditional but strongly I disagree. What can be more Italian than the old town of Florence or those landscapes you can contemplate for hours when crossing the region going to the seaside?

I spend my best time of Italy (and probably the best of my life so far) in Florence. I was so in love back then. In love with my life, with a very important person and with the city itself. And I still experience the strongest feelings when come back there which I try to do at least couple times a year.

All my best friends have been to Florence with me at some point. We have all had the most delicious cocktail ever there  – lemongrass daiquiri at La Petite bar; then danced  all night long at Red Garter to go to Viareggio in the morning and enjoy the sea. So, I was very excited to introduce somebody who had never been to Europe before to the best place of it.

Having spent an amazing day and a fun night at the place where my heart belongs, next morning we bought some leather goods on the traditional market there (a must-do once in Florence!), ate some delicious food once again and took a train to Viareggio – a village by the sea where I used to go almost every day when was staying in Tuscany.

Nothing has changed. Even the focaccia at the place where we ate with the girls tastes exactly the same. I love this about Italy (the real Italy in my vision, I mean) – all stays the same and you can always come back to dive into flashbacks of how amazing every previous time there had been.

Toscana, ti amo ❤


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