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Here comes the update post of what-to-eat-and-where-to-go-in-Vienna-now. And also some personal updates.

The first one is gonna be the announcement that I started playing tennis again! After 8 years of break. Last time I played was in New York when we won the 2008 Sectionals with my high school team. It was such a great achievement back than that I was simply afraid when going back to Russia that I would never be as good again. On top of that, I didn’t have anyone to play with after I had been gone for so long to the US. So, I gave up. And now after so much time I am trying to catch up and remember how to hold the racket again. And it feels absolutely amazing!Gxy1dzSdYzY

Another cool event of May was that I got to go to the AC /DC concert. Pretty much any person with decent taste in music would have that dream. And I am just so happy it came true for me! My beloved friend from Budapest came to Vienna just for one day for that event, I was really happy to experience the AC/DC phenomena together with him just as well as we go through the coolest and craziest stuff (like “you wanna fly to Africa right now?”) in our lives together. Thank you so much AC/DC that you included Vienna in yout final tour!!! A night to remember!

Now after I shared two coolest news of the past 2 months we come to the regular part of those UPDs from Vienna – food!

Several new places opened up in the city this season. Unfortunately I was so busy with the studies that didn’t have the chance to see them all, like I skipped chuchú, for example, a new place of my acquaintance. But my friends who have been there say it’s very good and the drinks are simply masterpieces there.

Talking about masterpieces, there is another new place in town called Art Dinner Club. We went there for dinner when it just opened up and then later to the club downstairs. The food was incredible. The most tender octopus I have ever tried, totally beats even Cyprus grill restaurants! The place is expensive, yes, but at least stop there for a macaroon dessert once! You are gonna love it! We tried everything we could there, they also bring you some experimental appetizers between main courses. Very cool! Maybe a bit too posh but food quality is what matters. The club downstairs is being empty in summer, probably not the best idea to open up right at the beginning of the season when everyone wants to be outside. But the drinks are very interesting; barkeeper just kept asking what we liked and created something for us without even giving us a menu. I usually like that approach a lot when they really know what they are doing. So, maybe not in summer, but later when the weather gets cold – give it a try!


The best food experience of the past months (and I’d say maybe even the best one in Vienna) was Mercado restaurant. Latin american food, the first place where I got a pisco sour in Vienna; coconut tapoica, real flan. And probably the best fish you can find in Austia! Melia 57’s raw salmon used to be the most delicious I had tried before, but that absolutely huge piece of perfect fish with chili oil that I got at Mercado beats it. What else is there to be said!


In summer everyone tries to sit on a terrace, and what can be cooler than a rooftop terrace? Surprisingly there are not that many of those in Vienna. I personally can hardly name any that I would find perfect. They are usually either overpriced or always packed or just have weird range of dishes and drinks. But the one Bloom has is quite cool! I just discovered it this year. And they have an amazing beef tartar there! Comparable with the best one I found in Vienna that would be at Ansari.


Another place where it is very nice to seat outside would be Vollpension. Everyone who lives in the 4th-5th district seems to love it. A very sweet cafè with always fresh homemade bakery that they constantly put in ovens just in front of you – the smell there makes me so happy! The only negative thing for me is not being able to pay with cards, hate it. But the terrace of Vollpension is very quiet and suitable for studying which was very useful for me recently.


Some other places that I find pretty comfortable for studying when the library is packed would be mostly hotel lobbies and bar terraces during the daytime when they are completely empty. The cool thing about hotels is that they are open until very late and you can basically just sit there forever and concentrate on studies. Hotel Europa or Guesthouse are very suitable for a long day and evening of studying. Guesthouse (below, left) also serves breakfast until 23h which is very useful when you are so carried away that don’t even know anymore what time of day it is. My favorite bars like Roberto (below, right) or Kleinod are on such quiet narrow streets that when the terraces are yet free from people it is very nice and calm to sit there with a book.


I am an Italian food lover, everyone knows that! But I somehow don’t know that many Italian restaurants in Vienna other than some pizzerias or an authentic Bacco Tobacco e Venere. Now I discovered another simple but quite delicious and not an expensive place in the very city centre – Primi. They are not exactly Italian actually, all kinds of Mediterranean food are served there. But I ate Italian as I usually don’t appreciate pasta-and-burger-mix. And what I tried was pretty good! They make very delicious sauces and serve good oils and bread, very important.


Some not new but yet nice places with summer terraces where we like to go for lunch during summertime would be, for example, Figar mach Urlaub at the Donau; LeBol, Salonplafond or Santos (one of the best places to eat and have good drinks in town, too!)

Our tradition of weekly Thursday brunches with friends really did help us discover a lot of lovely place in Vienna. Hope we are gonna keep it next academic year!

Yet one of my favorite locations with food and leisure is the Naschmarkt. I am so jealous to those who live in the 4th-5th district in general! Guys have got the best food around them. My preferred ones would be Neni or Deli for breakfast/brunch and Li’s cooking whenever I feel like asian. We tried On Market and Umarfisch recently and absolutely loved both! Good thai, homemeade lemonades and delicious dim sum in the first one and simply perfect raw tuna and clams dishes in the fish restaurant.  And the flowers! Naschmarkt offers the prettiest peonies during this time.

Talking about this amazing time when the summer has just begun and everyone actually enjoys it not yet being annoyed by the heat, I have to mention some place where you can go to swim and get some tan. In Vienna going to the Danube river is very popular but I am very skeptical about laying on the grass and swimming in the river which has navigation. So I’d chose Pratersauna. It was just renovated this season and it is such a success! Coming there during the day when it’s empty but there is still always a DJ, they serve delicious coconuts with vodka and you can just lay there the whole day until the nighttime party there and at vie i pee  start – love that!

If you are not a fan of swimming pools and want to stay in the nature – then Neusiedler See would be perfect. Make sure to rent a boat other than just stay on a crowded beach! And go to the Mole West terrace when the sun goes down – splendid view!

I am already out of Vienna and will not come back until autumn. But the take-off for this summer was really intense and good enough to start some new unforgettable experience! Vienna, thanks for all the events and fun!

Wishing all those who stayed there for the summertime or are just visiting to have some amazing hot fun days, loud music near pools and cold cocktails on the terraces 😉

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