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relaxation either a routine?

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The question i haven’t been able to figure out the answer to for several recent days.

That’s exactly how i spent those days ImageImageI either lay in bed and eat, lay in bed and read, or lay in bath and eat/read, cuz keeping your body in hot water or under warm blankets is the only way not to freeze your butt right now – goddamn, how horribly chill June in SPB can be, i would never think! I’m very jealous of those in TLT who complain about how tired they already are from that 35 degrees heat 😦

If i was to think about anything that had happened to me while sitting at home, i would tell enjoying my book and lush supply; watching Euro2012 match Russia-Check Republik(which was amazing together); and the beginning of my packing: well, i have only chosen stuff I’m giving away ImageIt has always been very hard to me to get rid of something that holds some memories inside it, i still have some boxes full of different stuff from my past that i carry with me wherever i move, but clothing is something that other people might need more than i do – so, goodbye, my beloved things!

Yesterday we decided we needed some fun in out lives and tussa party by Viva Nights seemed like something interesting. Well, it wasn’t as much fun as we would expect, but at least it was out firs party outside this season ImageImageImageOh god

I hope the weather next week will become more acceptable for doing something on fresh air. And may we pass tomorrow’s exam! Good luck with finals, again.

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