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another m.upd w/o much informative content: MSK – TLT – SPB

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ImageGood bye, Moscow! For quite a while I guess, as I have finally managed to finish all the visum-stuff! After more than a year that was quite unbelievable I must say. Well the trip itself was okay, can even be called good if one takes into consideration how much our capital hates me. ImageHello, Togliatti! I came back having broken up with all the plans to forward my butt to Saint P. immediately – and I surely do not regret it! ImageA road to parent’s house – it already seemed like summer as if I was staying at their place for a month or so when I came back.ImageAnd they have the best sunsets there: btw, I have the reason why I have become so ehh tender. Can’t tell that everybody, just saying there is one and it’s not that I have gone crazy or got a 12-year old girl written this. Whatever. ImageHey. I’m home. Ready for the Las Togliattis-style weekend that followed.

Having told about the weekend which of course is always the main occasion of any visit home as there is pretty much nothing more to do there except from partying and seeing people you used to know everywhere, don’t have anything else to tell.  So here are just some of mobile uploads overlapping with the attempts to restore the moments of last days home until July for now. Everybody is hoping I won’t fly back for the third time in a week! ImageHaving a hatch in your car’s roof is incredibly amazing when the weather becomes so aprilish, finally! Our trips down to the quay, just the way I like I like I like it.ImageImageMeeting with friends I haven’t even kept in touch with for a while. Of course we always know what’s going on in another one’s life, but getting back together and forgetting the offense is still precious. ImageImageSome weekend flashbacks. It was the best one ever when Dasha came back to Tlt, seriously! I can’t even describe the whole coolness of simply making a joke out of any word and glance, how does she do that?! Driving, drinking, dancing, getting lost, getting wasted, gossiping – everything! I can’t wait for her to come to Saint P. for my Birthday! Loads of love and stupidity. ImageImageImageGood morning. I wish at least my every 3rd morning was like that. Not even talking about the preceded night!ImageI learned how to drive, after more than two years of practice. I mean, I can make it all right now from any situation. I already had two with the police this time, oh yes, that was fun when they just stole my documents and gave them away to a random guy and we had to chase him on a highway after that!ImageLast goodbyes. That day I had managed to do everything! From seeing Spirko’s parents 3 times and receiving a lot of parcels from them to meeting Natasha and Sasha who reminded me af all the fun I had had there that visit which made me wanna come back; from another occasion that made me wait for my next visit even more ardently to meeting my lovely sister who is moving to Moscow for her new amazing job, I am so goddamn happy for her! In 20 hours of that day (well I don’t sleep for more than 2 hours now and have a lot of leisure time) I fit so many events, that was unbelievable. I said goodbye to everybody, and see you soon! Love.ImageImageOn the way to Saint P. the city of my passion, desire and the greatest happiness. And here I am. TTYL.

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