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Summer! It is here in 15 minutes in my time zone! Unbelievable; another period that’s for sure gonna be unforgettable (as any summer is for me!) is just about to start. And even though the first June morning begins with an exam for me, I am so excited, you don’t understand!

Just couple weeks ago I was complaining about not having much planned for the summer break that I usually give a lot of attention in advance.I only could boast of having been accepted to Bocconi University – the only thing I planned seriously and applied many months ago for. So, now you can officially congratulate me (so many people actually had done this already that whole week once turned into a constant “congratulate Jenny on getting a place at Bocconi, get champagne!”) – I will be doing a private university of Milan summer school program for economists in July.

Not much more was to come. But I got my shit together, sat down for some hours, gave it a thought, evaluated all the possible things I would be interesting in doing and just within several days, having written tens of emails and having taken some quite brave and radical decisions, I have my summer schedule almost perfectly fixed and even already planned the upcoming autumn trips as well as diploma studies plan. Yaaaay so so so excited! I was sure nothing was gonna beat my best ever summer’10 or the second best summer’14, but looks like this season is gonna bring something totally new and probably even more life-changing!

Not gonna tell everything right away as I myself am not yet 100% aware of the details 😉 However, I hope that everyone shares my excitement for the summer that’s beginning right now and gonna be amazing! Have no fear, build plans – hot months are for crazy decisions!

Let’s get it started! JSvCStqyTt4

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