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m.upd: uno, due, tre, quatro!

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So hey again! This is another update with some recent pics from that time of my stay in Italy when I was having my three greatest friends over. Finally we managed that! After many trips with each of them I got to bring them together for several days! Wooohooo, dangerous! welcoming the girls who just joined me and Jane

moments of Genoa

arrived to the “light of my life, fire of my loins” – Florencethe one and only bar“Ponte Vecchio is Ponte Vecchio” – T.

taking the girls to Camogli – San Fruttuoso 

Milano togetheragain my drink of this summer: frozen strawberry daiquiri

The summer is not yet over, but I am already sure I will remember it as one of the brightest ones. So will I keep in memory all vacations with each of you. Finally having you all together coming over at one time was amazing. And may we repeat those nights many more times! LY ❤

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