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UPD: dec 2k15

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Hey hey! This is another “I am still alive” kind of update. I am being extremely busy now with the studies so I had to postpone any actions not related to my University or Christmas.

I have absolutely no winter-fairy-tale-spitit yet but nevertheless had to devote some time to getting presents. Not flying to Russia for New Year’s this time, I automatically have much less fuss connected with winter holidays. Which surprisingly makes me happy. I used to be that person who loves all those struggles with organizing a celebration, but this year I am just not into it at all. Pre-celebrating here in Vienna with boyfriend and maybe a couple of friends and then flying to Switzerland to meet my family and drink punch with them on top of the Alps at Xmas and NY – that’s my plan. And I am happy about it. Will be something very different and completely new to me as I always celebrated New Year surrounded by a huge bunch of friends and acquaintances. Well, let’s see what 2016 brings me after a totally new way of welcoming another year.

I am not sure if I will be for any resolutions this December. I did plan absolutely nothing last year, but this time I might come up with a classical list (as at the moment I am so used to having my life planned perfectly days ahead). Or not.

Anyway. I still owe a short note from wonderful Prague in November, I might as well write about something Xmasish/winterish later. But for now wish me good luck with two final exams which will be Italian and Law. And we wish ya’ll warmth and coziness this cold winter! VNbI5KmpuHg (1)

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