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Edvard Munch

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Edvard Munch exhibition in Albertina is one of the major events happening in Vienna now. The opening was crazy, honestly (see the pic below). I like such occasions, but nevertheless decided for myself that if I want to see the collection more than hang out – then I better come several days later.

…Which i did. I have already become familiar with Munch’s works when visited his museum in Oslo. And I like that guy. The arts critics must be horrified now by how I write about the artist, but that’s the best I can do. Being so far away from any creativity, I judge paintings just by if I like what I see or not. Keep it simple, keep it dumb.

And Edvard Munch seems to feel people. All that dullness, despair and slough of despond – who hasn’t been there? I especially like the series about jealousy. And those paintings that were made as a series of the same scene depicted with slight differences in techniques and used materials simply carry me away.

Interesting to see, enthralling and I dare to say very beautiful. I see much more beauty in his melancholic expressionism than in some bright joyful still life. So even if you are like me – not an arts expert – I would still definitely recommend Munch Museum in Oslo. And if you happen to visit Vienna in the nearest months, find an hour and spend it in Albertina. The Munch exhibition there is far not that rich, but is still worth seeing. And if you have never heard of the place, Albertina itself is a very interesting location with a good collection and 3-4 guest exhibitions of valuable paintings (Monet bis Picasso; Rembrandt and Dürer recently stopped by), some cool photography or modern art being presented in its galleries.

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