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Having promised an actual update of the blog I seem to be forgetting about, I still don’t get an idea what should a remember and fix here. Oh well, my life has got to that kind of a routine that’s not even gonna be changed by summer, the first day of which I am meeting lying in my bed reading economics stuff with pain in my feet after a great night of clubs and parties. Hello, summer! ImageImagejust the right ones to represent that routine conceptImagebtw, I have got a residence permit finally, after more than a year of struggling through the procedures, so from now I am totally legal in the EUImageImageImage The sun is shining higher, the sunrises are earlier with the very next one, the time I could have for sleep keeps reducing which doesn’t bother me much – those who know me well are aware of my no-sleep abilities which sound scary but indeed are quite cool for the period when I have so much to do; I’m just telling myself I will get enough sleep when I’m done with everything and am off for a break, even though that is in a prospective to happen no earlier than in August. So, no leisure summer for me this year.  ImageImageImage flashbacks from yesterday’s night – yes, I don’t carry a camera with me anymore at all. Actually, every other night is like that cuz Austria just doesn’t care and gets holidays and extra weekends 2-3 times per every second week at least. It’s not that I don’t have anything else to do rather than drink, nah, it’s just, how my dad would say, the society obliges.

So, my routine is now consisted of an early wake-up, classes in the morning, then gym since I don’t have have any more afternoon classes – I am done with Oberstufe Deutsch C1, so now I can get myself totally emaciated by training and swimming; then – studies, stuff with docs, banks and bureaucracy or whatever I always have; then evening classes (mostly I do maths of pretty much all levels at the same time now), then economics self-research as I call it while there are no classes but there ia horrible exam to entry the next year; and then – a night out, usually. They say get a rest, take your time to relax, and know what I think about that? One can rest when being retired, that’s so true! I can’t even explain how satisfied I am with myself and how much I at the same time need to party and get my mind far away. Maybe, it’s still bcuz of private life, to, better to say, its complete absence. It’s not that I am miserable, it’s just that it is so different now. But, honestly, being selfish, I must say I love it now. It’s not only feeling okay when smiling at cute guys and dancing salsa with somebody in clubs without any trace of conscience, it’s just living for yourself. Not that I would like to spend a lifetime like that, never! But I enjoy it so so so much now that I am ready to dance more frickin salsa that I suck at right here on my bed, not noticing all the after party pain.

What else I have figured out about my sick head is that I let it go much easier now. Don’t know when and how it cudda happened but that seems to work different now. I mean, I am a total hysteric, huh? Well I still am but inside my fucked-up brain I really do let it go faster now. The example is how I moved out. That happened exactly a month ago, and usually when I loose the place I have become attached to (and I always get that strong binding with associations and stuff), I feel miserable, I still suffer for the apartment#64 or for the 7th Sovetskaya, but here – nothing. At some point I hated Gasometer where I used to live, but still I would never think that I would be able just to never remember it at all. Seems so weird since all my life in Vienna started from there and I’d think that place would mean so much to me forever – not at all, I honestly don’t care and am happy I finally moved to a better place. It’s kind of insulting the memories I must say, and memories is something that’s wort a lot for such a sentimental person as I am. Strange, strange.

Another thing I was recently pondering along with that getting-attached-thing is, of course, the reasons and the ways to get stuck and, vice versa, to unhook. For me i figured it out to be…falling in love. I did, here. And even though it’s not gonna work out, the amazing thing is that it still helping. The more I think of whatever belongs to Vienna, the more attached I get here. I have never had a miserable love and I hope I will get through this slight feeling of affection that is bothering me now, and I am on my way to getting over this as well. “Getting over” could actually be the title for my whole May and I am entering June with a tiny little bit progress, but still.

Away from the miserableness and complaining, back to regular life. Mom was over, she helped me to move out and comfort myself at a new place, we have done a lot.

Image my one beloved place in Vienna, Salm Bräu, something that’s forever and ever valuable like ribs and radler beer Image there is one church which I would always notice from the SKY bar and wonder what it is of a church and where it is, but there was no way to find it, so hidden it is between the blocks, but once we got lost and – ran into it! I don’t even think I can find it again now but that was just so cool to simply turn round the corner and see something that was kinda your desire to find! Image to some more joys can deff be related the next Spirko’s letter, oh how much I love those – when you just sit with it in your hand, laugh out loud and feel that absolutely nothing in friendship changes with time and miles, that we are still just as much of idiots togetherImage some shoots from clubbing, and between my favorites are still Passage, Praterdome and now Volksgarten as wellImage it’s always fun with Kristina!ImageImageImageImage

Prater and Opera are the places where me and mom will always be going when she comes over, I’m sure.Hope I will get myself write about the opera we have listened to – la Traviata: I must say, it was the most impressing thing ever, I have never cried in theaters!

 I have written a little bit about our pastime and just to mention the best moments: it was for sure lunch at Landtmann when I figured out they have the best tartar in town; viewing the city from my beloved SKY terrace and Do&Co; several times of Salm Bräu – we couldn’t help it but to be dragged there by the smell of their ribs and garlic dishes; then a fest; roller-coasters at Prater with mom screaming; Mozart&Strauss concert; carrying tons of stuff from Gasometer and Ikea during heavy pours; sunbathing on the fresh grass of Schloß Schönbrunn and much more. Image So, we got me moving in to my new place, and a lot has changed here. Not mentioning how different I feel now, not just at home but in city in general, it’s just so comfortable here, I have somebody over pretty much every day and sitting here drinking wine viewing sparkling tops of business buildings and airplanes passing by so near does feel cool; my neighbors are Marina and Olya now, who visit me ca. 30 times per day bringing gossips and glasses, so I never get bored; thanks to Olya I started working out again – how much I missed that after almost a year since gym in Saint P. has passed! Even though I have injured my foot recently (being sober btw! sport is dangerous, more dangerous than drinking!), it still feels amazing! Additional math is now in my schedule; all friends are now back to Vienna – so, I have stuff to spend time on.

The pre-last weekend was fun with going out to shisha bar, occasionally meeting acquaintances there and ending up eating some guys’ from the neighboring table pizza in the morning; with Sasha’s B-day and just us four left alive from 30 people, as usually; with Leopold’s cafe and the two survived; with knocking at Ilya’s waking up the whole Gasometer again; with 2 people including me having drank just everything that I had at home and ending with eating fish sticks; with getting wasted at a classical concert from just a glass of champagne after that previous night’s filling in my blood lol

The last, 3 days long, weekend was not bad either, with my neighbors breaking in and making me mix cocktails; with finishing mom’s cognac; with limoncello; with dancing at Volksgarten where they played the tracks of my best parties when I was 17 and remembering it all; with splashes of vodka on my feet by some guys; with dancing cancan when it went too bad with my foot in bondage; with sitting in Feria and suddenly having to rash to Gasometer to hardly get outta there only at 8 in the morning after having done pretty much everything that a perfect Saturday must consist of, from breaking glasses and dancing with unknown people to drinking beer after vodka and complaining about out lives with a cocktails after the sun is up already. Quite perfect huh? I even had a guy carry me which hadn’t happen in a while, then as we got home, we were so grateful to my smartness that makes me always keep wine in my fridge – that’s how we get to lunch.

This weekend was 4-days long (Austria has holidays every week, I swear) and we mostly hung over at my place, finishing my mini-bar and refilling it; breaking my glasses and going to the department store early in the morning to buy shots, curing rum-concequences with beer and having a totally insane Friday night with rushing between 3 clubs, dancing soles out at Praterdome where I hadn’t been for so long; with dancing salsa and then rock’n’roll, with meeting austrian guys, with broken glass following us, with amazing music on all 3 dance floors, with that always right on-time pizza they bake there…and with ending up at frickin Gasometer at 6 in the morning! I can’t explain that magnetism of it but our saying “All ways lead to Gssometer” seems to be true now! It was a mess there as usually, guys met us with smashing glasses on the floor and dancing national dances on the chairs and that’s pretty much how we spent our morning. Ended up with the most survivable once chasing (yes, I mean it) us home.

I love it here. No, it’s not that fun that I have with friends at home, whenever my home is. Of course, it’s different and we are not that attached and open with each other here, but still that’ll go. May seem that’s it is just the way to life through the time until I am again together with my close friends, but whatever, as long as it works out.

From the recent events of Vienna: the Life BallImage and the free symphony concert in Schönbrunn Image

I absolutely adore how they do anything for people here, not for money laundering (which is associated somehow with any mass event in Russia), but truly for people. Now I understand why the title of the cultural capital belongs to Vienna – it’s always something on here!

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