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Crossing Bosphorus

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This is a photo-post from another part of huge and marvelous Istanbul. We crossed Bosphorus with one of the boats that cruise between two continents and we found ourselves in Asia in about 20 minutes. You can also go across the bridge, but boats seem much faster and are for sure more romantic.

Birds chased us whole way to another side of the channel, not sure why they do that, but those crazy seagulls follow any ship that passes by. Navigation is very intense, real traffic happening there. But everything is very convenient for tourists, from almost any port you can get to almost any port on the other side.

Asian part of Istanbul is quiet, filled only with locals; food is less “touristic” and is cheaper. And I finally tried the famous fish sandwich! Stefan destroyed couple more rice puddings and we walked down several kilometers to later sail back from a another port in order to have different views on our way. It was pretty windy near the sea, but a lot of people still were sitting on the shore. Not only panorama cafes but also just stones themselves were occupied. Can’t imagine how it must look like in summer! I am actually very happy that we picked a chilly season for our trip. Istanbul was still flooded with tourists, but I never felt any discomfort. During warmer months it gets crazy at such popular destination for sure.

Here are some pics from the boat trip itself. I forgot that I had my camera with me while watched Stefan shooting on his, so only last 5 minutes captured. Following by views from the Asian side – the most precious what you can find there.

and finally welcome to the asian part!

fishermen here everywhere along the seacoast as well

panorama of the european part from another side of the channel looks so modern

walking south along the asian shore brings us back to the view on Golden Horn

having taken a boat from different port, we are back to european continent

That’s it from mysterious Istanbul, city of contrasts and the best desserts. We will come back once!

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