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if you are not barefoot – you are overdressed

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And here eventually comes the moment when I can say – hello, summer! Since the last couple of weeks it is definitely here for me. Image

No matter that I still have a horrible exam left (btw it’s because of having passed the first part of it very successfully), a lot of bureaucratic stuff is still there for me – it’s all absolutely nothing compared to the feeling of excitement I get now. And that’s even neither hot summer nights with chill alcohol-containing refreshments nor swimming and sunbathing – it’s more of a feeling of having and getting plans, the ones that will be a story of this summer.

Every summer has its own story, yes. My best one was that of 2010 and I’m quite sure there is no way to beat it, but that doesn’t mean nothing and we’ll still manage to take everything from this one as well, I swear. That priceless feeling of beginning the story of the summer’13 is just something that I wasn’t able to get for quite a long, when normally I feel that in May already. No, this year it took me until mid June, and that wasn’t bcuz of being busy, not having summerish weather or anything – it’s just that i didn’t want it. I was so stuck here with my recent miserableness so that I simply wouldn’t let it come into my sick brain.

That moment, when you set off for new summer, it all happens, a completely different little tiny lifetime passes by in an unexpected way smwhere far far away, then you come back to you normal routine, fit back into it simply enjoying the pics and the memories, if you know what feeling I’m talking about. Well, yes, but still – even when you are back from the journey, here i don’t just mean a trip but the whole vacation itself, something changes. Talking about myself, I notice it every time – something becomes different, after every summer’s story I come back with some changes. And that’s where I drew it to what I crave for! I need to come here different, to get outta this circle of madness I have set myself to. That’s why my desire now is to live with that feeling of plans – bcuz after they are brought to life, it will all change for Vienna

Nevertheless, I don’t have much yet to tell about how my summer began other than just the fact itself, but I have great expectations! Hungary soon, then getting rid of the last to-dos, Liza’s visit – that’s something for the left part of June.

And thanks to Vienna for a 35 degrees heat and for having so many amazing places ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageevenings at Donau with gespritzer

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageKristina’s roof with the view on Prater – the best roof ever!

I don’t carry camera with me anywhere, and honestly it’s so hot out there, it would just explode i bet!

Shortly about the last week: I spent it studying w/o even communicating with people, it was just maths and gym, so by the time of exam I was quite mad I guess – being silent for so long is a challenge for me, everybody knows! I hadn’t been nervous before exam since the National History on the very first semester of Uni, so I can say that this time was bad. But the exam itself passed by with some progress, I didn’t even expect myself to do so much, and even though I was still freaking out while waiting for the results until the next week – I got that inner-feeling that I have done it all right, so I calmed down and let myself relax for the first time this summer. I must say – I guess I did manage ti relax cuz I have been drunk since that hour when I got outta classroom on last Thursday, and it’s Wednesday now, oops. An excuse was firstly calming down and reducing the stress, then – waiting for the result for so long, an after there – celebrating the result. Well, I normally don’t pay that much attention to stuff like exams, it’s just this one was not just an exam but a challenge, something very important for the next year plus the check of my luck – it’s still there (knock knock!).

Thursday – at Donau with guys, then a funny case of running away from them to Kristina’s, then drinking and eating there with Sonia and getting naked in Kristina’s bed not letting her sleep, smelling bad and joking even worse – i love drinking with girls, have missed that always being in a company of only guys. And waking up with girls in one bed is even more fun, at least with us.

On Friday we got sober for couple hours to make photos of Kristina for her bf, i loved the process and that roof is just amazing; then sunbathing: every time we climb up there, there is just no way to get down, so comfortable it is! Then as I remember I got back to my place and had friends over – so I managed to see everyone and drink with everyone!

Saturday began at Prater, no idea why, where I met Marina to laugh at each other’s look after a fun night. The Star Wars day there made us just fall on the lawn and watch and laugh and laugh and drink water. After that, as I was getting home, one of those random moments I love occurred: I saw Kristina in the morning, then we both didn’t have phones and had stuff to do, but it all ended up with running into each other in a Subway and going to my place together. Her idea of riding bikes around was just right on time, so we burnt our shoulders to get to Prater for the best ice-cream. I decided I do need to ride this bike which I never used much, so now I take it to the gym, get lost all the time and forget where is it every time, but Vienna is just perfect for cycling I must assume. Later on Saturday guys took me to Badeschiff and I found out there are a lot of places like that in Vienna – it’s not a summer resort at all, but it does feel like being it now! Then I managed to overcome 20 more km with a bike thinking I will finally get a rest, cuz not sleeping at all for 3 days made me think anxiously of falling asleep somewhere on the street and burning. But the relax was not gonna happen as one of our friends got back to Vienna, so it ended up at 6 a.m. with one variation of a cocktail coming after another while he was listening to my cool stories.

Sunday was a day of food – restaurant with Olya where i literally ate everything theu had, then crossing the street to come over to Sonia and Kristina and keep going with baked potatoes and sour cream. I start being worried about my food consumption problems.

The drinking marathon continued on Monday and after a great day of shopping I came over to the girls with a big pack of sandwiches, then it went outta control a little bit, and as Kristina was leaving for a trip the next day, at night me and Sonia left to get some food and finish our vine, and it ended up in the morning at the noodles house, drinking our own stuff right there with a 80 y.o. guy, eating the 10th portion of shrimps and spring rolls. The spontaneous night like that are the best I was gonna say, but then figured out that every night when we meet has to end up like that!

Tuesday morning came, i didn’t’ get a single minute of sleep being worried I guess, and then I get a call with my results…and it’s just a great NO WAY feeling. Having done everything around the town on a 40 degrees heat, I met the guys to swim again, and by the time I got home in the evening I was totally exhausted after such a week and along with that – simply happy. I have managed it all, I have started my summer in a right way, it’s all great now. That’s why we celebrated it all again, and then my knock at the neighbors’ doors late at night after I came home from a walk with a flask, inviting them over to try my new blender and mix cocktails until sunrise made the night completely.

It’s Wednesday, the middle of June, last day to finish all the stuff and go for a short trip tomorrow. Vienna, thanks for the great first week of my summer ImageImageImage

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