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m.upd: having friends over

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At those times when friends come over while you are living far away the thing is: at all seems like nothing special, like if it was all taken for granted. Well, I guess my mind is still thinking like that. Not sure, if it’s a good thing (Was gonna write Vorteil again, I really do start…denken auf Deutsch machmal, ugh) or if it’s a blick (is there a word blick in English and does it have the same meaning?!) in the past and just one of my sentimental features of living in my memories and being stuck in associations. Well, whatever, that’s not the point, this is just a simple post of mobile uploads from those 10 days when my friends were one by one coming over to my new city, Vienna.

Btw, why in English? I really am starting forgetting the language, not just mixing it with German that surrounds me all over so the process would have been normal; I am for real forgetting English! I cant afford reading books in it now as I need to keep improving my German (I don’t even read in Russian until the time when I pass all the exams), I try not to watch TV in English even though it is more exciting, than local channels. So I have figured out since I don’t write posts in German (would have no point and interest for readers and oh well I’m not that good and if I tried switching to German completely I would just be so scared before every new note so that I’m sure I would have dropped maintaining my blogging-habits, so NO), I should at least sometimes write something in English to force my brain switching to the language in which I used to think for some time, which seems completely impossible now! Schade.

So, back to the memorable moments of the past 10 (now even more already) days!ImageSpirko came over. From the very first hours of her visit seemed like she has always lived here together with me, for both of us. The fun began. It’s not that I don’t get any fun or smthng, it’s just that phenomenon of NeSpi, of something, that’s just ours and for us and always following us wherever. ImageShe arrived on St. Valentines Day so I wasn’t a forever alone while pretty much all my acquaintances were away on February vacation. I was together with my beloved one best friend, who also brought me Valentine-presents from Motherland.ImageWe found out that we were renting an apartment from the guy whose last name would be pronounced from German like “Blyai” which made our night.  So, for the next week we became a Blyai-family for our neighbors, ImageEven though after we have gone through all settle-down, unpacking and laughing-hard thing it was quite late, especially for Europe, I took Spirko for a walk around the Innerstadt of Vienna, until we stopped by the famous Figl Müller place to eat Wiener Schnitzel.ImageImageSo, our romantic evening, later we had a couple more of those which remind so much of living @7Sovetskaya together and me cooking for us. So yeah, the first night was fun, of course.ImageA classical viennese breakfast with a great view followed early in the morningImageImageImageSpirko visiting my campus where I live, she seemed to have liked it here. Can’t memorize everything in such details so I gotta shorten it all a bit.Imageon our way to streettrain stationImageAaaand here we go! Right when our T.G.I.F.-excitement started to rise really fast, our first classmate, who now lives in Prague, came over! Met him at the station in the evening and again it immediately felt like nothing has changed. Well, it actually hasn’t, I suppose. I mean, we all live far away but as long as we dont’ get a feeling of completely being far away it’s all good. I remember how sure I was by graduation from school that distance would put us all off – not gonna happen! Now I’m sure: with those, who are still here, it surely won’t work at all! Thank you guys for that!Imagewe love him even though he looks like he’s 12 like Liza has later assumedImagea night walk-aroundImageImagesettle-down-moments once again; they actually make the most fun I must notice; and that weed-carpetImageT.G.I.F!ImageImageImagelater on we found ourselves in some shitty club which turned out to be goddamn good! ImageImageImageyes, it was fun thereImagethe first time when he danced with us (as I can remember, so that’s probably not true)ImageU4 club and a great Addicted to Rock night which hat ganz perfekt gepasst!ImageImageGood Morning! Singing I got a haaaangoooover, Liza’s call and – here she is!ImageYes, she just took a flight here, simply bought a ticket and arrived! That’s what I adore about her!ImageImageImageStupid joking around continued and by the lunch time we finally got out so that I could have taken them to my favourite café hereImageImageA day of Vienna sightseeing, discovering hilarious stuff and just being dummies.ImageImageImageAs it came closer to evening, we began to celebrate our Saturday Union.ImageImageImageAnother shitty club which worked out just fine! B72, thanks for the best music, great cocktails and visiting ghetto to find you!ImageImageGood Sunday morning! Omg that one was just odd. Don’t even know how we got out to continue Vienna sightseeing tour by Jenny.Imagea panorama view from the tower of St. Stephan’s CathedralImageImageImageWhat can a man do (can you say that “was kann man machen nachdem bla bla bla”???) after a drinking weekend? Sure, go around all museums when he’s not yet completely sober! A good one.ImageStarted with a Leopold Museum @MQ WienImageImageafter an hour or so we started dying, I mean itImagefood helps! seriously, it’s the best advice I have ever received: if the hangover is stronger, than you, just kill it with something even more horrible like 1000kcal, helps. That’s what our all-together Sunday looked like, sucks that the best classmate ever had left already, can’t wait to have him over again!ImageMonday was a shopping-day, nothing special, just the girls’ funImageImageTuesday, I really do hope I haven’t mixed up everything yet and that was Tuesday even though a day of the week doesn’t matter at all, I’m just training my memory…so, Tuesday began with a news that I have received a positive answer to my residence permit application, so the glasses of champagne clinked and our occasion-following bourgeois morning moved itself to a Sacher Café. I know I have already written about that all, so no ins and outs here.ImageKeeping up!  The cocktails on the top of Vienna.ImageImageImageloads of love ❤ImageNext day’s joys and the best ever classical Landtmann Restaurant. ImageheyImageevery-morning-we’re-champagning!ImageBack to SKY bar at night, Liza’s last night in Vienna, on Wednesday. I hope she loved it here and she’ll come back again! Thanks for joining us so unexpectedly and right on-time on the other hand! ImageWell, mostly she loved schaverka (durum kebab in the world)ImageThursday and Friday were full of rush as I was passing exams and Spirko was trying to catch up and don’t skip any of Vienna. She turned out to be unlucky, it really does happen to her, it’s not just pessimism as I have thought before: as she came over the weather forecast suddenly showed 10 degrees lower; a lot of the places she wanted to see closed up for whatever reasons; the keys from our apartment ran away; she was the first person in Austria whose iPhone got stolen and so on, but nevertheless her visit brought so many precious moments that I hope she’s not disappointed bcuz of all the above.Imagethe view on Kunst Historisches Museum from MQImageour new jokes-source and the way Spirko improved her German hereImageImageImageImageImageImageevidence of what the hell has happened to weather here: all people, who have lived here for a while, are telling me they have never seen that much of snow so far away from the mountains; Spirko could be extending skiing season if she lived in the Alps! or maybe she can even stop the global warming if she moves to Antarctic and looks at icebergs…ImageImageA busy and quite rich week has finally come to Friday – again Friday, a Friday of me and Spirko; seriously, it’s all like we have always lived together.ImageCafé Central after I have passed my exams – a cool place btw!ImageImageImageLater on a piano music switched to so called beats of our youth and after a preparty at my campus we were off to FlexImagestart @ Flex CaféImageand meeting Flex Club soon. It was just perfect. A really really really great night out with the best DJs and moodImagecrowd, vodka with chili and just craziness all over!ImageEarly in the morning we left famous place and faced another weather apocalypse: it was snowing really hard and the city was so quiet and peaceful that we changed our shoes under the slogan “fashion is my profession” (not even gonna say what it looked like!) and walked around looking for hotdogs.ImageImageImageImageWas a hard morning with hopes to find an iPhone, getting home at 6 or so, being wet and messy and just not falling but dying asleep.ImageGood morning again! Took me some time to remember why we were at my campus and why it smelled like weed all over, successfully done.Imagelooked down and couldn’t believe my eyes – Spirko carries Russia all over with her!ImageWas so weird and fairy-talisch that we attempted to commit (yes that’s a right word here regarding our looks) a walk.ImageImageImagePassed Belvedere, Karlsplatz, some new districts and arrived to Salm BräuImagethey are soooo good!Imageehh hey. yeah still couldn’t get usedImageLater there was a try to visit Secession which ended up as an epic fail so did the look at the neighboring museum so we just decided to get drunk again and take to the bottle our infelicitous attempts to educate ourselves.ImageSo hello, Babenberger Passage! Was hard to find you!ImageHello, Cosmo, you were just cosmic!ImageHello, a load of gays and gangbang-seekers!ImageYes, that was just Barcelona there! Yay! ImageA sharp turn huh? Good morning, Sunday! Again, what do people who have drinked all through the past nigh do? They smell at museums. The Imperial Treasury which was closed for cleaning up (who the fuck cleans up in the Treasury?! where there’s not a single dust particle by definition?!) and just crowned all the Spirko’s bad luck was finally opened for visitors on the last day of her stay so we woke up and rushed there.ImageImperial cradle Imagethe most weird hall with relics of saints in different bottles and caskets; we assumed we wouldn’t wanna people stare at our teeth 1500 years later even if we had saved the humanityImageone of the most impressive exhibits: a coronation mantle of the Roman Empire which is almost 900 years old and looks just perfect; imagining how the Zara stuff is gonna end it’s existence after several tens of washing circles and just can’t believe how precious this thing isImageOrder of the Golden Fleece necklaces – mysterious enoughImageImageImageImagehow did they do that?! 700-800 years old – not a big deal!ImageImageImageImageour station, from which we took a ride smwhere almost every day! Volkstheater, which I by occasion never pass by myself, is gonna remind me of all the fun there with guys, schaverka at night and so on..Imagea” sousiscen” flashbackImagebattle againtst hangover in an overcrowded on Sundays Prückel Cafe; talks about existentialism ImageEarly in the morning of the next day Spirko left.

It was all really cool and unbelievable fast! I’m really happy all of them came over and everything worked out so great! Thank you, guys, hope you loved it! Bis April, hoffentlich!

After I found myself living alone again which already seemed very unusual and way too quiet, I realized I was so tired from spending 10 days like we used to when we were younger (I know, sounds funny, but that really is like that and I really do get exhausted after the kind of non-stop fun like we used to have w/o even thinking of resting…), that I just spent 30 hours in my bed and that was amazing. As I got my butt out and checked the mailbox, I got a portion of happiness by Victoria’s Secret!Imagemy PINK dog isn’t lonely anymoreImageomg omg omg the guys who keep invening them – you are just amazing!ImageImagemanaging to get some of limited edition is ten times more pleasing! Yes, that’s deff a white stripe now, thanks to everything that had happened in the past 2 weeks!

An attempt of remembering English wasn’t that hard, but still I feel myself like an idiot typing slower and saying simple straightforward sentences. Hope I’m gonna get some of it back.

Good night 😉

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