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Crans Montana


6iv7qdlj3dmGood morning! This is how it looks like in the Swiss Alps. Sweet, right?

I will be honest. I am not a fan of Switzerland at all. This approach when you have to pay for an additional egg in the morning and when no one would be nice for you for free puts pressure on me. But let’s not discuss that here not to ruin the atmosphere of nice alpine days. Just look at this. Once you are there you don’t really care anymore how much you will pay for all that. You just can’t take your eyes off it.

As the year began, so did continue our journey as well. We moved from wonderful Courmayeur of Italy that will be in my heart forever to the next spot – Crans Montana of Switzerland. It’s different. More ehh.. mature? Niminy-piminy. If Courmayeur was all about drunk bearded snowboarders opening bars’ doors for us with one hand while pouring us genepy with another, here it was all about evening dresses, good manners, interesting talks with important people, practicing official Italian in attempts to understand French, trying rare wines and just being on top of the world. I am not saying I don’t like it. I am just still a kid who certainly enjoys bearded snowboarders more. But feeling like a lady somewhere where most of the Earth’s population doesn’t reach is an interesting experience, too. Plus I feel how much I had grown up during the past year every time I find myself at such kind of supper table. This all is very useful and interesting.

Now switching to the main point why I was there – the slopes. They were amazing this time. If Coutmayeur suffered from the lack of snow until the very last day of our stay, Crans sur Sierre was crazy. I hardy had ever seen that much snow! It was a snowboarder’s heaven indeed. The skiers weren’t in such a good situation as the slopes were all one huge never ending fresh free-ride. But I was absolutely enjoying every lump, jump and soft landing. Sunny weather suddenly becoming the worst visibility ever – what can be more fun than adventures like that? Amazing, totally amazing. I would love to thank discreet and a bit boring town of Crans for the amazing snowboarding at least!

So far it all came out even: good party and average snow conditions in Courmayeur vs. plain town but perfect powder in Crans Montana.

To sum up, I leave a pic gallery here as well (you can click on each photo, this is not a collage).

I also wanna leave some pics of the evening atmosphere of alpine towns. This bright village in the darkness, loud spot in the mountain serenity – you hardly feel like that anywhere else. Explore the mountains. Love the mountains. They will give you a lot back.

2 thoughts on “Crans Montana

  1. Nice shots! I wish to be there now!

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