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0fimgj7ialeMy way back from Switzerland to Austria had to go through the airport of Geneva. I though why not use the chance and go see the city as well?

The funicular from Crans Montana brought me to the nearest train station; I found that much more comfortable than taking a usual 2h ride on a taxi and feeling sick from endless turns around the mountain area. The train that I took from Martigny went all the way along the Geneve lake bank and filled my next couple hours with splendid views of fields, mountains and typical towns like Montreux and  Lausanne.
I am not a huge fan of Switzerland in general and definitely none of one of the French part, let me be honest. So I’ll keep it short. Geneva I nevertheless like better than tiny boring Zurich, for example. Not much happening here either but at least more space to turn around. A lot of Russians, too, of course.
The city is okay, with traditional for this country lake full of swans, glass doors next to old wooden doors, offices and boutiques sharing streets with expensive and always empty restaurants. A walk around was quite interesting. But I admit that one day in Geneva is definitely enough if you want to see it just for simple touristic purposes. Working and living there might be nice if you are settled. So, no bad emotions left from the city. Thanks, Geneva!
Switzerland, was short but cool. Thanks for the snow heaven!
First two spots for this snowboarding season – completed! Two more to go 😉

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