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m.upd: Buon Anno!

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Finally wishing you all a Happy New Year! May it be joyful, easy and exciting for you as well as for your beloved ones! And I hope the celebration was bright anywhere in the world where you might be.

That was the third time I celebrated New Year in Italy. And surprisingly at the same time the second one in such a small town as Courmayeur. But now we didn’t make the mistake of staying in some restaurant like that night 8 years ago. Having started already in the morning up on the mountain with cocktails and later pouring grappa shots into mulled wine, then shifting to the hot pool with champagne, by the time other people just started to open first bottles we were already waving to the 2016 screaming songs and having been making cheers for hours. I love my family for such spirit! We had our fancy dinner with oysters and live music, of course. But the midnight craziness itself happened for us on the street with crowd of people screaming, shooting petards and opening bottles of champagne pouring it on everyone’s heads. That was incredible! Drowning in champagne being deafened by endless fireworks. As loud as Napoli last year! No idea how a small town managed to produce that much noise and light but literally everything was shining. People shared drinks and congratulations, broke endless amount of bottles on the main square and simply celebrated life. So inspired we were, I wish I could express it in words!

Was also the first time in really many years when I celebrated New Year with my family. And I must pay tribute to them: my parents and sis are more fun than most of my friends! Drinks flowed, the atmosphere was indescribable. Me and sis spent whole night after officially meeting 2016 in bars. How open and festive are the Italians! I love that nation. They are everything other Europeans are not. Generous, cheerful, amiable. Everyone greeted us and poured us anything for free literally anywhere. The whole bar was helping us to break a door; policemen gave us rides from one club to another; we got for free through the back door with some guys who saw us for the first time; stuff of the hotel where we stayed met us at the disco and took care of us and our delivery back home in the morning. What a night to welcome a New Year! No organization in advance at all made it much better of a celebration than any other stressing plans had ever done before.

New Year’s Eve was so much fun that I don’t even have pictures from the night itself. Just believe me: riding a police car wearing a handmade crown from golden flowers – I was absolutely gorgeous 😉

To compensate lack of pics from the celebration I leave a gallery of our everyday routine in Courmayeur that was in general one long constant fun fest itself.

Italia, ti amo! Grazie per tutto! Ci vediamo presto! Molto presto.

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