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Passeig de Gràcia shot

The summer is over. Went so fast. But that’s the wonderful thing about it – summer vacation flies like some cool party that you afterwards discuss with friends and remember for weeks. I always complain about cold and say I’d love to leave somewhere where the temperature doesn’t drop below +30. But at the same time I realize that then all the charm of those hot devil-may-care days would vanish.

I still have some summer memories to share. And today I that is a photo post from Barcelona. Taking pics of the main touristic spots doesn’t bring me as much pleasure as capturing random crude facades and people running around the Gothic Quarter. This is what Barcelona is to me:

Some people are fascinated by doors. They take pics of beautiful doors. My case is slightly different. I love windows.

I have so much connected with Plaça de Catalunya, from running there in the rain to catch the last bus to sleeping inside the fountain after a night out

yup, this guy feels me

Tapas! I already wrote about the amazing dishes of Barcelona in the previous post from that trip. But I can never stop admiring food.

ah, those pots. I really wish I was living in a sunny enough city to have something like that. Barcelona balconies can astonish me even more than beautiful windows. I hope I don’t stumble and break a leg one day while constantly looking up at those.

Daria, my beautiful friend from Barcelona

I didn’t really carry camera around much. We have entered that sad age when iPhone is enough to have with you. But I am glad to have even few shots from my last destination of summer’15 vacation. Thank you fro being so beautiful, BCN!

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