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Benvenuti a Courmayeur

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Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.51Good Christmas morning, folks! Hope everyone is surrounded by family and presents now, finishing tasty leftovers from dinner and being lazy.

I met my family at Geneva and all together we drove through Switzerland and France to my favorite Italy. Here we stay at a mountain village called Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta region. I remember it from 8 years ago, we already went skiing here. Unbelievable how time flies! We are back and all is the same at this quiet place with its own life rhythm. Even my favorite candies that were so good that everyone still remembers them after 8 years are still being sold at the same shop! I meanwhile am no kid anymore and don’t even ski now. Having switched to snowboard and being a level up now than back in those days of skiing, I am looking forward to discovering slopes from a totally different perspective.

We already opened the season and had a full day on the mountain. But I prefer to write separately about slopes and snowboarding. So, later.Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.59Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.25Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.36Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.43Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.04Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.56.14Our Christmas night was fun and bright. Celebration in town with music and locals (the official season starts on the 30th, we are the first tourists here this year), family dinner and good mood. It’s absolutely lovely here.Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.55.46Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.55.56Снимок экрана 2015-12-24 в 22.57.06It’s time for me to get dressed for another day of conquering the peaks. Merry Christmas!

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