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Fed Cup Final

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scxfl_monsob6-zrijkr6cHello from magic Prague! Last week I met my parents there to visit one of major events for the tennis world – The World Tennis Cup Final among women, the Fed Cup.

My family has always been into tennis; dad is still a successful player, so tennis events are always of big importance. I used to play with pleasure, too. Unfortunately, I had to give up as the university time was approaching. But my last accomplishment, team victory in the New York State Sectionals during my high school time in the US, will always remain one of the warmest memories.

My parents quite often watch such big events as the World Cup, but for me that was the first time. To say that I was excited is to say nothing! The final plus the Russian team playing. And Maria Sharapova with them this time! That’s really something. I remember very well how she won Wimbledon being 17 and we cried together with her; now it’s been more than 10 years and Maria Sharapova remains one of the brightest legends in   tennis history. I consider myself to be very lucky to have watched how she won both of her matches for out team.

Both teams were very impressive, even though for me hardly anybody overshadows Maria. The Czechs are amazing players and they totally deserve each of games won. All girls of the Fed Cup Final were very strong and beautiful. This tournament is known to be the loudest show in the tennis world, and this show was very bright. Arena O2 and the Czech team also did a perfect job, everything was organized so well. No crowds, no inconveniences; very good food and drinks – we were lucky to sit in a club zone which is basically a huge restaurant around the arena, so we enjoyed even more.

The event indeed impressed me. Thank you, girls, for an outstanding performance and indescribable atmosphere on the stadium! 0bznuzsi-cgznp3eaj-xuqoctpxpd-xakfbmrf3rozgeerlgoenc1y8


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