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UPD: never ending journey

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5e8_x8kzl7wUlrich, Vienna

Hey hey! Trying to catch up again.

Long voyage short, after ending January in Vienna I flew to Russia for almost 2 weeks. I try to keep the time at home as something quite intimate but will anyway try to write couple sentences about it as it was the time of some changes, too, not only tasty mom’s food and wine drinking in front of the fire place (even though those are for sure the most important reasons to fly home).

Then again Vienna. A weekend in the city and again way to the airport. This time to meet my dearest friend, share viennese dinner and depart for our next destination – Bad Hofgastein! A very special place for me, I definitely am going to devote another post to it. Now we are back to Vienna and are about to leave for our Sunday all-you-can-eat-and-prosecco-please breakfast at one of those beloved places of Vienna.

Have a nice day off, everyone! Hugs and kisses from the happy mountain travelers!

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