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#23. Blast!

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uobjlwcx89c23! Woohooo! Sitting somewhere at lake of Como drinking prosecco with my old nasty friends being 80 myself and hitting passing-by people with my cane while pouring shit at those of our acquaintances who still happen to be alive is getting closer and closer!

I must interrupt my “HK” posts series to announce the world that I turned 23. And this is not a “party summary” post but a “thank you” one. Thank you all. Every single of my friends and best friends.  And I can’t even express how much I am grateful to my parents. There are no words for that, they are just everything and they prove it every next year of my life which is so thrilling because of them. And all of you. You guys rock. Every year my birthdays are such a blast because of you. Doesn’t matter if we pour champagne around and try to break into an already closed club in Saint Petersburg, if we all meet up next day after the celebration in the police station of Vienna or if we destroy my parents’ house dancing and cracking glasses. If you trow me up to the ceiling and then forget to catch me, if you lose me and keep on celebrating my birthday without me not having noticed. If I come into your place crying (and I do that every year) and you order me pizza and put candles in it. It doesn’t matter where we are and which exactly of you made it to my celebration this time. Because it is always a major event full of love and happiness. Thank you for all the times you flew to different country for this day, for all the times you organized it because I never do! I love you.

This year wasn’t an exception. I did nothing and it was just crazy! Many many thanks to Sonia who took everything in her hands so tight that when that day we were announcing in any bar that I was a birthday girl, the answer would be “we all have known that for a week!”

We started right from the midnight, when I was sitting in a bar absorbed by total sadness and suddenly I got candles, a song, flowers, literally a champagne shower all over me! There it all started. Thanks to Roberto’s bar for all the warmth! Then another bar and another song a champagne from the barkeepers; then another bar, another  bunch of random people singing for me, tequilas and then a lovely bottle of rosé that they taught me to crack without an opener and I was really allowed to do it there! An extemporaneous crazy night was a good start!

Morning, all your calls and wishes, all the pictures posted and the words written. Each of you is in my heart, you made my day as well as you make my life. Thank you!

For a party lunch I chose Ströck-Feierabend and wasn’t disappointed. If you are from Vienna, check it out! Especially during breakfast time. It was good, another traditional Thursday meeting for foodporn with the girls which we organize every Thursday turned out into a real celebration to later be continued at Kleinod bar, where my amazing Sonia booked a table a month in advance. Thanks to everyone who stopped by or at least tried to catch up with us until I forgot what a mobile phone is. AND. The most wonderful thing that happened: Sonia brought cakes and candles in advance to the bars where we could technically end up. So at each place I suddenly got a cake with candles! I can’t count how many times how many people were singing happy birthday for me, how many candles I blew. But my main wish is coming true every day with friends like you. Thank you!

We don’t have many pictures because the party was too much fun to stop it for even one moment, but thanks to Diana for the coolest videos! This day is definitely gonna be remembered! By the staff of all the places that we hit, too.

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