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HK: Victoria Peak

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IMG_0787As for now, I am just writing separately about the highlights of our week in Hong Kong. At the end there will be a longer post with an actual story, our map of Hong Kong and where to go, what to see, to eat, etc. And what I like the most about each new culture, something I already did about Norway and Istanbul already – observations stream. Soon, soon 😉 There I will try to come up with my list of the best observation decks. But this post is devoted to the major and the most popular one – Victoria Peak.

There are multiple ways how you can get there. The most well-known is a funicular (they looove funiculars in Hong Kong!) which is actually a tram, but I had heard about a 2h line to get there and the rumors didn’t lie as I observed on our way back. So we avoided that option. There is also a small bus #15 from the Central. But as we chose the nicest day for the Peak (which I strongly recommend to chose very carefully because quite often this area is very humid and foggy so you might end up seeing nothing from the observation deck), I so much didn’t feel like any means of transportation. So we decided to give it a try and walk there.

The route is very interesting and is worth walking itself; later on we came back to the streets we had seen. You start somewhere around Central Pier and just walk up. You should quite soon find yourself in Soho – our absolutely favorite district. There you easily find (just ask, people are extremely helpful) the longest escalator in the world – it will go through the buildings above your head. This mid-levels escalator is a famous sight. And it’s very cool not even because of the escalator itself but because of what you observe while going up: you literally pass close to the windows of someone’s houses, offices, art galleries, show rooms and just anything you can imagine in a very intensively inhabited modern district. Down there there is a flow of bars and restaurants, they make you want to jump off the escalator and share a drink with a bunch of skaters sitting on the stairs (what we, of course, performed later). Very easy to choose a place, too, when you move over all of them with a good observation capacity.IMG_0775After the escalator there is a road up the hill. It takes you to the most expensive neighborhoods of Hong Kong. Good views, quiet atmosphere, fresh nature. But we soon gave up and caught a taxi. Some guys who we met on their way back ensured us that the way takes about 40 mins, so if you are more stubborn than us – give it a try.

And here we go now. The Peak is reached. Whole Hong Kong is underneath on one side, on the other – endless ocean.IMG_0777IMG_0780IMG_0788IMG_0791IMG_0802


IMG_0811We were astonished. Pictures don’t reflect what it really is. I have traveled the mountains and been on top of the world so many times (in all senses 😉 but what you feel there is beyond reality. A modern tall city cut into deep untouched forests and severe ocean. You just can’t imagine how something like that is possible to create. The image of the planet we live on changed in my head that day.

My main advice other than to avoid the tram would be to stay there until dusk. You won’t regret it, believe me!


There are a lot of places to spend time at, Victoria Peak has a good infrastructure. But there was one special place for us – Bubba Gump.

The story behind it is simple but very valuable for me and my travel partner. Me and Vlad have traveled 4 continents together already. But it all started in California 7 years ago. That was our first trip together, unfortunately I didn’t run this blog until 2011 and lost so many moments 😦 Back then we met on Santa Monica beach, was a very warm evening in April, around my Birthday, like now. And a major adventure started. That trip around Cali brought a lot for us and for Vlad it actually determined his future path as he came back to stay there later. And that was when we had that lunch at Bubba Gump in Los Angeles. Was a starting point of our unforgettable week there. Can you imagine how we screamed when saw Bubba Gump on the other side of the planet?! Oh, yes! By the way, the story from “Forrest Gump” is somehow real, but whatever it actually is – their shrimp dishes are damn delicious!

Anyways, here comes the darkness. Impressive, huh?IMG_0820IMG_0825It’s just something incredible at night. Not even a fairytale because you can feel it, it’s real. You just sit there on some simple coffeeshop terrace and have the milestone of Asia shining in front of you. There is no color that a human eye can distinguish that you won’t find in Hong Kong skyline. This is life moving when you stand still and observe.

At that moment Vlad told me that the city had got him already even though it was his first evening there. We both agreed that we must have this in our lives somehow. And I have a feeling that I will have something to do with Hong Kong – how can you not, looking at this.

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