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Hey guys! Let me finally welcome a new year here. Today is already the first day of February, unbelievable! Time flies so fast. Seems like just yesterday me and sis were screaming “Buon anno!” to everyone in Courmayeur greeting another new life period. And now already a month of 2016 has passed.

January was hard for me. Personal issues, unexpected trips, ups and downs plus exams. Now WS’15 is over, we all did well and deserved some celebration. Wohooo, god job!

I already smell spring. Which is a bit awkward remembering that tonight I am flying to cold snowy Russia and later travel back to the Alps. Nevertheless, Vienna and its freaky weather changing from snowstorms to +15 and rainbows gave me the feeling today that this spring is close. And it’s gonna be amazing.

During my tonight’s trip I hope to sketch something recalling my Swiss trip emotions. But right now I am just celebrating end of semester with friends and enjoy the sun and this long-awaited feeling of freedom.


a new place to be added to the list of our must-visit-every-evening bars; that is Kleinod. Try it out! And if you stick to the oldies and go to Roberto – ask Jamil to make his new invention, Bitter Sweet Symphony cocktail, for you. It provided us some fun nights 😉 Well, a bucket of it did.


work hard, play hard! Me and the girls studied so desperately that after all we developed a practice of a brunch and a drink every Monday to encourage ourselves. For that we look for new places, too


Stadtcafe. Goof location, good food. Second best tartar in town, amazing salads and various drinks. Because of it being located in between all the banks and financial headquarters, it is totally normal in that area to be sitting with a drink early in the morning


Joseph Brot(left) and Hungry Guy(right). Both are kind of more of a fast-but-still good-food culture. Location of JB suggests that you quickly grab a lunch there and then run back to your office, but I personally went for breakfast and loved it. HG is exactly what I meant when last week I complained: “so many bars in Bermuda triangle and 1st district in general, and literally nowhere to grab food! I drink! Means at some point I want my food! And I want it easy, not forcing a waiter to go conjure food for me out of nowhere!” THAT is it. They heard me. Pitas with just anything you can imagine are exactly what you need when you drink in the very heart of Vienna and you suddenly feel like greasy tasty food. The place just opened last week and has already gained its audience. So hopefully the route “Loos-Kleinid-Hungry Guy-Roberto” is gonna make someone else’s evening, too.


Ansari. I had heard of it many times and we finally made it there. Not the best location, I admit. Ok enough for me as I live in the 2nd district. And it’s damn worth it! The best tartar I have ever tried in Austria; Georgian food almost as good as in SPB’s Mamalyga. And the sweets! Look at the sweets! Definitely a must visit both for breakfast as well as for late dinner.


Another event of January: Foals concert. My friends from Prague whose visits I always enjoy with particular pleasure came over to Vienna again to go see those guys. Loved it! Amazing atmosphere, very cool public, good music with good sound.

That’s pretty much it about the viennese part of January. Hectic and not very harmonious month. But still some good moments, interesting new people and pleasant discoveries around Vienna (and also Italy and Switzerland!). I am just hoping the rest of 2016 will be more relaxed.

Stay cool! February, be good.

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