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Once a Russian – always a Russian

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qmeaf5pzsxgHey Ho! Long time, huh?

I have so much to tell. As far as I remember, I touched my blog last time when was in Moscow. And now again I found myself here, currently being on my way to Hong Kong. Noooo idea how I am gonna catch up with everything that’s been happening lately.

A lot there is. Trip to Russia; snowboarding tour around such familiar since childhood Gastein valley of Tyrol; introducing Ksenia to skiing and the mountain culture and spending some cool time with her in Vienna as well; discovering a new spot in Italian Alps – marvelous Madonna do Campiglio; healing a broken heart and even falling there again; passing computer programming which seemed more impossible than ever fall in love again. And a lot more.
Let’s start with a trip home. This time I only went to my parents’ place without stopping in Moscow or going to Saint P. And I am already planning to do it exactly the same way in spring again. I started feeling more attached to their place somehow, even though we fortunately get to see each other around Europe quite often, too. And at the same time I totally lost it with Saint P, which used to be my home, my soul. I don’t know how one explains that. I simply don’t feel anymore like mud, rain, unknown over hipster places that are all the same to me. However, I still have most of my Russian friends there. And I wanna hang with you, of course. But as you guys are starting to float to Moscow, it seems like I better invite the loyal Saint P inhabitants to join me and together we hit the capital. In summer, maybe? (I actually was gonna try that in May and already went for booking tickets to remember at the very last second that I have an event coming up exactly at that time. Not today.)
So, only parents’ place for now. I hope I feel like Saint Petersburg again one day, really! But that time I felt perfectly right at home. Family, best friend, endless talks in front of our fireplace drinking New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (which is so hard to get in Vienna, drives me crazy!) and listening to an amazing life concerts collection that my dad possesses. I love it that way. A “winter style” visit home I call that. The “summer” one moves white wine experience to the swimming pool and fireplace light gets replaced with the night underwater illumination. Soon, soon!
If you follow me anywhere, then you for sure must have noticed another major change (alongside with falling out of love *poop emoji*) that happened to me while being in Russia last time. And that was a total change of my hair color. I am platinum blond since then (well, at the moment with pink and purple stripes) and it feels absolutely amazing! I have heard many times that my red hair totally suits me and it’s my special thing. I for sure go back to it once. But for now I am so satisfied! All that stupid cliché shit like “new hair color – new life” absolutely worked out for me. Let’s see, what else it brings 😉
Enjoy your family nests as much as I enjoy mine. Visit your best friend. And the rest is rust and stardust.

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