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HK: View Decks & Some Manhattan


While en route.

I am writing this post while being on the flight to Moscow. Exactly the same flight I took before going to Hong Kong which I am again gonna write a little bit about now. It has been 1,5 months, unbelievable! I recall every hour of the trip so well, especially while having a déjà vu on this plane. Ahh, let me experience that again! But I believe that more bright moments are yet to come.
Today I am writing about some of the most important moments for me while traveling – the views. I love heights. I am totally into planes, air balloons and view decks. So, Hong Kong is definitely MY place. The city spreads vertically, doesn’t matter how incorrect this expression must be. It grows. Seems like you watch it growing, live. I have never been afraid of height for a second, but on HK view decks I my head started spinning which is really a rare feeling for me (not mentioning situations where alcohol and love are involved).IMG_8012

I already mentioned the most popular and touristic site, Victoria Peak (above). It is worth visiting for sure! But when in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t stop there. Check out those places with incredible views that no tourists aim for. A lot of them can be reached while simply driving from Victoria Peak or Aberdeen Tunnel to Wan Chai district. You drive down along a curvy road and on your way there will be a lot of places where you suddenly are welcomed by an amazing view. There are a lot of bars with view decks in Wan Chai, too. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
View 62. This is interesting and absolutely not touristic. Yet.
Admiralty and Central are rich with gastronomy heavens that provide nice views, too. I don’t wanna limit my list with any specific locations, so my main advice would be to ask locals and to check out all the malls as they for sure have cool views. Visit HK Apple Store, it’s even more impressive than the one in Louvre, Paris, I swear!
Even though the promenade districts are for sure very neat, bright and interesting, we didn’t stick only to them and that is what I would recommend everyone trying: walk up from Admiralty and Central, lose yourself on the streets of Mid-Levels, end up in Soho and stay there! That area got my heart. I already untroduced a short tour around in my previous post, but now let’s take a closer look. This is not Asia anymore. Take a seat in some beef restaurant, watch skaters passing by – and you are in California! My friend who spent quite a lot of time there was just astonished by how much the atmosphere on one of random small streets of Soho made him feel like he was back to his college time in Cali. I felt some of San Francisco, too, while watching cute drunk singing people climbing the street with quite a noticeable slope. But then you switch to some perfect Italian restaurant – and you are back to Europe with its crowds, food smells, glasses making endless cheers, different languages around. Take another 100m up with the famous mid-levels escalator, relax on the summer terrace (in March, yes! lovely, huh?) of some bar where they finally know how to make your Cosmo (HK is a complicated story referring to the drinking culture) – and damn it, you are on Manhattan now! But you know what’s the coolest? To stick to the drinking-and-experiencing-the-whole-world-in-one-district tour until like 2 a.m. and then, after all the fancy cocktails and snacks from different cuisines, stop by at a pizza place round the corner, grab some perfect junk food, cola, and find out that the kebab-like establishment has a deck with the best view ever! That is Soho. And that is what made me fall in love with Hong Kong again and again: surprises around every corner. Surprises like perfect Cosmopolitan where you never expect any drinking culture to be developed as well as in your home bar (yes, I have a place that I call my home bar); surprises like some street food place having the view that beats all the fancy restaurants on skyscrapers rooftops.

No matter how much I fell in love with kebabs’ view deck, let’s get back to the fancy bars world. The most famous view bar in the world has to make it to this post. Ozone bar on the 118th floor of Ritz Carlton, named to be the highest situated bar in the world nowadays. If you read about it, you expect it to be super upper league kind of place where one has to sell their kidney to get a drink. That is absolutely not true, and even though the bar is obviously quite posh, you easily get a sit with no reservation, the staff is extremely friendly to you no matter if you walk in wearing Louboutin or NewBalance, anything you wish for will be perfectly customized for you. And it’s just nice. You know when this simple but such a capacious word nice perfectly describes it all? So, Ozone is nice. And the view! Like if you were drinking from a crystal glass somewhere on the private jet that stopped and floats above the city! So high, hard to believe that you still are connected to earth at all! We went at night because wanted a bit of a party and had already seen the skyline in the daylight from all possible angles by that evening. But I am sure it’s cool at any time!

Where else to go for a view? Cable cars! They love funiculars there. The one that leads to Buddha, Victoria Peak or goes across the Ocean Park – choose any and enjoy!

Having written so much about the districts of Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island, in this post I already brought us to Kowloon (Ritz Carlton aka the tallest building of Hong Kong, can be found in the heart of Kowloon City). That’s where we lived and I would love to write additionally about what one can see around. But we are about to land now, so I leave this for the next time 😉
Love the heights, search for the views! Kiss from the skies!Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

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  1. Wow incredible views

  2. Hong Kong looks fantastic!

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