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oh, Vienna, hallo!

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Hi from Vienna! After a summer full of traveling and new locations I am finally back. My city is still trying its best to attract some nice weather, so the last weeks I mainly spent outside either studying for my sommer uni subjects on some nice sunny terrace or just catching up for a drink with all the acquaintances I didn’t see for the whole break.

I have already talked here a lot about the places in Vienna that I recommend as the ones worth visiting. But speaking of nice open terraces, if you want to try to enjoy last warm days then you better rush to MQ (where I am sitting cuddling a pug in the pic above), Motto am Fluss or Heuer – those three are my favorites.

MQ chilling out area

Motto am Fluss afternoon view

Heuer summer season closing party, but practically you can still sit outside there on a nice day

I must be a bit late with announcing the main city events as most of the season closing parties have already taken place, the coolest Volksgarten GANG Peng as well so now we have to wait until the next party from those guys which I hope will be organized at Heuer Pavilion again as it happened in March. Vienna MQ Fashion Week’15 is finished too. But I will still try to find something to tell about.

Yesterday I was at the Parallel opening party. Not being an expert in contemporary art I can only say one thing so far: a cool location! The party was quite successful even though yesterday was something like Tuesday. My congratulations to the guys. I am looking forward to the closing party later this week the most, but those who understand more than I do in modern art will for sure enjoy the whole event a lot.


Something else is about to happen in the world of art this week. And that is Edvard Munch exhibition starting from Friday. I have been to his museum in Oslo and have seen most of the collection that is available for public. But in this one a lot of paintings from private collections are to be present. So I am sure I will be interested in visiting Albertina in the nearest weeks.

Sooner I will post an update from my personal life events since I have come back to Vienna. But for now this is it, enjoy little Friday Wednesday as much as I am planning to 😉

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