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If you haven’t yet seen the 7th Episode – skip this post!

Star Wars. My number one story of all times. With all my pure love to Harry Potter, he will always remain my #2. Because there is such miracle as Star Wars in this life.

My first movie on DVD when I was a kid. I remember perfectly how dad brought home out first DVD player and bought some disks, and the first one I watched was Episode I of the prequel, “The Phantom Menace”. Most of people I know watched the original trilogy first, simply because they are older than me. But I watched the episodes in a timeline order, not as they were released.

They say now the prequel was f*ucked up. Well, maybe. But for me as a kid back in those times it was a perfect fairy tale with the elements of what all kids wanted to see – something “grown-up”, dangerous, not those childish fantasies that were being broadcasted for us overall.

I remember perfectly how I got sick, got my best friend sick and laying home together I introduced the Star Wars world to her, too. We were into it long before it has become a mainstream. And when you guys only started to follow the trend and bought Siths or Darth Vader shirts, we had already been giving each other light sabers and blasters as presents for quite a while 😉

I am happy that it’s something that has been with me since childhood and not has simply become “cool” as for many. But I am anyway happy that the Star Wars phenomena exists, no matter if your dad brought it to you as your first ever DVD or you simply picked it up from a mass of hipsters. It is here. The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in.

How glad was I to find out about half a year ago that my boyfriend was just as well into it! He is older, he watched the original trilogy when he was little, not prequel as our generation. He saw where it all started. Jealous. We promised each other that we watch the major event of Episode VII coming out together. Three months before the premiere I checked when the tickets would be available for pre-order. And at that point they were already almost all sold out! Within couple days! That makes me happy and proud. People care. It’s here.

I managed to get one of the last tickets for a premiere night itself for us. Best surprise for Stefan that was 🙂 We were so looking forward. And finally we put on our Chewi and troopers shirts and joined a crowd of excited fans of all ages and nations at Haydn Cinema for the first run in Austria.

I don’t want release too many spoilers, so just the main impressions here. They didn’t f*ck up. I was so afraid of that. They didn’t. Maybe it’s a little bit the plot of the season VI again, I agree. Maybe something could have been done differently and the story could be something wider other that the Empire against the Republic again with the analog of the Death Star for the third time already. But I like how they played with family bonds, how all the original heroes were brought back being in the same relations and on same positions. The old Lea and Han Solo simply made me cry. When the Millennium Falcon appeared, the audience screamed. It all was very touchy and indeed did bring back the feelings we shared watching previous trilogies. I felt being that kid again. It was like watching Harry Potter once again without having known any of it, but even stronger.

I was surprised at first by how straightforward the plot seemed to be. Even I (I got problems with following plots) got it all and who will be who. But that turnaround when they killed the main hero changed it all forever. We all cried there. I think that scene could be nominated as the most touchy in the whole story. It was so harsh to realize it will never be the same again. Like if somebody you knew would not be there anymore. And they all are somebody we know, the Star Wars heroes. They have been with us for the last almost 40 years if I remember it right. And they are still here.

It’s amazing when there is again something in cinemas to be looking forward to. We all waited for Harry Potter, now it’s over. So as the Lord of Rings/Hobbit. Everyone waits for a new Marvel movie, but to be honest they are now not as much of a big deal anymore as they used to be. And now this comes. Next several years we have something to book tickets 3 months in advance for. And that is great.

May the force be with you.

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