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UPD: time to hit the town

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WL9TZjmPBhk“It’s finally party time!” was a motto of last week. Liza and Ksusha from St. Petersburg came over, we celebrated Sonia’s Bday and whatever else we could think of to celebrate those days.

Although I withal completed my marketing research and finished with all the presentations for this semester, that was still fun week for me, not deadlines week. Only then I realized how stressed I had been before. No full relax and crazy parties non-stop since…summer vacation! That’s not right. I miss the times when me and the girls could be out for a week forgetting about all responsibilities. So we tried that again and succeeded.

The weekend was an ordinary party one with switching between bars and clubs, but for old respectful ladies like us it seemed like total madness. Then Sonia’s B-day came and Monday was just to continue the marathon of girly talks, dresses, cocktails and dancing the whole night long.

Снимок экрана 2015-11-12 в 22.12.23

we tried having midnight champagne @leopold where we celebrated several birthdays before… but honestly now it disappoints me Снимок экрана 2015-11-12 в 22.08.26Roberto remains my absolute favorite when talking about bars in Vienna; the barkeepers already recognize me (facepalm)Снимок экрана 2015-11-12 в 22.24.12Motto am Fluß would be mentioned in my blog for the 100th time, but this time I wanna share with you how amazing their carrot cake is; I used to go there only for breakfasts and drinks, now I can claim that the evening menu is no worse at allСнимок экрана 2015-11-12 в 22.09.58We discovered a new place again – toma tu tiempo in the 7th: Spanish tapas at their best, cozy atmosphere and a very cute fireplace
already a while ago I was taken to one of few places in Vienna that serve indeed amazing asian food and that is Li’s cooking@Naschmarkt; now I can share it after I tried several dishes there (go for thai or coconut curry fish soup!)Naschmarkt itself amazed our guests a lot. You can go there for basically anything from buying spices, biofood, oysters, flowers or Russian pies to eating any kind of cuisine or just grabbing a drink and even partying at night. A very successful and nowadays hipster location offers as much good places concentrated in one are as nowhere else. I love several places there from fish and asian noodles restaurants to the place with unusual cocktails. But Neni was the first one I ever tried there. And it remains at its position of being my beloved one. Jewish food is just perfect.25h hotel rooftop, a nice place for parties at night and cool drinks with the view during the day. Was just right as Vienna has been having an amazing weather recently. 20 degrees in November? Yes, please! And f*ck the Christmas markets!
parties at 25h feel like if you were at your friend’s house and I absolutely love that atmosphere and don’t mind people sharing a couch next to dj with me
Heuer and their Bentianna drinks, check that outWhere else do i take guests other than bars? well, Vienna is rich with things to see. I am sure anyone who visits the city can find a way to perfectly combine sightseeing with partying and good food. I unfortunately had to replace sightseeing with studying, but the girls did a good job without me, too. By the way, that annoying net at the Spanish school of horse riding is gone! Enjoy examining the cupola

Thanks again to the girls for that amusing and fun week. Come back soon!

As for me, project assignments are passed, research is completed. Beginning from next week I have midterms coming. But for now I’ve got some more plans. And in about an hour I am leaving for Prague to meet my parents there.

Have fun, go out and don’t forget to try good food and share with friends ❤

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