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…as Sam would say

I swear, there will be a great UPD soon.

Just get absolutely no time, seriously. As I’ve mentioned, my mom was over. Those 2 weeks, the whole 2 weeks just flew by! We had no single day with no occupation, which was on one hand great, as we have done a lot, but on the other hand – I am freakin tired as well as she must be, after not being home for more than a month! Anyway, a trip to Paris (about which I have promised to fix the ending and I am definitely gonna complete that one day) and days here together were cool, thanks mom!

We never carried a camera with us cuz most of the time we were either carrying something heavy up to my new place, or meeting closer to dinner time after a busy day: that actually sucks that I had so much to do, mostly classes to attend and get sick with panic there, so that we spent few time entertaining ourselves together, not much to share. But there will be a mobile upload soon at least.

Anyway, I hope she loved it this time as well as it used to be during her earlier visits to Vienna, and the pics from some hours of rest that we eventually got during the second weekend, follow.Imagethe weather was freaking out, it would be +30 one morning and then raining like hell and freezing after couple hours, but still that was much better than what we went through in FranceImageImageImagetypical stuff of Vienna, i don’t even notice the markets anymore, but mom enjoys that allImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageour favourite alleyway with Figlmüller there, loved it just from the very first day in ViennaImageImageImagethe famous and as well beloved one, Wiener Schnitzel, hope Spirko is not gonna puke at this momentImageImageImageImageImageShonbrünn, another place that mom absolutely adores – I don’t go there myself often, but with guests – alwaysImageImagethe last time I was there it wasn’t near this green! ImageImagewalked up to the Gloriette, something we had never done before as it was too hot to even think about 20-mins climbing up the hillImageImageafter having climbed up and sunbathed there, we tried the labyrinth which was not as easy as may seemImageImagewtfImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI‘m fine with playing in fountain being 20 ImageImageImageImageImagewho taught her panorama?!

At the exit one of those ticket-selling guys wouldn’t let us skip the concert in a famous Hall,  so 2 hours later we came back to the palace.ImageHonestly, the very local-local restaurant didn’t astonish me much. The food was okay so was the interior, but the waiters and atmosphere would rather suit some bavarian pub  than an old well-known restaurant in a palace of queen Maria Theresia. ImagemushroomsImagecamembertImageThe concert hall itself before the performance which I found great: at first I was surprised they were not playing famous music (we listened to Mozart and Strauss just as the last time, but the repertoire was completely different), but as mom said thet the famous stuff I can hear in the commercials and ringtones, I got that she was totally right and enjoyed the music a part of which I never remembered before. The dancers and singers were much better than on the other concert I have been to, so bravo. ImageImageand well, just a walk around palace gardens with a glass of champagne hearing the music from the hall and watching well-dressed people was a good feeling that I get only during vacations with parents, to be honest

ImageImageone of those nights when I get home late being completely satisfied with the way I had spent the time – having a lot to do is fine when it’s mixed with entertainment somehow

ImageImageImageImageoff to another fairImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDo&CoImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagethey have the best club-sandwich in town btwImageImageImageImageImagetypical ViennaImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagefor the first time in my life I managed it – I reached the wishes-window of the Roman Empire’s ruins with my thrown coin!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI love Vienna. Seriously, now I do with all my heart if I have one and I guess with all my soul as well. It’s just so friendly, comfortable, hospitable! When I listen to how secure and calm my mom feels here, I realize how lucky I am to live in this city. It is all flowers, quiet fast street trains, palaces and colonnades, delicious food and famous music, total greatness and beauty aaaall over. I hope she will be visiting me more often as well as dad, and thanks again for all the help, joy and encouragement just when I needed it so much!

Those were just 2 days of ours, sure we have done much more and soon I will try to fit it in somewhere shortly. That’s it for now, my mom is already home, getting a rest from vacation, so to say, and Vienna is having a beautiful evening. Honestly, I wish I met mom near Stephansdom and went out for dinner right now, I have already got so used to it…ImageImageand I will never stop posting a view from my window 

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