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It’s Christmas Time

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fl8e5kr32agAnyone who knows me personally must have heard my complaints about how much I hate winter already 10000 times this year. I indeed deeply dislike the cold and cheap artificial lights in the constant darkness of short dull days don’t make me happy either. But I know how much this time means to most of Christians in this world, so let me wish good holidays to all of you!

At the moment I am already sitting in the Geneva airport expecting my family to arrive soon. Vienna is left behind at all of its Christmas fuss. This year I even went twice to Weihnahtsmarkt! The most popular one at Rathausplatz I totally hate for being so smelly and crowded. So we chose some tiny one hidden in the depths of the first district well enough so that as few tourists as possible can find it. The one at MuseumsQuartier I find okay, too, as it’s not overloaded by useless glittering celebration attributes; only good music, freshly made punch and lovely atmosphere there. Yes, I give up! One can have fun there. (Like once. In a lifetime.)r__l2kknm_glg6vzrpgsymrlvqgdcqghkoyndweqqtjsI hope everyone has a warm Christmas surrounded by the beloved ones at some cozy place with alcohol and hot food. And for us – it’s mountains time! whdyby8czty

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