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As if it was the first day of Vienna for me.


I am back to Vienna after my quite long spring-break. And I am writing this still being a little bit drunk and waiting to actually get wasted: it’s Friday plus I’ve had a Birthday of which my local friends haven’t forgot! 

I came back at the beginning of this week and I must assume – the workdays were just horrible! I didn’t ever think so many problems were waiting for me! Mostly with the studies where it all just sucks, with the documents as well and as I have found out – with relationships. Nothing to explain, honestly, it’s just aaaallll horrible! Well, there is still some luck for me and thanks to Marina I found a new apartment for myself just immediately, can’t believe! What I wanted to tell by the way, is just the weather here is just like it was when I moved to Vienna, which brings deja vu to me all the time, I really do feel like I just arrived here couple weeks ago and this whole academic year never existed. Hard to believe that it’s been so long, it’s already been through all the cold times! Now it’s summer again, and I am feeling like starting over: new studies (i am hoping for it while working it out like crazy!), new place of stay, new pastime, life alone…new everything! And with this weather it really does make me feel like I have just moved in and everything is still ahead of me. But I think there will be better time to talk about this issue later, when I do start over.

For now, welcome back to Vienna (only if it’s for 10 days, as I will be leaving again soon), good luck with all that shit and happy heat, everyone! 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagespring diet is officially on ImageImageTGIF:Imagehave been drinking from 12 am today, no way to say NO hereImagethank you, Veronika! ❤ 

And now we are off for a real Friday night! Have a great weekend guys!

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