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Vacation improvisation


Again – we’re on vacation. Well, the last three days weren’t the luckiest ever for us – we have all caught a cold and our schedule has been pretty fucked up! But oh well, properly planned trip never works! And our improvisation did though

Yesterday we were gonna go to Barcelona and then Tarragona all together but then we found out Spirko’s trip to Dali’s museum was at that day so we have moved and changed everything and when woke up ready with our plans – her trip was cancelled our smthng. I hate it so much when russian people are to organize something – it never, like NEVER goes the right way! So we decided to go to the nearest town – Blanes. Our awkward situation with that yacht when we were just unexpectedly  thrown out in unknown Tossa led us to a great day, so we hoped Blanes would provide us something to see (or buy, okay)

ImageImageImageImageA small cute town with great iced coffee desserts and nice completely empty streets. A long walk and – nothing to see, honestly! So we came back and went partying not to lose the day completely ImageImageImageSome local clubs and then – as usually in the morning – we got hungry! The day before our stomachs were pleased with great seafood but yesterday we were drunk enough to dream of shaverma and beer. We spent our morning with some guys from Holland and then Slovenia, who were even worse – we laughed so hard with them that i even felt sick. Добра пэчка just made that night!

…Almost no sleep and – a bus to Barcelona. We started with some shopping and i got those Vans sneakers i’ve been dreaming of since i had my last ones in 2007! So convenient – and when you look like you’re 20-22, they start looking awesome on your feet again just like when you were 14! Some more shopping before we ran into a really nice place – a food court on the biggest mall’s roof: the view was just marvelous ImageImageImageImageImageHaving bought enough stuff before siesta, we walked down to Estacio du Nord being sure we would get to Tarragona – a city where i spent a great day in 2007 and felt like coming back. Well, what i must say – transportation here sucks, or it’s just that i’m used to either SPB or driving my own car. The way seemed soooooo complicated that we just decided to go back to the centre and spend a day in Barcelona.

I was very upset that bcuz of the crowds we didn’t get to any places i wanted to see so imma probably have to come back tomoroow (if i wake up!), but still our day was cool and today we had the best shopping of this summer!

Imagea lot of walking!ImagetiredImageHugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Paul&Shark – thank you for the mood!ImageImagesome summerish stuffImageImagei absolutely love Vans store here as well as Gaudi’s shop

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