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HK: Ocean Park

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IMG_0863Hey baaaaabyyyy! Ah just look at him!

So, today’s topic is the Ocean Park of Hong Kong. An amusement park together with an unusual zoo area, oceanarium, aqua park and much more – what else to wish for?! I have been to several Disneylands (Hong Kong has one of them, too, by the way!) and I am a huge fan of Port Aventura. But Ocean Park is just something different. It’s not just some roller-coasters, fun characters and the best junk food you can eat. It indeed is a whole world.

You hardly see so many rare Asian animals even in the most famous zoos in the world, trust someone who lives in the city with Schönbrunn and had been to San Diego zoo. And they just take your heart there.


I had never before seen red panda before, for example. And I was missing out!



The park is decorated in the traditional Chinese style but with a good taste, not like typical Chinese restaurants! It’s very authentic and just cute.

IMG_0887IMG_0889IMG_0891IMG_0893Different parts of the park are connected with the funicular and the railway, we tried both when moving around. During the daytime go for the funicular, but if you need speed and don’t want to wait in a queue – the fast train is there for you, very convenient and thoughtful.


The view from the funicular opens up Repulse Bay for us which I visited later and am gonna mention in my post about beaches.



The hill on which Ocean Park is situated is so high that you see the other side as well: Aberdeen village, one of my destinations, too. The southern part of Hong Kong Island is very rich with places of interest, so don’t just stick to the center.



There we watched the real Asian sunset. Yes, it is true, sun turns red there.

IMG_0955IMG_0963If the views from the park itself are so catchy, can you imagine how it feels to fly over those bays on high roller-coasters screaming like crazy? Oh, yes, baby! That was an experience!

The Park is very easy to reach: bus #629 goes from the Central station or from Admiralty bus terminal; you can buy tickets to the park there in advance and avoid the line at the entrance. At the end of the day they have an amazing show like the one Disneyland runs, but here it was more effects, fire and fireworks than telling a fairy tale. Quite impressive!

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