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Mont Blanc – Chamonix

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Hi, everyone!

Now I am back from winter vacation and it’s finally the time to make a review of what we were up to during the past 2 weeks. Aaaaand here we go!

This is a French part of the posts I am going to write looking back at our wonderful time in the Alps. But first – the intro. We have been skiing for 13 years; I have written tons of posts about that under my hashtag #snowboarding (yes, I snowboard now, 6 years ago I switched from skis) but as they are all in Russian let me share the story shortly once again. So, the 13th season, spots in Italy and Switzerland this year. Close to French border which I crossed more than 10 times for sure during the whole trip. That means – why not go to France for lunch? Definitely a yes!

We decided to combine our desire for foie gras with something spectacular and got up on the highest point of the Alps to take a closer look at Mont Blanc peak (4810m). Eight years ago we already went up there but from the Italian side: from Courmayeur itself there is a funicular Skyway. Back then we used the old one that had been renovated. Now there is an amazing 360 degrees panorama viewpoint which you can access from France as well.

Chamonix. A town that combines coziness of alpine village with typical french facades. I didn’t remember it well as it was very foggy when we visited it last time. Presently we were lucky and sunny weather followed us everywhere. As soon as we went through the famous Tunnel we rushed to catch more sun on the Aiguille du Midi peak. The gallery follows even though it is impossible to convey those feelings of height, space and infinity that overwhelm you up there.

I must admit it is not easy to stay up there long even for somebody who has no fear of height at all. Disequilibrium, total imbalance, very low pressure and lack of oxygen have their impact on you very fast. Soon we had to hold on something to keep moving. But malaise is totally worth it!



crazy people who climb up there and even ski down in unreal conditions



my sis saw the mountains this high for the first time and was absolutely amazed


the town of Chamonix lays down there as if you were observing it from the plane

czwp-5xjak4After the adventure of being higher than anyone in Europe we got down to explore Chamonix itself…wkqy5apripk373nk0n2htuj1rqasqk6bkbywhwyzbx4w0njrgyy5bpitimwouaeeg0efhio9bmji…of course it all ends at a restaurant! snails in garlic oil, I had missed you since Nice last summer!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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