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UPD: late autumn vibes

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Good Saturday evening everyone! Vienna is on fire tonight with a lot of events happening. Meanwhile I am enjoying spending an evening home alone which had not happened in many weeks already. I still have a long 3-day weekend ahead to catch up with this restless city but right now I am happy with having some time by myself.

I like that uni stir. Preparing presentations, doing research, chasing people who have useful scripts, getting ready for midterms… I feel productive. And I am lucky to in general like my studies and the University of Vienna a lot. But adding to all that some social life can tire one easily. Remember that triangle with sleep, good grades, social life and a caption “pick two”? I have definitely given up the angle that contains rest.

With no reason I begun this post with pics which represent my love to COS, Aloha Gaia and midsummer star. Honestly, dressing up during seasons other than summer is pretty hard and quite annoying for me. I hate the cold. I even don’t admire Christmas. And it’s not just because I am Greench. I just can’t fully enjoy anything when it is cold. And this year the weather jumped from late-summer-warmth to nasty here-comes-polar-night so suddenly. A two-day difference:

But me and my boyfriend and friends who are now back in town still got to enjoy the last nice and bright days. What is the biggest happiness other than sun and warmth? Food!

Naschmarkt lunchtime

New place – Joma

A break between classes? Some students’ fastfood and some hard rock at HRC

A good way to start a day with reading The Guardian at Motto am Fluss

a Wednesday is a little Friday

Some fashion here

Helping out friends who are involved into fashion industry and at the same time doing my semester research about Inditex turned out to be thrilling. I finally reached the point where I not only like what I learn but can already apply the knowledge in everyday life. And those who think that economics is only about maths are so mistaken! For example, this week I gave a presentation about ethics in terms of stocks and bonds. And ethical finance brought me to so much philosophy as probably nothing before throughout all my studies. I loved talking to the audience about socially responsible investment by asking rhetorical questions which basically fit in any concept of “good” and “bad”. So, guys, do what you love and love what you do!

That’s about it now. The studies, looking forward to new places and experiences soon; first cold nights (ok, it’s 17 tomorrow, but I would still prefer it to be over 30), lunches with friends, hugging my warm boyfriend in the evenings instead of constantly going out. I also noticed that the nastier it is outside, the more valuable home-made food becomes! So does the cuddling time.

Getting back to new places and experiences topic. My winter trip is fully planned already, and this year I for the first time celebrate New Year with my family which I am already so looking forward to. As you probably know, I also cannot remain in the same spot for longer than a month. So in spite of being very busy and having intense schedule now, me and Stefan decided we both need a break, so next weekend we are planning to leave Vienna for couple days together. I will for sure make photos and take down notes there to later share it 😉

Don’t get cold and bored, bye!

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